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This book is genuinely full circle for me. I fell in love with this book on Wattpad and would constantly go back and reread my favorite parts. It’s heart-wrenching and swoon worthy at the same time. There was a bit more romance parts in the Wattpad version, which makes it 4 stars instead of 5, but it gave all the same vibes other than that.

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First of all, I would like to thank NetGalley, Wattpad Books and Kate Marchant for allowing me to read this advanced copy in exchange of my honest review. That meant a lot to me.

I became a big fan of Kate Marchant after reading this book!

| First of all I would like to say that I really appreciate the work of authors who came from story platforms like Wattpad. I recognize the work especially because I was once one of them and I imagine how gratifying it must be to have a book published. Only those who actually read there know how many talented people there are on that site and seeing their talent being spread around the world (as it should) it makes me feel so happy!

| Kate introduce us to the life of Laurel Cates, a young journalism who, when doing a research for the article involving the idolised football coach, ends up discovering several patterns of miss behaviour, including accusations of harassment. Together with the newspaper team, they will use all possible resources to discover and help give voice to the girls, exposing the truth to the world even if it meant sacrificing everything.

| Of course, in addition to dealing with something extremely serious and important, we cannot leave out the fact that the author knew how to balance the subjects pretty well. Outside this core, she showed us some light and even comic scenes involving the protagonist and her friends that made the plot lighter and even more engaging.

| I believe that within all the representativenesses, situations and exposure that the author made, she brought an essential teaching by emphasizing a very important phrase "You are not alone!"

I liked how the approach in the book was not forced and managed to pass on the proper message to the readers!

Reading this book was an incredible experience and I'm ready to read more books by Kate Marchant!

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I tried with this one. I really did because the premise was So Interesting but I just couldn’t get over the immediate obsession with the star football player. I also was wondering how she wasn’t kicked out of school??? Like don’t get me wrong: I had issues in school with attendance and stuff but. Idk. It was… putting.

DNF’d at 61 pages.

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I reread this book about a year ago on Wattpad and loved it so much so when I saw it was being published I knew I had to get my hands on an ARC and it’s safe to say I loved it just as much. Wattpad introduced me to this author and I will continue to read everything she writes.

Whistleblower follows Laurel, a university student who writes for the student newspaper. Research for her most recent article uncovers lies, and the possibility of a scandal about the beloved football coach, she knows she has to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth and help the girls affected get the justice they deserve. This book is not a lighthearted romance and the contents could be triggering as it deals with sexual assault and harassment.

Bodie St James is the quarterback and he is determined to convince Laurel that she can’t possibly be right as his coach has been almost like a father to him. Bodie and Laurel have many interactions that had me squealing and swooning. I adore Bodie and loved him coming out of his shell and doing the right thing. The romance doesn’t always take centre stage in this book as Laurel focuses on the investigation and discovering the truth so she can expose the football coach. But as Laurel and Bodie spend more time together working on their assignment and trying to prove the other wrong, their chemistry becomes undeniable. I loved reading about Laurel trying to keep her feelings hidden in order to do the right thing for the investigation.

I really loved this one and will be reading it again soon! If you love romances with a bit more of a plot, this is definitely the book for you!

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wow! I loved this book so much! This book contained some triggering subjects such as sexual abuse and harassment. I thought the author did a fantastic job covering these subjects. I wasn’t a huge fan of the pacing of the book. But overall wonderful book!

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3.5 stars!

This book was enrapturing, and I read it in one sitting! I think the thing that keeps my rating from going higher was my desire for more.

Marchant weaves a story equal parts homage to the MeToo movement and awareness of the power dynamics of university systems/romance. With so much involved in the dynamics of the A plot + the inclusion of a heavy focus on romance, it felt like neither topic got the time it deserved.

The characters have well thought out stories and backgrounds, and the secondary characters felt like a group I could know and see existing and belonging on any campus.

The story itself is hugely important and a necessary think piece on the reverence of athletic officials at large sports schools, and more broadly men in power generally.

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Wow, one of my favorite wattpad books finally being published! I read this so long ago when it was still being published on wattpad and waiting for new chapters was so hard! Getting to finally read it all in one sitting again was great. I loved this book and really enjoyed it!

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Title: Whistleblower
Author: Kate Marchant
Genre: YA
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Laurel Cates has never wanted the spotlight. As a junior studying journalism at Garland University, she's perfectly content pumping out well-written fluff pieces for the school paper and focusing on the finer things in life: friends, house parties, and carne asada tacos. But when Laurel’s research for an article on the school’s beloved football coach uncovers a pattern of misbehavior and a trail of lies, she knows she has to expose the truth.

Even if it means facing public scrutiny. Even if it means risking her part-time job, her reputation, and her safety. Even if Bodie St. James, the heart-of-gold quarterback, seems hell-bent on convincing her that the man who has been like a father to him couldn’t possibly be the villain she thinks he is.

When Laurel and Bodie team up to prove each other wrong, their tentative alliance becomes complicated by growing feelings and mounting evidence. And Laurel must choose between staying invisible or doing what’s right . . . even if it costs her more than she ever imagined.

This was a solid read, although the last third or so seemed intent on making a show of how inclusive it was---instead of just being inclusive. I really liked Laurel and her two best friends. Their relationship and interactions were great. Bodie seemed a bit too good to be true, frankly, but he was very likable. This was a quick, easy read with a good message.

Kate Marchant is from the San Francisco Bay Area. Whistleblower is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of Wattpad Books in exchange for an honest review.)

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WhistleBlower by Kate Marchant – PUB DAY 3/14/23!

Laurel Cates wants to be a serious journalist. While studying journalism as a Junior in College, she is also working for the school paper. However, she comes across some gruesome secrets about the football team’s coach but proceeding with the truth can cause public scrutiny, the entire school’s ire and losing everything she wants like Bodie the star quarterback.

The story itself isn’t about the whistleblower as much as the repercussions of an explosive article. I think I personally would’ve liked this book if it didn’t have romance as one of the focal points, it distracted me from such a well-thought out plot. I enjoyed the characters as well, especially Laurel I found her to be so driven and spunky!

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I oftentimes feel like YA gets a bad rap - that it is not deep enough, etc. I was really intrigued by the plot of Whistleblower, and big thank you to #netgalley and Wattpad books for the digital ARC to read and review.

Spoiler alert: I LOVED this one.

Maybe it is that March Madness and college basketball season (especially when Marquette is so good! MU RAH RAH!) has me nostalgic for college. Maybe it is because Sex Lives of College Girls is one of my favorite shows. But everything about this hit the right notes for me. And that is never easy, but especially for a book like this that tackles so much. But it was done in such a thoughtful and authentic way.

Whistleblower is the story of Laurel Cates, a young Latina college student and aspiring journalist. She wants to enjoy college life to the fullest but is also all too aware of her own financial situation and the pressure to succeed, make money, and set herself up career-wise. She's striving to make a statement at the school paper, and pitches a story about the school's beloved Football coach. While she knows it might rustle some feathers, she doesnt expect to go down the path she does.

I don't want to go much further, because this book touches on SO MUCH and the surprise was part of the charm. Trigger Warning that it does discuss sexual assault, but I found it was done in a very impactful way.

To me, this felt like an excellent coming of age story. A young woman - and her peers, particularly the hunky star quarterback that becomes Laurel's key source, have to tackle a lot of tough shit and in doing so question themselves, each other, and the power structures they have long lived under.

I really really enjoyed this one. Highly recommend!

Will post this on goodreads, my bookstagram @scottonreads and on retail sites.

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Great read that fits well with the times. The main character was very likeable and fallible. I enjoyed seeing her relationship with St. James progress, and enjoyed her friendships. Great message, and a wonderful "eff you" at the end!

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Wow, what a ride! This was such a great read with so many relevant social issues addressed. Even though it's YA, I don't think it read as such. There was a lot of language and a lot of sensitive topics. I think the author did a very good job including and addressing current social issues. It seemed as though she had really done her work/research. Sometimes you find that topics are included in books but done in a way that appears to just be a box to check off, but the author seemed very genuine in her writing. I actually learned a lot myself!

I was hooked from the very beginning of the story and fully invested all the way through. I absolutely loved the romance and Laurel's friends, Hanna and Andre, were laugh out loud funny. I majored in Print Journalism in undergrad and this really made me miss that time in my life.

One thing I would have loved to see more of was Laurel really embracing her heritage from her mom's side. I think that would have been beneficial to her character growth. There were a couple instances where it seemed that she tried to avoid it more than embracing it.

My review will be posted to Goodreads today, February 28 and on my bookstagram, @readingwithtrey, tomorrow, March 1. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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I liked this, but didn’t love it. The writing felt a bit too juvenile for my taste. I liked the plot line enough - a team of journalists is trying to expose the misdoings of the vastly popular and rich college football coach. There were just some parts I didn’t feel like I believed.

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for this ARC.

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Whistleblower follows Laurel Cates, a junior at garland university, who writes for the school newspaper; when she gets a tip that the university's football coach has been harassing women and also may be involved in illegal activities she decides to investigate. As she uncovers more she teams up with Bodie St. James, the quarterback who is trying to prove it is all a misunderstanding and clear the coaches name.

This was beautiful written, while I originally expected more of a romance I actually enjoyed how it was more focused on Laurel's investigation and how she wanted to get justice for those wrong. She was such a strong, determined female lead who never gave up even when everything seemed to be against her. I loved seeing the relationship between Laurel and her friends, it was so sweet and it gave off found family vibes. Another thing I enjoyed was the emotional character development of Laurel and Bodie and how this translated in their relationship, it really fit with the pace of the book.

The only thing I did not enjoy was the ending seemed very fast paced and wrapped up quickly, I wish it was fleshed out more and I got to see the consequences for the coaches actions in more detail.

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I DNF'd this book.
The premise sounded so interesting to me. but to me it read like a very juvenile execution.

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Laurel Cates is a journalist, and when she discovers concerning secrets about her university’s football coach, she vows to do something about it. When her article on the coach goes viral—something she had not been expecting—she must dig in and find enough evidence about his wrongdoings to get him fired, or submit to the pressures that are trying to stop her from getting justice.

WHISTEBLOWER was a book I could not put down. Once I started, I wanted to keep going until I reached the end. I loved Laurel—loved her determination and reluctance to give in even when everything seemed to be falling down around her. I loved how deeply she cared for the people hurt by the coach, and how she so deeply wanted to get justice for them. Her friends were another part of this book that I adored. They definitely felt like found family level friends and I adored that. Laurel’s relationship with Bodie was also so sweet, especially when he realised he’d been wrong about his coach and swore to help Laurel.

I suppose the one thing I didn’t quite like about this book is that it wrapped up very quickly in the end. We were given a rundown of what happened rather than being able to actually see that. It felt a bit rushed and I would have liked to experience some of what happened along with Laurel, rather than just being told what happened.

Regardless, I loved this book. It is so important, especially for young people. The message it sends needs to be heard everywhere and I am so glad Kate Marchant wrote this.

Thank you Netgalley for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

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5/5 stars.

i read this book for the first time on wattpad after i read float, another book by kate marchant, when it was originally posted there, and fell in love with laurel's character. the published version is somehow even better, with close to no important changes at all. i was on the edge of my seat throughout the course of reading this book, and finished it in just a few hours, since it was impossible to put down.

whistleblower follows laurel cates, a junior at garland university, who writes for the school newspaper: the daily. when she gets a tip from a source that might doesn't paint the university's football coach in the best light, she decides to investigate, and in the process uncovers even more disturbing information. she teams up with bodie st. james, a football player, as they both try to prove opposite points. laurel, that coach vaughn is guilty of the various allegations against him, and bodie, that this is all just a misunderstanding — all while having suspicions of his own.

i had gone into this book expecting it to be a romance, but what stood out to me the most in this book was laurel's determination and strength. marchant explores various themes of sexism and even racism in this book, which altogether made it a story with a very powerful message.

Thank you to the NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Beautifully written story, it felt very immersive from the first pages all the way to the very end. Loved Laurel's relationships with Hannah and Andre, and the tension between her and Bodie was very satisfying. Overall the storyline felt fresh and new to me, reminded me a bit of the Veronica Mars tv-series in a good way!

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I had a hard time reading this because the format of the ARC was not set up properly for a Kobo to scale the font, but in the end, I decided that I would give this one a try and see if eye strain prevented me from getting very far. I'm very happy to say that I was able to persevere, and that was a testament to how much I enjoyed it. Marchant has written another book that will likely translate very well if it gets picked up for a movie. I actually think Robbie Amell has more of the look of Bodie to him but he's already cast in Float so, oh well.

I genuinely liked the characters and felt that, after a bit of a slower start, the story moved along well. It was definitely less romance and more about Laurel figuring out who she is. Her friends were awesome and made the book, but I also think that Bodie was a good romantic lead. I know that we were supposed to be frustrated with how the women were treated in the school and it was definitely frustrating. I do think that maybe as a journalist, even if you are still learning the trade, you may want to wait for more connections to be made to put the story out there when it's this divisive. But maybe that's why I'm not a journalist but in public relations.

All in all, this moved well. The story was good and held your attention. And the characters were fun.

I will say that there was a lot of drinking and partying in the book, which wasn't my experience of university and made me also question how anyone ever gets their work done. But I digress.

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Great concept for a book but execution could have been better. Character and story development lacking. However, still enjoyed reading it. I liked the college setting and main romance.

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