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To Tempt a Sorcerer

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I found this book read like a ya, I didn’t mind them at too much. It was a pretty standard paranormal romance. Engaging. I read through quite quickly, I would recommend to people who can’t get enough of that genre
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2.75 stars

I've read this twice now. I read it, forgot it, then decided I should re-read it so I could review it, and then I forgot it again. Thank you ADHD. Here I am skimming this shit for the third time to refresh my damn ass memory. 

It's a fairly standard paranormal romance that reads a lot younger than it should with a FMC who is 24? At least 24. Anyways, Tiana is in mage school being bullied by mage Mean Girls and decides to be bad and go where she isn't supposed to and then bumps into the Grouchy Old Mage who she will eventually bang. Yada yada yada, happy ending. Nothing remarkable. Not remarkably good. Not remarkably bad.
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If you haven't read Brides of Prophecy series you might get confused with this one so I definitely suggest that. I really enjoyed reading about Rayven and Tiana. Tiana is strong willed and unafraid of pretty much anything but that's because of what she is. Rayven High Sorcerer has kept to himself for years and that's how he likes it. Until he comes upon a trespasser in his forest. He knows immediately what she is or at least suspects. He's presented with an opportunity to have her as his apprentice. He covets more power so why not? He's abrasive and cranky and Tiana is determined to make him proud. His plan backfires though because one touch and perhaps he's not going to be able to resist her afterall. There's a lot more to the story but you gotta read it for yourself.
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DISCLAIMER: slight spoiler 
      Thank you to NetGalley and Victoria editing co-op for giving me this ARC, and this does not influence my review. My review will be published on Goodreads, Instagram, and Amazon on September 15. 
⭐️⭐️⭐️  🌶 3.5
Dual 1st-person POV 👎🏾
      This book was a paranormal genre set in a mage school, kind of reminding me of hogwarts. As students ascend in their alchemy, they get robes of a higher color (and black is the highest). This author provided great worldbuilding, and I’m glad I got to read a book like this containing magic. The infodump in the begging, however, was slightly overwhelming. 
      The tropes in this book include: apprentice/mentor relationship, slow-burn romance, guy falls first, jealous guy
      Moving on to the romance😏. Rayven was a tall, dark, and handsome mentor who never took an apprentice, and chose Tiana as one (ofc). I loved their sarcasm and witty banter, and how <spoiler> When Rayven took Tiana to a ball to choose her potential suitor, he stayed with her the entire time lmaoooo </spoiler>. Their chemistry was sizzling
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I loved Rayven and Tiana's story. Tiana was fearless and Rayven was a suffering sorcerer. When Tiana becomes his apprentice she opens something in him that he fights a long time. He knows once everyone finds out her origins he will lose her. Their story flows nicely and it is so magical. Their world is magical and there is an evil force trying to take over. Rayven and Tiana's magic is very strong together. I enjoyed this romantic fantasy.
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I did not know what to expect going into this book but Raven and Tiana were amazing! Getting into Raven's head and seeing his perspective on everything definitely gave new insight to the entire series. The author has done an amazing job with the worldbuilding in this series and continues to build on it each time. She also does an amazing job with continuity and building INTO the stories she's already released. I'm so glad I found this series, it has fast become one of my favorite fantasy worlds.
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Every inch of the characters, plot lines, arcs and pitfalls roped you in from the first word. I have fallen in love over and over again with every character in this book. I can't stop reading.
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