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I first read this book about four years ago on wattpad, and I remember thinking: this needs to be published.
Needless to say, I was very excited to learn that indeed it is being published ! To this day, it is one of my favorite wattpad gems.

The plot follows Laurel, a college student and journalist who begins an investigation to uncover the truth behind Truman Vaughn, the coach of the university's football team.

Of course, as usual, the path towards truth and justice is more than challenging and Laurel has to overcome the many obstacles placed in her way in order to give voice to those who have been wronged, and to have justice delivered at last.

What is really interesting, and most people who don't live in America or don't go to university there don't realize, is that Sports, even in the level of campus teams, are part of an industry that provides great profit. Therefore, there is a tendency of covering up indiscretions (of palyers and leading members), and as a result problematic -even criminal- behavior is given shelter and is being encouraged. That is exactly what Laurel has to come up against, since the coach of the football team is the person being protected by students, players even the school's administration.

What is even more intriguing to me though, is the complexity in a situation where students witness sexist behavior and choose to ignore it. I am glad that the writer didn't take the easy road of black and white and instead explored the idea of a student recognizing toxic behavior as wrong but being reluctant to call it out because of the relationship they have with the perpetrator. In this case, Bodie, the team's quarterback, even though he realizes his coach's way of speaking as sexist, is reluctant to assume that there is anything more to that other than a more "traditional" way of expressing masculinity. In fact, he seems to be in denial for the first one third of the book, refusing to accept that indeed words are not as harmless as he thinks and that they can easily turn into actions. For Bodie, Vaughn had been a father-figure for years, supporting him and coaching him into becoming a great athlete. He feels like he owns part of his success to him and it is hard to accept that two things can be true at the same time: Vaughn indeed helped him in becoming a top athlete, and at the same time is a deeply sexist man who lacks respect for women. That struggle that Bodie faces, gives so much more meaning to his final decision to trust Laurel and aid her in her investigation. It adds depth to the plot and really showcases the reason why sexism and racism are very complex matters that have to do both with the sexist/racist and the observer.

Having said all that, I would like to point out a problem I have had with the book, which I only noticed recently after reading the revised version that is being published. And that is the writing. For the themes of this book , I would expect the writing to be a bit more sophisticated, a bit more complex. At times it still read as a wattpad book- a very good one still.

Whistleblower, is a novel that attempts, and succeeds in the most part, to explore very profound and serious topics , meanwhile focusing on the importance of friendship, trust in one's gut and commitment to the truth. As a young adult book, it does what it sets to do and more. I am very glad I discovered it on wattpad back then, and very grateful that I got the chance to read it again now that is being published.

Thank you NetGalley and Wattpad Books for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.
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Whistleblower by Kate Marchant is an exciting yet thought provoking book about the horrors of whistleblowing in the corporate world – and its consequences.

The main protagonist of the novel is Annie Creston, who discovers her company in the midst of a major scandal. With no way out and in a tight financial spot, she turns whistleblower in order to protect the company, as well as herself.

As she navigates the complex world of corporate ethics, Annie learns that it's not only difficult to tell who is right and who is wrong, but that a wrong decision can lead to staggering consequences.

The story is full of complex ethical dilemmas and is written in a fast-paced and engaging style. Marchant does an excellent job of creating a parallel between Annie's personal life and her professional one, exploring the costs of emotion and the importance of maintaining an ethical position.

It's clear that risk-taking, even when the stakes are high, is worth it, but the repercussions of a 'wrong' decision often overshadow the good. Whistleblower is an engaging story about the cost of courage and opens up an important conversation about transparency and citizen responsibility in business.

All in all, Whistleblower by Kate Marchant is an excellent story that provides an interesting look at the risks and rewards of whistleblowing in the corporate world. It provides a thought-provoking look at the dichotomy between ethics and practicality and a unique insight into how and why we make our decisions. Highly recommended.
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"Whistleblower" takes readers on a gripping journey through the halls of Garland University. Laurel Cates, an unassuming junior, finds herself thrust into the spotlight as she uncovers a scandal that shakes the campus. This engaging tale explores her determination to expose the truth, despite skepticism from her peers, job insecurity, and even the charismatic quarterback, Bodie St. James, standing in her way. With a blend of suspense, romance, and ethical dilemmas, "Whistleblower" is a page-turner that keeps you hooked until the very end, making you question the cost of seeking justice in a world where not everyone wants the truth revealed.
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I would like to thank Kate Marchant, Netgalley and Wattpad Books for providing an advanced readers copy in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. Whistle Blowers follows Laurel Cates a junior in university determined to finish her degree and stay in the background.  Laurel writes for the school newspaper and covers the normal feel good fluff pieces, however one day she discovers a scandal that would ruin the reputation of the schools esteemed and beloved football coach. Laurel is determined to uncover the truth even when no one believes or supports her.  Whistle Blower is a well written book filled with nice feel-good fluff that Laurel’s scandalous article was missing and the story of a young girl finding her voice. The characters were well written and the story line although not always realistic or believable is still very interesting and intriguing. It is cliché at times and unrealistic which is a bit disappointing considering the books subject and plot which would have been a great chance to explore nepotism and institutions sweeping things under the rug, but alas the romance was more important. This is a young adult book in every way shape and form and a good one at that even though it missed the opportunity to hit and discuss important subjects. Overall, a decent and fluffy 3 star read.
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This book was absolutely fantastic. I've already added it to our list for order next year and will recommend it to students.
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thanks so much to the publisher and netgalley for the e-arc!!!

(this is probably a 3.5, but you know i always round up!)

kate marchant has managed to escape the wattpad books being worse when they’re published curse. float felt like and improvement, and so did this one!!! (this is comparing it to the foggy memories of high school i have so…. but still!)

this is a #metoo story that covers some really heavy material, but does so decently well. a few times, it felt like more depth would have benefitted the story, but i understand the complicated nature. 

the romance is also dealt with well - i love the college setting, and both characters are very likable. 

overall a solid read with a hint of lovely nostalgia for the wattpad days!!!
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First up a big thank you for allowing me to read this book. Or try to at least.
I thought I would really enjoy it, but I am just not clicking with the book. I tried! Several times over the past weeks, but I am just not clicking with the story. Or the characters. Or the romance. I think it would be better if there was no romance. I keep getting distracted while reading the book.
Good things I did enjoy: The topic of the book (is the coach a bad guy) and I am curious if the MC is able to get a good article out on things that are happening. Plus, I also like the cover. But yeah, that is just not keeping me in the book.
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This book borders on New Adult and YA. At first, it was hard to get into the story, but once I did, it was gripping. I also liked how the main conflict was handled realistically

i did orginally read this on wattpad, but I dont remember it fully so rereading it was nice.
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I was not expecting this book to be this good. I had no expectations because I had never heard of this author before so I went in with nothing and came out with everything! 

First of all, the author perfectly captures college life (at least the college life in the late 2010s and early 2020s that I knew) and it was such a joy to re-experience the fun parts of college. All of the bad parts that come with being a woman and being on a college campus were really accurate and while not a joy to read about, I appreciated that part of the book. 

Second of all, I really loved Laurel and Bodie (I mean I didn’t like the name Bodie but I got over it), and I was on the edge of my seat following their romance. I was also on the edge of my seat following the investigative reporting! I would definitely recommend this (and already have) to anyone looking for a 5 star read. 

Thank you to NetGalley for providing the ARC! This book has already been published by this point, and I just got around to reading it late.
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This YA book tells the story of Laurel Cates, a Junior at Garland University who is pretty comfortable in her college life, living in an apartment with her best friend, enjoying watching her best guy friend Andre play football, attending classes, working at a country club and writing for her school newspaper. When a story begins to unfold about the football coach and some misogynistic comments and actions, as well as some rumours about charity funds being misused and some sexual harassment allegations, Laurel finds herself in some pretty difficult situations. 

I really enjoyed this book that had the perfect amount of YA high-interest content, like parties, romance and college life, while also including a bit of race and LGBTQ issues, along with sexual harassment, standing up against powerful people, the ethics of journalism. I liked Laurel's character and the way she worked through her own internal conflict when facing challenging situations and conflict. I also appreciated that Marchant showed some of the negative sides of standing up for what you believe in, including potentially facing harassment, unfair consequences like job loss, and attempts by those in power to shut down your ability to speak up. I liked the variety of characters and the author's descriptions of setting, it made it easy to picture and follow along. 

I loved this book and am so glad I had the chance to read it, thanks to Rachel at Wattpad! I would definitely recommend it, especially to readers who love YA and are looking for something with substance.
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i had so much fun with this book!! i love, love ya book that are set in college, and this one did not disappoint!

the book surrounds a very important topic, focusing on the #MeToo movement and sexism and harassment in college/professional environments, and the author covers it with the sensitivity and attention it needs. i also appreciated the fact that it wasn't an all-around heavy read. the overall essence of the book was mainly lighthearted, with the college kids simply being college kids. i enjoyed the witty prose and the warm friendships the characters had with one another. and the romance between laurel and bodie was so, so sweet. i especially loved laurel as the main character. she was smart, brave, and had all the best qualities of a good journalist. reading this book from her eyes was a treat. 

i definitely recommend this book, especially for anyone looking for a cutesy but powerful college-oriented story.
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This is a book of one brave student who wants nothing more in life to be a great journalist. However, when her next story is about bring the whole football team to its knees.  Can she take the heat and write a follow up with all her facts in check, and hold her feelings in check for the star quarterback?  

Laurel just wants to be journalist, so she is ok writing fluff pieces for collage paper but when a scandal of the beloved football coach falls in her lap, she can look the other way and must dig deeper. With her finding the truth and Brodie the star quarterback trying to prove her wrong, as she gone too far.  Because the last thing she wants to do is hurt anybody especially Brodie who is all around good guy.  But as the two start to work together things come to life that are not at all what them seem.

Can you have both the guy and tell the truth, so no other women are hurt?

Thank you to NetGalley and Wattpad books for copy of this book for my honest review.
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Laurel never expected to uncover any major truths when writing for the school paper at Garland University, but a late assignment about the school’s football coach causes her to dive deeper than she ever has into any story before. The football coach, Truman Vaughn, has been sober for many years, but Laurel is certain she has proof to question his sobriety and, not only that, she has reason to suspect the school is covering for his sexism, and hiding truths to keep the money flowing in. Determined to get the truth out in the open, Laurel starts to investigate.

Bodie St. James is the star quarterback, and although he owes a lot to Vaughn, even he can’t deny that something is going on, and when Laurel starts poking around for interviews, he finds himself drawn deeper into trying to find out the truth. Between classes, interviews, and assignments, Bodie and Laurel start finding themselves spending more and more time together. And as the truth starts to reveal itself, certain feelings between them also start to shine through…

I absolutely loved reading this book. The characters were easy to fall in love with, and I was desperate to know the truth behind Vaughn’s actions. Laurel is an incredibly dedicated person, when she gets her mind set on something, she can’t stop until she has achieved what she set out to. Even if it means publishing things the school doesn’t want revealed, or staging mass uprisings to get the voices of the marginalised heard. I adored Laurel, she is a very easy character to get behind, and I just wanted to be her friend!

The romance between Laurel and Bodie is inevitable, but slow in coming. The chemistry is undeniable, but there are things keeping them apart, things that would severely compromise both Laurel’s quest to reveal the truth, and Bodie’s position on the football team. I can easily say that I absolutely loved Bodie, he is so kind and considerate, always trying to do the right thing, even when he’s not sure what the right thing is. He puts so much effort into looking after everybody else, and cares a lot about his friends. I think everyone needs a Bodie in their life, and it is a real shame that he is a fictional character. If there were a way to bring fictional men to life, the whole world would be a much better place!

One thing in particular that I loved about this book is that it has a lot of inclusivity, without making it too pronounced, or making it a main plot point. There is a lot of casual representation, such as the mention of a same-sex marriage, and the use of they/them pronouns. I loved coming across these topics mentioned so casually, as in a lot of books that talk about things such as gender and sexuality, it is made a main topic, rather than just being considered a normal part of the characters’ lives. I think the author has done a fabulous job of portraying normality and acceptance in regards to these topics.

There are some difficult subjects covered in this book, including rape and sexual harassment, and readers should be aware that these topics are covered when going into the book. With the difficulty Laurel has in finding the truth after things have been covered up and overlooked, it is easy to see how so many women struggle to have their voices heard, even if it’s about something important. Truths are twisted into lies to protect the positions of the men, and the women are pushed aside until everyone forgets anything ever happened. The author clearly has very strong opinions on these topics, which are so incredibly important, and it was heartbreaking to read about how some of the women were scared to come forward, knowing that they weren’t going to get any kind of justice. This book has been written amazingly well with regards to such sensitive subjects, and any reader will be able to feel the emotion behind the words. 

This book isn’t all intense topics, though. After all, they are university students. There are parties aplenty, and more than enough instances with a little too much wine. Relationships come and go, and there are bad part-time jobs to deal with. This book is a wonderfully real representation of a university student's life, and Laurel and her friends come across as very real in the telling. The author has done a wonderful job with this book. There is drama, truths and lies, love, and trust. And, of course, attempting to reveal hidden secrets to the world. This is an author I hadn’t come across before, but one I will certainly be returning to. I loved reading this book, and can’t wait to read more by this author!
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Marchant weaves a powerful, detailed story that speaks loudly of the abuse of power, sexism, and social issues still very much prominent in todays society, and one which will find its voice amidst many YA and Adult readers alike. 

By their powerful storytelling and orchestration of events, what began as a whisper of doubt grew in courage and volume, overpowering every other noise generated and forced people to listen, on and off the page. Kate Marchant delivers an equal balance of an expose on that which needs to be heard, wrapped beautifully with friendship, hope, and an empowering voice, bringing a voice and sight to many who’ve previously felt confined to the shadows, and I am here for it! 

The relationship bred between Laurel and Bodie was natural, and, while not the hero of this story, it provided the groundwork that helped propel this journalistic investigation towards a manner of justice. Marchant’s casting was diverse and well developed, and light enough to appeal to a wide audience. Their craft is fine tuned and maturely executed and I commend the author for the impact they deliver. 

Beneath this heart of romance and unity, empowerment and justice beat strongly, the power dynamics highlighted by coach’s actions, and the me too movement and commitment to truth exhibited throughout, real and delicately honest. I was hooked by the premise and carried page to page by the move for justice of Marchant’s intricate detailing. Laurel was believably human in every sense, doubtful and fearful, but compelled nonetheless by her need for the truth, and I would definitely read this truth again for myself. 

TW: mentions of rape, sexual assault, and harassment 

I received an advanced copy thanks to Netgalley and Wattpad Books, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review. 4.5 stars.
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Laurel is a writer for her university's newspaper. When she is assigned a piece of the football team and some drama surrounding it, she expects it to be just another fluff piece. When more stories surround the football coach and his attitude and actions towards women, the newspaper's editor and another writer team up with her to uncover what the school and the team might be hiding. The team starts to unravel as their star quarterback realizes that what others say is a rumor might be true. It's a story that brings up the me too movement but also about truth, doing the right thing, fighting for your beliefs and the power of the written word.
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Thnk you to NetGalley for a copy of this ebook. 

Originally published on WattPD - I have never read anything on WattPad so I had no frame of reference going in. 

Wish the lower is the story of Laurel, journalist at the university where she is a student, researching for an article on the university’s well-connected football coach. 

Once you start, this story hooks you and doesn’t let you go. The characters were brilliant - so well written and developed, likeable and the relationship between Bodie and Laurel is amazing to watch grow. It’s subtle romance which is great as I am not a fan of cheesy, spicy romance.
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Thank you so much for allowing me to read and review your titles. I really enjoy the opportunity! 

I do appreciate it and continue to review books that I get the chance to read.
Thanks again!
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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Whistleblower is an engrossing, nail-biting, cannot stop reading, will keep you on the edge of your seat and totally juicy thriller . I look forward to more Kate Marchant books! Whistleblower follows Laurel a journalist to be who uncovers a hornets nest on the football coach. She is determined to face the repercussions  of her actions. All's fair in love and war so when she teams up with the quarterback with a heart of gold (Bodie) she gets more than an alliance. Totally engrossing!  What a book!
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This book is genuinely full circle for me. I fell in love with this book on Wattpad and would constantly go back and reread my favorite parts. It’s heart-wrenching and swoon worthy at the same time. There was a bit more romance parts in the Wattpad version, which makes it 4 stars instead of 5, but it gave all the same vibes other than that.
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First of all, I would like to thank NetGalley, Wattpad Books and Kate Marchant for allowing me to read this advanced copy in exchange of my honest review. That meant a lot to me.
I became a big fan of Kate Marchant after reading this book!

| First of all I would like to say that I really appreciate the work of authors who came from story platforms like Wattpad. I recognize the work especially because I was once one of them and I imagine how gratifying it must be to have a book published. Only those who actually read there know how many talented people there are on that site and seeing their talent being spread around the world (as it should) it makes me feel so happy!

   | Kate introduce us to the life of Laurel Cates, a young journalism who, when doing a research for the article involving the idolised football coach, ends up discovering several patterns of miss behaviour, including accusations of harassment. Together with the newspaper team, they will use all possible resources to discover and help give voice to the girls, exposing the truth to the world even if it meant sacrificing everything.

   | Of course, in addition to dealing with something extremely serious and important, we cannot leave out the fact that the author knew how to balance the subjects pretty well. Outside this core, she showed us some light and even comic scenes involving the protagonist and her friends that made the plot lighter and even more engaging.

| I believe that within all the representativenesses, situations and exposure that the author made, she brought an essential teaching by emphasizing a very important phrase "You are not alone!"

I liked how the approach in the book was not forced and managed to pass on the proper message to the readers!

Reading this book was an incredible experience and I'm ready to read more books by Kate Marchant!
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