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I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.

What happens when you travel several hundred miles away from home for a three-week vacation that should be you alone with your thoughts? Well, if you are Ellie Reed and your life is already going sideways, hilarity ensues. Ellie decided after she dumps her boyfriend of six years and is in the process of losing her job to leave Ohio for a secluded Airbnb on a farm to sort out her life choices and come up with the next step. It does not help that her family not only does not support her choice, is very upset for breaking up with the boyfriend. He was "perfect husband material."

Upon arriving at the farm, as she is getting unpacked, an ambulance pulls up and takes the homeowner away. Not sure what to do or who to call - she goes and checks in on the homeowner, Marilyn, at the hospital. What comes next, you need to read and enjoy.

The writing, for me, was excellent. I could picture myself in the setting and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

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I thought this book was really good! I really enjoyed it from the very beginning. I didn’t want t the book to end. I will have to go get a copy for my bookshelf so I can reread it again.

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This wasn’t a bad story but like some of the reviews I’ve read, I agree that it didn’t feel like a romance. I did like the small town story and the way she grew as a character. My dad had a ranch in Montana so this story really touched home for me. I just wish there was a little more romance but still a good read. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants a feel good read that has the potential to be inspiring.

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I recently read the book “Said No One Ever” by Stephanie Eding and I could genuinely say that this book is a great read for all age groups. To begin, it is a contemporary fiction novel with love, self-discovery, and a great dose of humor along the way.

The story starts off with the main protagonist, AJ Richardson, who is a part-time comedian and struggling dad of two. After suffering through a rough patch in his relationship with his wife, he finds himself single and trying to piece back his life together. As he looks for love and an escape from his mundane life, he meets Isla, an artist from Spain, and things just seem to take off from there.

The novel progresses with AJ’s journey, as he deals with emotions of family, love, and self-discovery. Through his journey, AJ learns how to better connect with his children, how to stand up for himself, and how to make his dreams come true. Despite of the heavy topic, the writer infuses small doses of humor which keep the mood light-hearted throughout the book.

In terms of the writing style, I found it to be quite easy to follow. The writer does a great job in striking the balance between moving the story forward and keeping readers engaged in the story. Each character’s personality is supported with individual development throughout the book, and this helps readers to quickly connect with them.

Overall, I am very much pleased with this book. I found myself often chuckling at the witty conversations and captivated by the story. I appreciate the writer’s effort in making this story feel unique and raw. If you are in need of a thoughtful and mellow escape from reality, “Said No One Ever” is a book worth giving a try.

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This was a cute read! Ellie escapes her life for a bit and heads to an AirBnB in Montana. But chaos ensues when her host goes to the hospital, and suddenly Ellie is running an entire farm, something she does not know how to do. Enter a cute neighbor, AND a cute grandson, and things get even more complicated.

I enjoyed the small town, the antics, the animals…I just wasn’t super invested in the story, and definitely not the romance. The story overall felt pretty slow and predictable. I wanted more depth to the characters than what the story really gave.

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I loved this sweet and emotional love story. These characters were wonderful, and I hope the author gives us more from this world. I definitely recommend this book.

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DNF @ 44%. I really wanted to love this book but I just didn't. It felt extremely repetitive, slow, and just wasn't for me.

Thanks to Netgalley for my complimentary e-arc of this book. All opinions here are my own.

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This is set in Montana so I absolutely loved the setting! It was the most fun rom-com and did not disappoint!

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Ellie is escaping her terribly annoying family, her seemingly perfect ex and her derailing career with a much-needed escape to Montana, when she unexpectedly gets caught up in much more than she bargained for.

I enjoyed the light-hearted antics of Marilyn and all the animals, but I found myself wanting more while reading this. If you're a fan of more character-driven women's fiction, this might be a better fit for you. Author Stephanie Eding does a great job highlighting wonderful female friendships throughout the book, I enjoyed that even more than the romantic elements.

Thank you to Net Galley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the advance copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Took place in a small town in Montana. I love small town romance filled with fun characters! Such a fast read perfect feel good rom com that you will enjoy.

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I absolutely loved the small town setting, which made it seem personal and connected to the story. I grew up in Montana, so it was easy to put myself in the story.

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This was a fun, entertaining read! I loved the plot the characters, and there were truly funny moments in the book. Overall, I would definitely recommend reading this adult contemporary romance!

I received an e-ARC from the publisher.

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Super cute small town Rom Com. I'm all for female characters finding themselves and starting to stand up for themselves as the story develops.

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This was just ok. Ellie first drew me into this story, but then it just felt very elementary. I couldn't connect with any of the other characters nor did I really feel like investing myself in where this story was going.

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This copy was kindly given to me for honest review by both the publisher and netgalley. All opinions are my own.

I flew through this book. It was light (though it dealt lightly with deeper topics), fast paced and just fun. I loved that our main love interest built tiny houses for a living, epic in my books. I loved the growth out MC went through in spite of her true lack of confidence and self esteem. I loved the barnyard shenanigan's and the grandma at the head of all of it. Where I found this book lacking was the romance and its development. I just didn't find its development as believable. I realize too its marketed as general adult fiction, so I didn't except much steaminess but I still wanted more depth to their relationship if that makes sense.

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I'm a sucker for good covers and interesting book blurbs (swipe for book blurb) - this book caught my attention right from the start.

Said No One Ever is a sweet story about starting over. Ellie, the main character, decides to book an AirB&B to escape all the messy drama in her life, only to leap into another chaotic situation when she arrives on a farm in Montana.

This book focuses more on Ellie figuring out what to do with her life than on romance. I easily related to this character because of the choices she faced out of obligation and expectations. Ellie found herself in some romantic situations, but that didn't overshadow her finding a new route in her life, which I both loved and appreciated.

I loved the spunky, scheming Marilyn and her partner in crime, Belle, who together almost get kicked out of a nursing home. They helped distract Ellie from her worries and problems while lightening the story.

Thank you, Stephanie Eding, Sourcebooks Casablanca, and NetGalley, for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I didn’t know what to expect with this one. I knew it would be good, but I never could’ve imagined how much I identified with the main character, Ellie. She takes a spur of the moment trip to a B n B, saves the owner, and begins a whirlwind of an adventure that is so fresh.

If I were in her spot, I don’t think I could remain as real and open as she is. The friendships and relationships she creates that are unlike anything she’s had before is so inspiring. And the budding romance between her and Warren was so scrumptious because they just completed each other.

I absolutely can’t wait to read another Stephanie Eding book!

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This book has it all! Fresh starts, tiny house Air BNB, elderly pranksters, cheeky farm animals, and so much more!

I was sold the moment the Old English Bulldog named Hilda was introduced in the very beginning!! Eding describes the bulldogs antics to a tee, and it was such a comical relief right out the gate.

This book has all of my favorite tropes: grumpy sunshine, enemies to friends to lovers, and fake dating! The characters are so lovable (aside from both main characters overbearing mothers - ugh!). There's a spicy old lady and her grumpy grandson. There's a strong woman trying to find her way through recent life changes and navigate setting boundaries with her family. In addition to the rambunctious bulldog, there's a couple of "not-so-smart" sheep and a single "way-too-smart-for-his-own-good" donkey!

While one of the overbearing mothers did redeem herself in the end, the reader doesn't see much of what happens with the other one. I think that is one thing missing from this narrative. The only other thing I would have liked more of is the romance between the two main characters. This was a closed door romance (which is more than fine), but I didn't really feel their chemistry either.

Overall, I loved this book. I want to frame the cover and put it on my bookshelf! I would recommend this one to many of my fellow readers. Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Our leading lady, Ellie, had to run away from home and take a forced vacation. Her mother and her sister were weighing on her in an extraordinary fashion. She sees a remote Airbnb that she pays for upfront before deciding to work her job from there. She knows she is up for being let go and hopes to use the peace and quiet to find another job.
The only problem is that the minute she gets to the location, she finds out that the lady who is to be her host has hurt herself and been rushed to the hospital. Now, Ellie is left with animals to care for, as well as herself. She has neither the funds to cover extra travel nor the understanding of animal husbandry to keep things going.
She has a good heart, however, and things start to spiral as she starts to make promises that she has to work hard at keeping.
There are men thrown into the mix to confuse her further, not to count the old women who want to make her their accomplice.
It was a fun light read that I finished in about a couple of sittings. I would recommend it to people who want a straightforward light narrative.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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Ellie rents an Airbnb on a Montana farm expecting a relaxing escape from her life. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of family drama (a family that is not hers) and the caretaker of a barn full of animals.

Marilyn, the feisty 80 year old Airbnb host was the highlight of this story for me. I loved her feisty energy and her wild ideas and the friendship she and Ellie forged.. However, I really did not connect with the other characters and often found my mind wandering while reading this story. This had a lot of potential to be a great story about personal growth and finding yourself, but unfortunately it missed the mark for me.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca, Dreamscape Media, and NetGalley for the advance copy.

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