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I enjoyed the first book of the series, so I was glad to get a chance to read What the Hex by Jessica Clare. Throw in a little grumpy/sunshine trope, and you have a fun, magical romantic comedy.

Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for sharing this book with me. All thoughts are my own.

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I always get sad that I didn't read something sooner cause I enjoyed it so much but this was such a warm cozy one for this week. It wasn't holiday but it was grumpy sunshine with quirky cute steaminess. And crazy warlock underhandedness.
These two were the complete opposites but they needed each other to get their goals. But then their goals changed. There was so much going on besides this in the different Societies they were a part of as well. So it was a very quick read. They worked well so balance eachother out. He couldn’t stand her then couldn’t be away from her, loved it.
Loved that Magnus and Reggie were pretty big side characters for their story, they set them up in the first place but didn’t think they would get romantically attached. They were so good in Go Hex Yourself.

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"What the Hex" weaves a captivating tale of Penny Roundtree's quest to become a familiar to a witch, leading her into an unorthodox apprenticeship with the banned warlock Willem Sauer.

The enemies-to-lovers dynamic between Penny and Willem adds a delightful twist to this enchanting romantic comedy. As they navigate spellcasting, delightful perks, and unexpected dangers, the duo's chemistry and witty banter keep readers engaged.

The narrative cleverly combines humor with a touch of mystery, making it a spellbinding read that challenges magical norms and, of course, questions the rules of magic with a dash of romance.

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for granting me free access to the advanced digital copy of this book, as this book has already been published, I will not share my review on Netgalley at this time.

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Book two did not disappoint! There is something I really love about witchy books and this book is exactly the reason why! I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!

Thank you #berkleypub and #NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

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What the Hex is the perfect book for fall/winter. The romance is swoon-worthy and. will sweep you off your feet. It's a fun, lighthearted book.

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This book picks up where Go Hex Yourself ends and it is a great follow-up to it. This storyline includes some of the beloved characters from the first book, but focuses primarily on Penny Roundtree and Willem Sauer. Willem is banned from having a familiar, but it means that he's stuck in meaningless work, can't get a competitive job, and can't pursue any of the spells that he wants to. Enter Penny Roundtree, a familiar so desperate to work, that she'll lie and do it under the guise of being in a relationship. The tension between Penny and Will is so delightful and her response to his casting is wicked. These characters have a place in my heart, for sure. Anyone who enjoyed Go Hex Yourself is sure to enjoy Penny and Will's story.

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I absolutely loved this grumpy x sunshine witchy romance. This sequel was exactly what I was looking for. I loved Penny and her pet squirrel. I will definitely read more from this author.

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I enjoyed this book, but I had many of the same issues I had with the first book. Some things were simply too far fetched for me, which made me enjoy the book a lot less. All in all still an okay read, but I wouldn't particularly recommend this one.

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What the Hex by Jessica Clare was the perfect witchy read for fall.

Penny Roundtree longs to be a familiar to a witch or warlock. Her parents are both familiars, but the demand for familiars is at an all-time low. Willem Sauer is a warlock who is currently forbidden by the from having an apprentice, thanks to a misunderstanding 20 years ago. But an under the table arrangement leads to Penny and Willem working together in secret. To keep their partnership under wraps, she moves in to his house and they pretend to date in order to explain their close proximity. After Penny is almost killed when a roof collapses, Willem realizes his old master is set on revenge.

Never has there been a more charming opposites attract enemies to lovers romance. Willem is a certified jerk to everyone. Penny is a ray of sunshine. But together, they make magic. Literally. There's also a vengeful warlock, danger at every turn, false accusations, and lots of stolen spell books.

I LOVED THIS BOOK, and now I need to back and read the first one in the series. Seriously. If you're looking for perfect fall reads, look no further than What the Hex!

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This one wasn’t for me really, but was better than the first one. I am honestly glad I read it because the author redeemed herself for me because I really didn’t like the last book. This one was funnier, and a lot less slow!

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Well….I didn’t realize this was part of a series. The story itself has a good idea but it drives me nuts to read out of order.

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Thank you oh-so-much to the wonderful Berkley Romance for sending me a free e-copy via Netgalley as well as a physical copy in exchange for an honest review!

OH MY GODS I LOVED THIS BOOK! okay okay, I'll clam down. If you don't know, I read Go Hex Yourself and looooved it, rating it five stars. I have been looking forward to this book ever since I heard it was coming out, and oh em gee this book did not disappoint!!

Their banter? Top notch. The steam? BOILING. Oh em gee was it boiling hot!! I was so entranced by Will and Penny's relationship, I loved the tension in the beginning, how it was opposites attract as well as grumpy/sunshine! They warmed my heart up! (And the spell casting with Penny having her little moments made things so interesting and fun)

I nearly read this book in one sitting, I will warn you this book is ADDICTING. The drama with the Warlocks, the smexy tension with P+W, the FAKE DATING, NO 80% BREAKUP!! This book has everythinggg. And I LOVED being able to see Ben and Reggie a decent amount in this book, seeing them again made my heart soooo happy!

I cannot express into words how much I loved this book other than screaming at you the whole time, which I won't do, I've screamed enough, please please pick this book up if you have a chance, as well as Go Hex Yourself! These books are both top-tier amazing and I highly recommend! I will of course be listing the tropes below if you're curious!

• Familiar X Warlock
• Lots of Spellcasting
• SO Much Steamy Steam!!
• Fake Dating
• Opposites Attract
• Grumpy/Sunshine
• Lots of Laughs
• Hot Tension/Banter
• No 80% Breakup!!

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After reading the previous book, I was extra excited to see that Penny was getting her own story.

I really liked Penny. She's bright and loyal and not afraid to speak her mind. (I did hate hate hate that she said "oh em gee" and "double-yew tee eff, but that's something else.) Willem is crunchy and stoic and not even close to being ready for Penny...and it was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed these two crashing together and the ensuing chaos.

Plot wise, it was good. There's a good amount of time for them to get to know each other and their relationship evolve from strangers to working partners to friends to more. The conflict is near the end, but not rushed and the resolution is near perfection. And the epilogue is just right.

Overall, this was a fun and quick read. If there is more to this series, I will definitely be reading.

**Huge thanks to the publisher for providing the digital arc free of charge**

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All Penny wants is to be selected as a familiar to a witch, but no one is hiring. She jumps at the chance to be Willem’s familiar, even though he is banned from having a familiar. To explain the time they spend together, they decide to fake a relationship.

I thought this was fun! It’s grumpy/sunshine, it’s paranormal, it’s fake dating, it’s magic. I liked this better than the first one!

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It's been a longggg while since I've picked up a romance because I just haven't been in the mood, but Jessica Clare's work slaps. This hit the spot and didn't feel so generic that it was disappointing. The magic element adds a little something without distracting from the romance part of the story! Super spicy but sweet romance with a captivating side quest - definitely makes me want to read more of her novels!

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Somehow I liked this one even more than the last one. And I really enjoyed the first one in the series!

This one had my favorite trope! A redheaded grump? Yes please sign me right up!

What The Hex was a lot more spicy than I expected 😅
Penny was such a sunshine character so I was not expecting the spicy scenes.

The story had the perfect combination of romance, humor and suspense.
I read this so fast and just couldn't put it down! Definitely recommend.

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Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous!!!!!!

Thank you soooooo much netgalley, the author and the publisher for the advanced review copy if this book💗
"I voluntarily read and reviewed the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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Jessica Clare’s What The Hex is the second entry into the Hex series — and wow it is so fun! I actually ended up liking this book more than Go Hex Yourself. I think part of the reason being that What The Hex doesn’t feel like fan fiction with the serial numbers filed off. The tropes within are some of my favorites too. This story is about Penny who is secretary of the Society Of Familiars. She is just waiting for her chance to be a witch’s familiar, however, opportunities are coveted and few and far between. So, she’s presented with an offer to serve as a familiar under the table for Willem, who has been punished and disallowed to take a familiar on. Agreeing to the deal is a risk for both parties, but Penny is desperate for the chance.

Prior to Willem taking Penny on, he can barely cast any hexes, his magic reserve just isn’t enough. When he has Penny however, the two have such a connection that working with her allows him to tap into this deep, deep well of magic. The results are kind of, awkward to read. However, the rest of the book makes up for it.

What The Hex features a grumpy sunshine relationship. Penny, of course, is an absolute sunshine of a character. Willem is a total grump. The two have chemistry but fight it – especially as they seem so different. Also, to make it seem like Penny isn’t Willem’s familiar, the two start FAKE DATING. So, okay two tropes that I love. There’s also a moment where Penny triumphs and I LOVE IT. If you love a good witchy romance, pick this book up. There are some open door steamy scenes in this book. I am looking forward to what’s next in this series — hopefully something featuring a witch and a male familiar.

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I really enjoyed being back in this world! The forced proximity and banter was top notch! I enjoyed this relationship much more than book one which usually isn’t the case! I loved the character growth and realizing it’s okay to be yourself because there is someone out there who will love you for you!

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