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This was just ok. Ellie first drew me into this story, but then it just felt very elementary. I couldn't connect with any of the other characters nor did I really feel like investing myself in where this story was going.
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This copy was kindly given to me for honest review by both the publisher and netgalley. All opinions are my own. 

I flew through this book. It was light (though it dealt lightly with deeper topics), fast paced and just fun. I loved that our main love interest built tiny houses for a living, epic in my books. I loved the growth out MC went through in spite of her true lack of confidence and self esteem. I loved the barnyard shenanigan's and the grandma at the head of all of it. Where I found this book lacking was the romance and its development. I just didn't find its development as believable. I realize too its marketed as general adult fiction, so I didn't except much steaminess but I still wanted more depth to their relationship if that makes sense.
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I'm a sucker for good covers and interesting book blurbs (swipe for book blurb) - this book caught my attention right from the start.

Said No One Ever is a sweet story about starting over. Ellie, the main character, decides to book an AirB&B to escape all the messy drama in her life, only to leap into another chaotic situation when she arrives on a farm in Montana. 

This book focuses more on Ellie figuring out what to do with her life than on romance. I easily related to this character because of the choices she faced out of obligation and expectations. Ellie found herself in some romantic situations, but that didn't overshadow her finding a new route in her life, which I both loved and appreciated. 

I loved the spunky, scheming Marilyn and her partner in crime, Belle, who together almost get kicked out of a nursing home. They helped distract Ellie from her worries and problems while lightening the story.

Thank you, Stephanie Eding, Sourcebooks Casablanca, and NetGalley, for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I didn’t know what to expect with this one. I knew it would be good, but I never could’ve imagined how much I identified with the main character, Ellie. She takes a spur of the moment trip to a B n B, saves the owner, and begins a whirlwind of an adventure that is so fresh. 

If I were in her spot, I don’t think I could remain as real and open as she is. The friendships and relationships she creates that are unlike anything she’s had before is so inspiring. And the budding romance between her and Warren was so scrumptious because they just completed each other. 

I absolutely can’t wait to read another Stephanie Eding book!
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This book has it all!  Fresh starts, tiny house Air BNB, elderly pranksters, cheeky farm animals, and so much more!

I was sold the moment the Old English Bulldog named Hilda was introduced in the very beginning!!  Eding describes the bulldogs antics to a tee, and it was such a comical relief right out the gate.  

This book has all of my favorite tropes: grumpy sunshine, enemies to friends to lovers, and fake dating!  The characters are so lovable (aside from both main characters overbearing mothers - ugh!).  There's a spicy old lady and her grumpy grandson.  There's a strong woman trying to find her way through recent life changes and navigate setting boundaries with her family.  In addition to the rambunctious bulldog, there's a couple of "not-so-smart" sheep and a single "way-too-smart-for-his-own-good" donkey!  

While one of the overbearing mothers did redeem herself in the end, the reader doesn't see much of what happens with the other one.  I think that is one thing missing from this narrative.  The only other thing I would have liked more of is the romance between the two main characters.  This was a closed door romance (which is more than fine), but I didn't really feel their chemistry either.

Overall, I loved this book.  I want to frame the cover and put it on my bookshelf!  I would recommend this one to many of my fellow readers.  Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Our leading lady, Ellie, had to run away from home and take a forced vacation. Her mother and her sister were weighing on her in an extraordinary fashion. She sees a remote Airbnb that she pays for upfront before deciding to work her job from there. She knows she is up for being let go and hopes to use the peace and quiet to find another job. 
The only problem is that the minute she gets to the location, she finds out that the lady who is to be her host has hurt herself and been rushed to the hospital. Now, Ellie is left with animals to care for, as well as herself. She has neither the funds to cover extra travel nor the understanding of animal husbandry to keep things going.
She has a good heart, however, and things start to spiral as she starts to make promises that she has to work hard at keeping.
There are men thrown into the mix to confuse her further, not to count the old women who want to make her their accomplice. 
It was a fun light read that I finished in about a couple of sittings. I would recommend it to people who want a straightforward light narrative.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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Ellie rents an Airbnb on a Montana farm expecting a relaxing escape from her life. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of family drama (a family that is not hers) and the caretaker of a barn full of animals. 

Marilyn, the feisty 80 year old Airbnb host was the highlight of this story for me. I loved her feisty energy and her wild ideas and the friendship she and Ellie forged.. However, I really did not connect with the other characters and often found my mind wandering while reading this story. This had a lot of potential to be a great story about personal growth and finding yourself, but unfortunately it missed the mark for me.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca, Dreamscape Media, and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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In need of an escape to figure out what her future holds, Ellie rents an Airbnb in Montana on a farm property for a month. Unfortunately as soon as she arrives she sees the owner leaving in an ambulance and lands herself in the middle of farm life.  

This was a fun, light and cute book.  If you are looking for a laugh out loud, small town, silly antics and a sweet (but slow) romance look no further!  This book has the makings of a perfect Hallmark movie.

I want to thank NetGalley, Stephanie Eding and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca, Sourcebooks Casablanca for the e-ARC of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are honest, my own and left voluntarily.
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Said No One Ever by Stephanie Eding was such a fun read! Ellie is on vacation and runs into Marilyn and Belle, two feisty older women. I loved them so much!  They made this book in my opinion. I also loved the small town setting. If you want to get lost in a funny book with great characters in a quirky setting, give this one a try! It would be a good Hallmark movie!
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Ellie decided to have a spontaneous vacation but when she arrives her Airbnb host is in the ambulance?! Ellie is left to take care of many different farm animals, a home and farm that while Marilyn is in a nursing home. Ellie is then tasked to help Marilyn hide things from her family and keep her youth going. Will Ellie go back home to take care of her sisters children while she looks for a job or will she fall in love and turn her life around for good? Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for my honest feedback!
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Shelby – ☆☆☆☆☆
SAID NO ONE EVER was an absolute joy to read! This story has everything – comedy, drama, a touch of romance, and a donkey! The cast contains a hilarious, feisty grandma (or two), a cantankerous, skeptical grandson, and a city girl who just needs to take a moment and reexamine her life.

Ellie needs to relax and rewind, she needs to get out of Columbus, Ohio. She's in the middle of some life-altering situations – one of her own doing, but the others not so much. Where better to forget everything than a middle-of-nowhere farm in central Montana? Marilyn Perry is a spicy, elderly farmer who just so happens to be excited to rent out her tiny house to interested travelers.

I don't know what to say, this was a sweet, funny story about different women finding what they want or need. It's a story about life and the different stages and ages. This was a story of friendships formed in unlikely places. It was also about finding one's voice and the confidence to wield it. It's a story about different family dynamics and the effect they have on those they're trying so desperately to help.

I honestly loved this book and will be adding it to my re-read shelf.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
I really enjoyed this book – it leads the reader down a variety of garden paths and they are all great fun. Ellie has left a boring relationship and is reassessing her future – as far away from her hometown that she can be, in a guest house at a farm. She ends up doing far more animal care than she could imagine.

Marilyn, the elderly, injured owner of the farmhouse is highly entertaining, but also pretty insightful. Her desire to retain her freedom even as she gets older and less able is admirable, and when we also understand her desire to give her grandson, Warren, a different future, she is even more of a hero.

Eding uses our natural desire to give Ellie a romantic interest to make us think about how perception affects our judgment! It gives Ellie a chance to work out what is important and just how much she needs to value what she wants above family and expectation.

Fun read!
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Ellie needs a break with from her everyday life: her job is on the line, she broke up with her longtime boyfriend, and her parents and sister think she’s a screw up and won’t stop meddling. So she books an AirBnB on a farm in Montana to get away and get her life in order. 
But the farm’s elderly and spunky owner, Marilyn, falls and goes to the hospital leaving Ellie in charge of feeding and caring for the farm animals. Ellie has to battle Marilyn’s cranky grandson who thinks she’s a con artist, an aggressive rooster, and an ornery Bulldog named Hilda. Add in a cute neighbor and antics from her family back home, Ellie’s vacation brings unexpected adventure and romance. 

This was  a fun escape! I loved reading about the animals and watching Ellie grow in confidence. I would have liked to have seen her stand up to her family sooner and would loved to have seen a few more swoony moments with Ellie and her love interest. 

Thank you to the publisher for my eARC.
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This is not the type of book that I usually go for, but I'm glad that I picked it up! I thought that the main character, Ellie, was very real and refreshing, and I absolutely LOVED Marilyn and Belle!! The small-town vibe was absolutely amazing and done so well, and I flew through this book! This was honestly a really novel idea; having the protagonist have to essentially take over the farm of the Airbnb she's rented isn't something that I've read of too often. 

Ellie's family dynamics and family issues were also done well, and I thought that the author did a good job of describing how it feels to be the 'left-behind' or 'lesser successful' sibling, as well as the struggles surrounding Ellie's romantic relationship with Sean (like versus love). 

Overall, I enjoyed this book!
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Said No One Ever is the second novel in the adult realm written by Stephanie Eding. She has also written in the many books in the young adult genre.

Ohio born Ellie (Eleanor) Reed needs a break! She has just broken up with her boyfriend of six years when she realizes he wants forever and she sees zero sparks.  Her medical transcription job is disappearing in a company buy out. And the big plan her family has come up with for her is to nanny her sister’s three young children and help restore her late grandmother’s home to be sold. This sounds like purgatory! 

Having already booked a vacation to a little house Airbnb in Choteau, Montana, Ellie leaves Ohio behind and ventures off in a story that will both tickle and bring on deep thought. Upon Ellie’s arrival, she is met with an ambulance taking her elderly landlord to the local hospital after a fall caused by her little bulldog Hilda. Ellie is now the only one on the ranch along with a flock of hens, a few sheep and goats, and a silly donkey named Sheriff. 

Upon visiting her landlord, Marilyn Perry, in the hospital, Ellie learns how to care for the animals, who to call for help if needed, and what family members to be wary of or avoid. When Marilyn’s grandson, Warren Oliver, shows up to accuse her of scamming his grandmother, it takes a minute for Marilyn to set him straight when they visit her in rehab. 

This story is funny, poignant, and has so many intertwined undercurrents, including ageism, family intervention, and fighting back for one’s own life! Such a good story, I do certainly recommend this smart and witty tale!
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Such a great story! I loved this fish-out-of-water tale about a city girl who ends up on a farm in Montana, expecting a peaceful vacation and instead getting caught up in an elderly woman's shenanigans, family drama, potential romance with a grumpy hot guy, and lots and lots of feeding farm animals. The characters are engaging, the tone is upbeat, and there are more serious underlying themes that make the story heartwarming and affecting, not just light and fluffy. Highly recommended.
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This was such a fun read! The characters jump off the page and you just can't help but love them (or hate them as the case may be). However even most of the villains are given a chance to grow. Funny and fun this book is a do not miss for anyone who loves a good clean rom-com.
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Oh my gosh!! This book was the absolute most adorable read! I LOVED all of the characters, okay, the main ones here - Marilyn, Belle, Warren, and Ellie. I found myself wanting to continue to read this and staying up late to read. 

Ellie's growth to find what she wanted was great. Warren and his outer shell... you will see. And Marilyn and Belle? absolutely the best part of the book, lol! They were hilarious and I wish I had a team of grandma's like them to visit.

If you want a feel good book to read, pick this up! You will NOT be disappointed!!!
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What’s a girl to do when she undergoes a breakup and loses her job in the same week? For Eleanore (Ellie) Reed, the answers is simple. She books a trip to a small town in Montana, rents a small house, and plans to spend the next three weeks coming up with a new game plane. 

Or so she thought. 

Upon arriving at her Air B&B Ellie discovers that the elderly owner she is renting from, has taken a nasty fall. With no family around, Ellie drops her plans and helps nurse her new friend back to health. What started out as a relaxing vacation soon turns into lots of hard work. 

This is a solid 3 star book. I had the pleasure of both listening and reading it. Both formats were enjoyable, but if I had to pick one, I would say I preferred the audiobook. 

This is perfect for fans of cute, clean romances. As a result, it is appropriate for audiences of all ages. 

Special thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca, Dreamscape Media, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and listen to this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Said No One Ever promised a lot of laughs, and IT DELIVERED. 4.75/5 stars for this gem! If you're looking for a fun, escapist read, definitely pick this one up in the near future. I promise you won't be disappointed. :')

It has been a while since I last read a book featuring farm life, so I was really excited to read SNOE! The plot was chaotic and hilarious - and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to experience the charm of it all. Ellie was a truly remarkable character. Her growth throughout the story warmed my heart. I loved seeing her find the best version of herself in the midst of many personal struggles. 

The friendship between Ellie and Marilyn MY GOSH. I loved their conversations together. Their friendship was definitely the highlight of Said No One Ever for me. I lost count of the no. of times Marilyn made me laugh my heart out. She was such a great character. I MISS HER SO MUCH ALREADY.  I adored the romance and banter between Warren (Marilyn's grandson) and Ellie too. The book focused on Ellie's growth, so I appreciated  how the romance part of the story didn't overpower Ellie's journey.

Many thanks to the publisher for the ARC. I cannot wait to read more from the author!!
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Ellie Reed is having a bit of a rough patch in life. She decides to take a vacation to Montana and stay at an Airbnb for 3 weeks. On her first day there the owner of the Airbnb is hurt and taken away in an ambulance. Ellie decides to visit her in the rehab facility and meets a spunky 82 year old named Marilyn. Marilyn asks Ellie to help out on the farm and gives her a list of things to grab at the house. She meets the neighbor Blake and has a run-in with the grandson Warren. Warren thinks Ellie is trying to scam his grandma. Marilyn is trying to find her first love. 

This was such a fun adventure with Ellie and her controlling family and Marilyn's controlling daughters. The friendships made. I laughed and cried equals a fantastic book.
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