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Psychedelics for Everyone

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NetGalley ARC review

This edition had so many misspellings, i understand its an arc but there were typos making it hard to read. I find the author had a lot of substance to this book, but I found some things I wouldn’t agree with, or others top in this field have may have not said or agreed with because they have since written books or been on current podcasts etc.

So with all material of this matter its read and take with may resonate and always research more than the authors, even research the authors of the books.

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The use of psychedelics is one of the internet's new "hot" things and capitalist machine has taken notice. That means misinformation and false claims to chase the almighty dollar without regard to people's safety and things like integrity. But, this book gets in the way of that.

I get splashed with articles regularly trying to sell me on different products in that realm. I am both a veteran of using psychedelics and mental health issues. I have suffered from or deal daily with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and addiction. To top my cake of mental dysfunction, I am autistic. Psychedelics have long helped me clear the fog, reset, and provide some cheer during rough patches. I am excited that I may be able to use it in conjunction with psychological treatment in the future.

I have been hopeful for at least 20 years that the establishment would notice the power of these substances that I first tried when I was 13. It is happening but that isn't without some issues, the biggest being misinformation and false claims.

Matt Zemon's book helps cut through the fantastical claims and advertisements that twist truths. He provides well-researched, well-sourced, and reliable information about this future healthcare tool that may change the world. A book like this was needed and here it is. When I see people on social media discussing the use of psychedelics for mental health, I will be sending them a link to this book. Even though I got a digital ARC, I am ordering a physical copy to have as a reference guide and to be able to quickly share factual information backed up with evidence. If only everyone would do that.

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Thank you Netgalley for letting me read and review this book. I haven't read a story about psychedelics before, but I'm glad I picked up this one. In this book some of the topics that are highlighted are: The real history of why many psychedelics are illegal, how to microdose, what to expect from psychedelic therapy, how psychedelics are being used to treat addiction, and much more. This book was very informational and intriguing. Sometimes it got a little boring, but overall I enjoyed it. I definitely learned a lot.

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Good book for learning about psychedelics and has a fair amount of information about each one. Definitely suitable for beginners or for people to use for reference!

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Interesting subject matter done very well. Already aware of the subject from first hand experience but still very good.

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