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The Bush Clinic

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Not a lot of science fiction in this novel about Dr Greensboro, an off-world researcher, running a bush clinic on Dolvia, a developing planet at the other end of a worm-hole from Earth. The author describes herself as a cynical septuagenarian and she delivers. I found this story a depressingly realistic portrayal of the greed that infects every refugee crisis. Even the most noble characters end up exploiting this new land and it’s people, either for monetary gain or professional acclaim. The most exotic characters are the gualareps, lizard-like creatures imported as pets from the planet Cicero. A lot of the science fiction that’s missing is all in the back story. When was the planet discovered? Are the tribes native or settlers? Who are the Company? Who belong to the Consortium? And more. An interesting portrayal of women from every strata of life, fighting for their place and their voice. Interesting but not very sci-do and frankly depressing.

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