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Escape the Meatrix

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This book is very informative and insightful for anyone who is vegetarian or vegan. The author knows his topic and has provided details of his personal journey.
Readers will appreciate the opportunity to make their own decisions on plant-based foods, meat eating, diseases,  the environment and the habits of humans over generations. 
The author gives plenty of detail on topics that are lifestyle habits for most, we all have our own ideas and choices to make, very thought provoking.

Thanks to the publisher, NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read this book,
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The author is very knowledgeable in this area. Would be a great reference book for vegans or vegetarians. 

The book has a lot of statistics & data, including "fascinating facts" in each chapter. 

The author encourages a plant based diet, with references to The Matrix with the "take the red pill".
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This book makes you look at the food we eat, the industries that supply food, and the way we live our lives in a stunning new way. The information is compelling. Well researched and informative. No matter where you stand on meat consumption you will find some useful information in this book. I fee enlightened now and thank the author Stuart Waldner for writing this triumph of a book. I highly recommend buying two copies, one for yourself and one for someone you love.
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This book is exactly what I needed to close the deal and completely change my eating habits. Definitely informative! A must read.
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I really do not need convincing on this topic. I am clear that our treatment of animals is disgraceful, and (hopefully) in the future will be seen to be the evil it is. 

The title of the book derives from the Matrix movie where unsuspecting humans do not realize that they are not in control and are dancing to the tune of others. This book covers the author’s personal journey to plant-based foods and covers the impact of meat farming and eating on – personal health, environment, and treatment of animals. Animal farming and meat eating is a disaster under all the mentioned heads – it predisposes us to a range of serious diseases, severely degrades the environment and delivers a miserable life to farm animals. The meat lobby is powerful and in economic value is several times (120X) that of the plant-based food industry. The combination of clever advertising and general lethargy of humans to break habits followed since generations, ensures that the industry thrives. Phrases like ‘humane treatment’ (consider that we use the phrase for the death penalty for the worst of crimes), ‘only one bad day for farm animals’ is offered when questions crop up, as if the animals happily choose to be treated thus (this is referred to in mindfulness literature as spiritual bypassing – self-delusion with falsehoods). While the proportion of people identifying as vegan is increasing, the consumption of meat is also going up – especially in regions which had low meat consumption. Questioning food habits often leads to retorts such as “Don’t tell me what to eat”. Also, we humans have almost no ability for long-term thinking – poison we will avoid but slow-poison we will tolerate, which is why our action on global warming is so little and so late. 
The author points out that communicating the message for a plant-based diet has been tough – it is taking on a well-funded industry which has deep influence on the government and media, as also challenging habits indoctrinated since birth for most. For instance, in some US states it is prohibited to survey or publish material on conditions in farms, and animal cruelty laws exclude farm animals. The meat industry funds a diverse set of organizations and people, even bloggers  to attack plant-based food companies products and people advocating that (typically portrayed as those outlining extreme views). I found similarities to what sugar industry has been doing (see ‘The Case against Sugar’ by Gary Taubes) since long – trying to portray sugar & sugary foods as safe & delightful, and blaming fat for all ills. The delusion is deeply ingrained and even animal lovers, really only care for ‘some’ animals (such as dogs, cats, tigers etc) and not others. 

There is some good nutrition information in the book, but for more detailed plant-based nutrition information I recommend ‘How Not to Die’ by Michael Greger. Acknowledgement is the first step to overcoming our delusions and habits. As the author says most vegans were not born thus – they made the transition. (I am a vegetarian but realize I have to take some steps with respect to dairy consumption). Most people have strong views one way or the other and do not like to be challenged or questioned, an important topic for our times.
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This was an instering book to read. I was caught by the blurb but man this was instering I never read a book like it before. 5 star book, kept me pulled into it to the point I couldn't put it down. 100% gonna reread this book but unsure when. I do recommend it but unsure what friend of mine actually might like this book.
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This was an excellent book. Do you want to escape the meat doldrums in your life? Read this book and reap.
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As a vegetarian who had just started again on her vegetarian journey, I was looking for a book to inspire me. This book, for the most part, is very encouraging and informative. Waldner first discusses his personal life and how he escaped "The Meatrix." He then tells us how the meat/dairy industry deludes us. Throughout the book, he tries to find solutions one should take( thus taking "the red pill. ") I hope readers learn that you don't need to consume meat to be healthy, and a plant-based diet is also beneficial.
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