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The McCartney Legacy

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This is an exhaustive look at the life and recordings of Paul McCartney. It is well written and researched. I enjoyed reading the personal biography and the behind the scenes and inspiration for the songs. The book is overly long and the author wants to make sure every detail is included. This book is best enjoyed in small doses while listening. Enjoy

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A million thanks to the publishers, the author, and NG for this unbelievably extensive book about Sir Paul McCartney! Baby what amazes me is that this is ONLY VOLUME ONE! I have very odd reading habits so I can read 1,000 page books; I’m reading an omnibus of de Balzac right now. The difference though, is Legacy is written in such minute detail that I truly feel like reading this is like one long and winding road I just have no idea where it is leading because I feel like the only things missing are when he goes to the bathroom and when he inhales/exhales. I’ve been a Beatles fan since high school so I guess that’s about 40 years? And I have a great collection of books, but I’m not sure I would finish this in the time allotted. Books this size i typically sandwich between two smaller books (around 4-500 page books) . There is just no way I can sit and read this in a couple of months, which I understand I will lose the download. And I’m not going to invest that much time into something that in the near future I won’t be able to finish. To draw from a quote from a fantastic movie called Amadeus “there’s just too many words”.

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Five Stars

This mammoth book was almost a decade in the making, originally intended to be a sessionography of a post-Beatles Paul McCartney...but (thankfully) evolved into a full-fledged biography. The digital early reviewer copy I read was 1,000 pages, the last 20% accounting for bibliography, discography, videography, concert tours and end notes. As a lifelong die-hard Beatles fan, I am always skeptical when yet another book comes out on the topic asking myself, "What more can be said 50 years on???" So I must confess that I am genuinely surprised and gobsmacked at the shear amount of new information I gleaned from this offering. It's the difference between yet another rehashing of details and an exquisite quality book with a fresh take and uncovered gems.

The book begins in 1969 when The Beatles are breaking up, and ends in 1973 with Paul's most successful solo album up to that point- "Band on the Run". This "Volume 1" tome lays out in minute detail all the recording sessions for Paul's solo efforts spanning 1969-1973, which were "McCartney", "Ram", "Wings Wild Life", "Red Rose Speedway" and "Band on the Run". Paul and Linda also co-wrote "Live and Let Die" for the James Bond movie, which ticked off a notch on Paul's bucket list. But interspersed between these very expansive session entries are a robust biography of The McCartneys' life at the time, interacting with family, friends and band members. The author marvels at the day-to-day personal diaries and journals that a handful of people close to the McCartneys had the foresight to document and share. Married along with extensive research, these personal accounts brought this story to life so vividly.

There were also recording sessions that Paul and Linda dropped in on for other artists when they happened to be using the same studio, and would offer their services to sing background vocals and provide supporting instrumentation. This happened with Carly Simon and I loved checking out the song on YouTube to hear The McCartneys' contribution. There was another story where Paul and Linda visited famous actor Dustin Hoffman, where Hoffman challenged McCartney to spontaneously write a tune at his house. He did...and it wound up on the "Band on the Run" album! Along with the treasure trove of information in this book, there are photos interspersed throughout. This is a very important and worthwhile addition to any Beatle fan's library...highly recommended!

Thank you to the publisher Dey Street Books for providing an advance reader copy via NetGalley.

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