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I’m not gonna lie, I know nothing about the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I’ve never read it or even seen the movie. However, I didn’t need to know in order to enjoy this. The art, the characters, and the story made it so easy to fall in love and never look back. I recommend for anyone looking for a cute yet spooky read.
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This was an absolute amazing retelling of sleepy hollow. Instead of the story we've all come to know this is a total twist set in modern times. I loved the feel from the kids and the headless horseman. However the villain in this one made me think of Mr. Crocher from Fairly Odd parents but that wasn't so bad. I would love more of this retelling or further development.

The illustrations were beautifully done and the color palette really worked for this and I love the way they both worked together.
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This was a wonderful. Very fun and fresh. Love the journey it brought me on! Totally recommend! A great read!
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A perfect read for spooky season. The art style is nice, the characters are loveable, there's an engaging plot and a cute sapphic romance
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This was such a fun twist on a classic American folk tale! I loved the diversity of the cast of characters, the humor, and the occasional creepiness! This book would be perfect for fans of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, folks who aren't really into horror, and students looking for an update of an old story!
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Hollow is a cute, slightly spooky, sapphic graphic novel. The illustrations are beautiful and so vivid. It is set in the small town of Spooky Hollow where high-schooler Izzy has just moved. She is annoyed by the obsession of the town with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. But multiple townspeople have been chased by the headless horseman at night this month...

This was a really fun read and I can't wait for more!
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First things first: Hollow is perfect for the spooky season! It’s set during Halloween time and it’s also a retelling (sort of) of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! I wish I’d read it last month but it was really fun to read in November as well.

Also the art on the front cover is not the same as the art on the inside, and I just have to say the inside art is a lot cuter 😹 I really enjoyed the art style, and all of the outfits that the characters wore!

Hollow is also queer, following Isabel, a lesbian Latina 🙌🏻 It also has side disability rep and East Asian rep in the major secondary characters.

I won’t say too much on the story because I think it’s fun to discover everything along with the characters but I will say there’s a nice twist on the original tale!

All in all, I really enjoyed Hollow and recommend it to folks looking for a low key spooky graphic novel with diverse characters.
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This is a fun YA graphic novel set in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Perfect for fall reading, the tale of the Headless Horseman is revisited in a modern setting. There's a little something for everyone - new kid in high school, a quirky town, a little romance, a mystery to solve.

This works well as a graphic novel, I loved the illustrations and colors throughout.

I read this as an ebook, this is one where I would have preferred a physical copy.
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I have grown-up with the story of the Headless Horseman, having watched the Disney Sleepy Hollow cartoon and inevitably watching anything related to the Washington Irving story. This graphic novel is an absolute delight, and I am glad that I got to enjoy it. Not only were the graphics enjoyable, but the story follows an inclusive group of teens. The story is one that takes a new spin on the story of the Headless Horseman, and all the preconceived notions one has about the characters in play. Definitely a great read for the spooky season.
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Hollow by Shannon Watters and Brandon Boyer-White
Publication date: October 4, 2022

Date read: October 9, 2022

Isabel “Izzy” Crane and her family have just relocated to the town of Sleepy Hollow - a town made famous by, and obsessed with, the legend of the Headless Horseman. But Izzy doesn’t believe in ghosts, and has enough to worry about with trying to navigate a new school and attempt to make friends. Vicky Van Tassel, descended from the Van Tassels of the famous story, is tired of her obligations to the town, and just wants to live a normal high school life. Soon the two girls, along with popular prankster “Croc” Byun, end up getting hunted by the Headless Horseman himself, and uncover a curse set on destroying the Van Tassel line. They only have until Halloween to attempt to break the curse and save Vicky, but without knowing exactly what they’re up against, do they really have a chance?

I’ve been requesting a lot of graphic novels on NetGalley lately, and the results have been hit or miss, but there have been a few that I have absolutely adored. This is one of those times. 

First, the not as great. I liked the artwork but didn’t love it. Everything up close in the frame was gorgeous. The details were there, but still simple enough to not get overwhelming. The color was perfect - dark enough for a creepy story, but it was still easy to tell what was going on and nothing bled together. My only disappointment was that when characters were small or in the background the detail was completely gone. And I know that you’re going to have less detail in the background, but the faces were completely blank and almost looked like dolls. I understand the decision, but it did take me out of the flow a few times. I also thought it was a little distracting at first that Izzy was so androgynous, but only because I thought that it was going to be a plot point (her perhaps being trans), and I kept expecting it to come up. Once it didn’t, it was fine, it just threw me off a little. (To clarify, though, her being trans or not being trans does not matter. I just thought she was a boy from the first few frames by the way she was drawn.)

That out of the way, I loved the characters. All three of our main characters were so well-developed and fun to be around - I would have read 200 more pages of them together. 

I thought it was great how the plot wasn’t dragged out, and instead of our skeptic, Izzy, spending half the book not believing in ghosts, she was relieved of that notion rather quickly. And I wish I could say more without spoiling things here, but I thought the take on the Headless Horsemen story was so much fun. I’ve never seen it done this way and I loved it. I will also add that you don’t need to be versed in the Washington Irving story in order to enjoy this - all important information regarding the Horseman and his story are explained. 

Overall, I absolutely loved this comic. Just a little creepy, but not so much that I think it would be off putting to non-horror fans. And just so much fun. Highly recommended to all readers, middle grade and up. 

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book.
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Thank you to BOOM! Studios and Netgalley for an arc of this one!

200 years after the events of Washington Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," the town celebrates every year...awesome for most, kind of torture for Vicky Van Tassel, who is made to play Katrina in the festival every year. When Izzy Crane moves to town, she senses something strange is happening that the smiling faces of Sleepy Hollow might not realize.

I knew almost nothing about this book going in other than it was queer. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even know it was based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I loved it though! It was so cute and Izzy is such a great character! Also Vicky is an incredible versatile mid-size queen and I love her character design so much! 

This was super cute and I enjoyed reading it immensely! 
 Content Warnings
Graphic: Animal death, Stalking, and Violence

Minor: Child death, Car accident, Kidnapping, and Death
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I'm a sucker for a good Sleepy Hollow story.  I also adored the illustrations on this one. Definitely would recommend.
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A fun and cute Grafic novel with LGBTQ+ rep. The art is very special and I think you need to know a bit about the story behind sleepy Holli to get everything.
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This is a fun, short graphic novel. It's very inclusive without being weird about it. There were a couple oddities with the plot line (and insta love.) Was it just me (or the e-ARC) or do the characters on the cover seem to have been drawn by someone else; that's not what they really look like throughout. I enjoyed the 3 friends and would have liked more interactions between Croc and Izzy. 3.5 stars rounded up.
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I loved all the characters but Izzy was my favourite. The character development was strong and the LGBTQ+ and disability rep was really well done. It was a very fun read perfect for Halloween and spooky season and I hope there are more graphic novels with the group!
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I was tempted by the feel of the cover and wanted to try it out. It was quite an adventure-filled plot. It felt quick but effective, and I can see teenage audiences appreciating it as well (I can only guess that since it has been several years since I've been one).
Izzy Crane is new to town. She is joining her school just in time to see the weird side of her new town shine. They revel in the concept of Halloween and everything that it entails. There are historical lores which tie the reigning local family. The Van Tassels act out scenes from the past. The current teenager in the family is Vicky, who is acting most unlike herself (or so her family feels). Izzy is instantly captivated by Vicky and tries her best to cross paths. 
There is, however, an actual threat looming just on the periphery. It is by sheer chance that Vicky survives to the point of finding out about the threat to her life. The book consists of Izzy being a typical new student in town, then stumbling onto the headless horseman and, with the help of some trusty friends, set out to lay things to rest once and for all.
It was fun, and the art was quite enticing. It sets the mood without being overpoweringly dark or dreary. I would recommend this to anyone looking for graphic novels that are not all blood and gore!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers. My review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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Izzy Crane just relocated to Sleepy Hollow and she is immediately thrown into all the usual troubles of being the new kid - trying to fit in at school, getting a massive crush on the most popular girl in town, and uncovering a giant conspiracy about a ghost who's trying to kill said crush. Just your normal teenage problems. 

Hollow was a really, really fun Halloween read and a great twist on the classic Sleepy Hollow story! 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and BOOM! Studios for the e-ARC!
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This graphic novel is perfection. I love the legend of sleepy hollow and I love that this retailing takes the characters from the original story and gives them a completely new life with their future generations. The art in this graphic novel is gorgeous it’s very colorful, and it feels like autumn on a page. I also love the queer representation in this book and the breaking of stereotypes that takes place. This is a must read for autumn!!
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3.5 stars - I had high hopes for this, because the premise is fun and I'm a huge Lumberjanes fan, but I did find it underdeveloped in the end. Still, it was cute and fun, and a neat interpretation of Sleepy Hollow.
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Hollow follows Izzy Crane, who moves to Sleepy Hollow and befriends the descendants of the original characters. I am usually a little iffy on modern retellings but this is a creative sapphic sequel and was actually pretty wholesome. It was really funny at points too, Croc made me laugh out loud. I also liked the diversity representation in this story, and how characters are more than just one stereotypical feature, they have LAYERS (ie Croc isn't just a silly jock who plays pranks, he is a really supportive friend). I really loved the way Vicky Van Tassel struggles with her namesake and trying to have an identity outside of the original Headless Horseman story. I felt like parts of it moved too rapidly, after all the couple has a crush and gets in their first fight/breakup almost immediately, then get back together, but it really felt like that could have been a little more spaced out because it really did feel like a U-Haul instalove moment. The art in my galley was a bit pixelated and because of that some of the faces looked weird, but I am guessing the finished copy will have good art because the colors are atmospheric and facial expressions are really detailed. The art on the cover really does reflect the art style in the book, which is one of the things I get super irritated by, if the art on the cover is significantly better than the art in the comic.  

Note: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated in any other fashion for the review and the opinions reflected below are entirely my own. Special thanks to the publisher and author for providing the copy.
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