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I LOVE MAZEY EDDINGS BOOKS. Like. I know I will cry every time kind of love.

Mazey has crafted a heart achingly sweet childhood nemesis to friends to lovers romance with zero third act break up because sometimes supporting your partners through pain is the better choice than letting them suffer through their internal struggles alone.

Jude is a sad sack I want to protect so badly and Indira is a no nonsense shit stirring smart ass I love more than anything. Their banter and teasing is so stinking cute and laugh out loud funny that I had tears from laughing so hard and also crying from the emo a little bit.

Plus we get cameos from Harper, Dan, Lizzie, Rake, and the rest of the gang so it's the ultimate reunion book. Obsessed. Can't wait to have it physically in my hands.

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5 Stars I’m both amazed by how beautiful The Plus One by Mazey Eddings is and in deep denial that this series is over after this book. For a book with a cute cartoon cover, this one really packed an emotional punch. Dr. Indira Papadakis agrees to fake date her brother’s best friend and her childhood nemesis, Dr. Jude Bailey, for her brother’s upcoming nuptials. For the past three years, Jude has served as an emergency surgeon oversees in humanitarian crises, which has left him with PTSD that he’s not dealing with. Indira, a psychiatrist, sees the pain that Jude is suffering and helps him begin his journey to healing.

I loved the message that we are allowed to be broke and we are allowed to be repaired, as well as the message that love doesn’t fix us but it gives us the space to feel brave enough to heal. I teared up at the end with all of the friends together. I’m truly sad this series is over, but so glad that Mazey Eddings wrote these beautiful, wonderful stories about perfectly imperfect people.

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This book has a special place in my heart along with Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake and A Brush With Love. Here's a trilogy of romances with characters that speak to my soul like no other. Jude and Dira are two of the most tender and loving romantic leads I have ever read. Jude's pain and PTSD is something I can acutely relate to, his struggle to stay invisible but also be seen and comforted through his trauma is so incredibly well written. Dira provides the perfect compliment to Jude's rough edges, a loving and introspective caretaker who just wants the loved ones in her life to be happy and feel whole.
I loved the tender moments in this book just as much as I did the spicy moments. It was the perfect balance of happiness and healing. Amazing work and I cannot WAIT for what Mazey Eddings has coming out next!!

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“The sun rose in the East and set in the West. Indira annoyed Jude. Jude annoyed her back.”

It’s hard to put into words how special this book is. Mazey Eddings has done it again and crafted the loveliest, most heartwarming, emotional-yet-hysterical contemporary romance novel.

This book feels like if the very heart of Taylor Swift’s album FOLKLORE became a book. It’s a smart, romantic whirlwind of a story. It’s a rom-com-dram in every sense, and I could not put it down. I cried multiple times on an airplane. This will forever be one of my favorite books because it centers two characters who learn that their own emotional struggles are not failings or a reflection of their own worth. It was so beautiful to watch Indira and Jude learn to love and be loved in the way they deserve.

I cannot recommend this book enough if you are interested in any of the following:
💗 Childhood nemeses-to-lovers
💗 Fake dating
💗 …your older brother’s best friend
💗 Roasting you is my love language
💗 Only one tent + other forced proximity shenanigans
💗 Emotional 69ing + additional emo sexy times
💗 Nuanced anxiety, depression, PTSD, mental illness/health, and therapy representation
💗 Laugh-out-loud funny dialogue
💗 Characters learning how to discuss and process trauma
💗 Relationship problem-solving TOGETHER through communication
💗 New wonderful side characters
💗 Cameos from old beloved side characters
💗 A rescue cat named Grammy
💗 A fantastic conclusion to the books in the ABWL world

If THE PLUS ONE was a beverage, it would be a hot apple cider with a shot of fireball - warm and comforting, but with a little spicy kick of something extra special.

Content warnings: Anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, trauma as a medical professional, emotional neglect from a parent

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