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I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley. This is book #3 in the "A Brush With Love" series.

Indira comes home to find her boyfriend of some time on the couch, peanut butter everywhere, having relations with someone else. She grabs a bunch of her stuff and her cat and leaves to moves in temporarily with her brother. The only issue - not only is he in pre-wedding mode - his best friend from childhood, Jude is there. Jude and Indira do not get along. However, with nowhere else to go, she crashes in the other spare room.

As they spend time together, Indira sees that all is not well with Jude. He puts on a brave face, but she can see beneath that. As they spend time together, they realize, maybe they can be friends, or even more.

I love this series. The books are so thought provoking and you hope for the happy ending that is coming.

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While I love a Mazey Eddings book, this one fell a little flat for me.

The banter and childhood enemies to lovers were there at SO GOOD. But the fake dating element felt like a tacked-on afterthought.

And nature of this book was pretty heavy - a main character has PTSD from working as a surgeon in war torn countries. That and therapy was the true focus of the story. That’s ok! Because the romance was sweet, but for me, it wasn’t what I want/look for in romance books.

Just know that going in!

(I didn't include a star rating in my goodreads review)

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This book wasn’t really my cup of tea. I didn’t enjoy the dialogue and it was difficult to empathize or really care much about the characters. Thank you to netgalley for the arc.

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Mazey Eddings is a brilliant writer and that is reflected clearly in The Plus One.

This is my second book from Mazey Eddings and I loved everything about it but most of all, Indira and Jude, their Frenemies to Lovers story is *Chef's Kiss*. The evolution of their relationship is my favorite kind to read and helped to pull me out of a reading slump with its palpable tension and witty charm.

I loved that Lizzy and Rake made appearances, overall I enjoy the cast of characters in this story and the way their relationships fall in and out of sync throughout this series. There is something so refreshing about how the author tells this story that makes it so beautiful, it's not just a romance novel, it has depth and meaning that evokes various feelings while reading. Highly recommend!

*This can be read as a standalone.
*Please check trigger warnings before reading*

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Mazey Eddings wraps up the A Brush with Love series with "The Plus One," delivering a childhood frenemies-to-lovers romance filled with humor, heart, and a touch of steamy tension. This book stands as a testament to Eddings' ability to infuse real-life issues into romantic narratives.

Indira and Jude, previously introduced in the series, take center stage as they navigate the complexities of fake dating, all against the backdrop of Indira's brother's wedding. What begins as a humorous attempt to navigate the awkwardness turns into a deeper exploration of mental health, trauma, and the intricacies of adult relationships.

While the first two books in the series were characterized by their cuteness and lightheartedness, "The Plus One" takes a more serious turn. Eddings delves into themes of anxiety and PTSD, providing a poignant look at how childhood insecurities and trauma impact adulthood. The characters, Indira and Jude, emerge as brave and vulnerable individuals, making the narrative feel both real and hopeful.

The wedding preparations add a delightful layer of humor, and fans of the previous books will enjoy catching up with familiar characters. Eddings' writing skillfully balances emotional depth with humor, ensuring that even in the midst of heavy themes, the story remains engaging and entertaining.

"The Plus One" may mark the end of the A Brush with Love series, but it leaves readers with a sense of fulfillment and the hope that Mazey Eddings will continue to enchant with her storytelling in future works. Whether you're a devoted fan of the series or a newcomer, this book offers a satisfying conclusion and a reminder of Eddings' talent for crafting compelling, multifaceted characters.

-Special thanks to NetGalley UK, Headline Books, and St. Martin's Griffin for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

4.25 Stars

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The normalization of therapy in this book was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Jude and Indira are the kind of couple that I look up to completely 😭🤍

The way that both Jude and Indira have so much depth as characters is insane in such a good way, Mazzy did such an amazing job with this book.

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Absolutely adored this sweet romance. Didn't know it was part of a series but have read the others (out of order) and didn't seem to be a problem for me. I can't wait for more from this author.

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i did not realize that this was book 3 in a series which made it a little bit difficult to get into but when i did it was very spicy and enjoyable. the tropes were fantastic. thank you net galley for the e arc :))

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The representation of mental health was fantastic. It’s weird to say that but the sentiment is there. The representation of mental illness & struggle & fight with PTSD was great.

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Mazey Eddings is on my auto-read list forEVER. I thought I loved her first two books, but this one for SURE is an instant fave. One of my absolute most favorite things in a romance novel is when the couple decides to tackle a problem together - an us vs the problem, instead of an you vs me. This novel was beautifully written and so tenderly thoughtful and poignant. I'll be thinking about this story for months to come.

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I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt very connected to Jude and my heart was hurting for him. Indira was so patient and funny. I really enjoyed watching her and Jude's relationship grow. Fake dating is one of my favorite tropes and their pretend relationship was so cute. I will definitely be recommending this one to my friends!

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I liked this title quite a lot. A fresh take on the enemies-to-lovers trope, I enjoyed seeing Indira and Jude grow and change together.

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Indira and Jude are childhood enemies that are forced to be in the same place at the same time because of a wedding. Indira is fresh off of a breakup (and her ex will be present at the same festivities). Jude is having trouble readjusting after being on assignment as an emergency surgeon in humanitarian crises efforts. They-obviously-strike up a fake dating scheme, and try to hold out as long as they can admitting their attraction to their sworn worst enemy.

This book toes the line of women’s fiction because it tackles some important storylines about mental health and using every resource you can to advocate for your well-being. It is definitely heavy for a romcom, but it gave the book some gravity and made it differ from the same old story line.

This book was written for you if:
1. you want a romcom with gravity and character development
2. You love a cast of characters brought together by wedding festivities
3. You like a bit of enemies to lovers, a bit of fake dating, and a bit of brother’s best friend for good measure

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SHES DONE IT AGAIN!!!! mazey eddings is the queen of mental health representation and i will die on that hill

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I really like Mazey’s books. So much, that I stopped reading at 80% because i didn’t want it to end. I like how the characters are explored thoroughly and how there are hard topics mentioned but at the same time there is so much humor and light hearted mess going around. Absolutely amazing!

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Quick Summary: A real talk story of survival and healing

My Review: The Plus One by Mazey Eddings is promoted as a romance, however, it presents more like a women's fiction/general fiction read, in my opinion. It highlights PTSD, anxiety, infidelity, and dysfunctional relations. It also spotlights mental health intervention.

About the Book: Indira and Jude grew up around each other. They were like oil and water. They got along to get along. When the wedding of a very special person in both of their lives is about to take place, they reunite and resume where they left off in their interactions. The more time they gravitate around each other, the more they take notice of their connection.

My Final Say: Overall, this was a fair read. I thought it started a bit slow, but it maintained a steady course. Lots of serious issues were explored. Clear resolutions came in some regards, more so than others.

Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes
Audience: A

Appreciation is extended to the author, to the publisher (St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin), and to NetGalley. Thank you for the opportunity to review this work.

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DNF 34%
I found this incredibly boring. She seemed so disinterested in him. She was more interested in his business than him. Why continue with the relationship??

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Thank you NetGalley, Publishers, Mazey Eddings for gifting me a copy of The Plus One in return for my honest opinion.

3/5 stars

Some facts are indisputable. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west. Gravity exits. Indira doesn’t like Jude. Jude doesn’t like Indira. But what happens when these childhood enemies find the only thing they can rely on is each other?

On paper, Indira has everything together. An amazing job, a boyfriend, and a car. What more could a late twenty-something ask for? But when she walks in on her boyfriend in an amorous embrace with a stranger, that perfect on paper image goes up in flames.

Jude has nothing together. A doctor that’s spent the last three years traveling the world to treat emergencies and humanitarian crises, a quick trip home for his best friend’s wedding has him struggling to readjust.

Thrust into an elaborate (and ridiculously drawn out) wedding event that’s stressing Jude beyond belief and has Indira seeing her ex and his new girlfriend far more frequently than any human should endure, the duo strike a bargain to be each other’s fake dates to this wedding from hell. The only problem is, that their forced proximity and fake displays of affection are starting to feel a bit… real, and both are left grappling with the idea that a situation that couldn’t be worse, is made a little better with the other around.

What starts out as a fake wedding date turns into something these childhood enemies never expected in the next sparkling romantic comedy by Mazey Eddings.

I would like to add that this is a series and I did not read the first two in the series. It did cause confusion at times, but it wasn't awful.

This was a rom-com that was more com than rom. There really wasn't as much romance or connection between the characters. I would like to see some chemistry, even if there isn't any spice I want to believe that they would actually be a couple. In this one, I didn't believe it. Did I enjoy the humor of the book, yes, but I wish we could have believed in the characters a little bit more.

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Indira, who seems lead a great life, finds her boyfriend in a very compromising position in their apartment, on the couch that she bought, covered in peanut butter. This leads her to seek shelter with her brother, weeks before his wedding. There she runs into Jude, her brother's friend and her childhood nemesis.

This had all the tropes:
-brother's best friend
-childhood enemy
-Fake dating
-Forced proximity

Yet, I could not get into this book. Everything just seemed so sappy and very instant-y. I belong to the "If they don't hate each other's guts then they aren't enemies" club. While there was a bit of light-hearted roasting and banter, this book did not capture my attention. I would totally recommend this to anyone that loves cheesy romances that are filled with all the right ropes. However, it was not my cup of tea.

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Oh my goodness! I loved this book. It was my first book by Mazey and it did not disappoint. Indira was a character that I related to more than I thought I would. This story begins at a point in her life when things aren't going the greatest and things seem close to falling apart at the seams. We see her not only figure out how to move forward but also figure out how to embrace a returned childhood relationship. Starting out as childhood enemies or rivals and ending up as lovers, Indira and Jude had me rooting not only for their relationship but for their personal journeys.

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