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Good for further reading to expand on what to do with your crystal journey. It is a small book in a collection of other magic/spell books. Quick type of book that could be a jump off point for research or working with crystals.
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Beautiful illustrations throughout the book, with interesting crystal facts and information.
Would love a hard copy to gift to friends.
An excellent book for beginners of crystal magic
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Crystal Magic is a nice little introduction into the world of crystals. It includes guides on how o choose and clean your crystal, how to set intentions, crystal grids, colours etc. There is a list of crystals and their intended uses, as well as a correspondence with goddesses, which I haven't seen before. It's not a comprehensive guide, but it's easy to read and gives a good starting point into the subject.
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A plethora of information on correctly using your crystal. I had no idea about the uses of a lot of these crystals. A very pretty book too.
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Great information for the beginner and easy to understand and use in your daily life. The artwork is beautiful as well!
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This is the perfect beginner book for anyone that wants to get into crystals and how they work with different settings. It explains very well how we can match their energy with the body, the moon and nature overall. The crystal selection was also beginner friendly, which is very appreciated. Even I, someone who has worked with crystals for many years now, found some new things to add to my grimmoire. Definitely recommend this one!
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Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for this arc. The book was informative, interesting, and well written.
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This is a great book on crystals, I learned a lot.  The author gives a great, detailed look at the power of crystals, how they can be used, and she includes a list of lots of different crystals with an affirmation for each one that I know I will be using a lot.  It really made me want to add to my crystal collection.  Great book.
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I've really enjoyed reading this book, the illustrations are really pretty and the page colour is nice to read from (often I find people pick jarring colours that can give you a headache to read on but this is a lovely soft purple).
It goes through using crystals from the basics (cleansing and setting intentions), to how to use them in spellwork, scrying, moon magic, and much more. Everything is set out clearly and is easy to follow. Definalty on my recommendations list!
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Crystal Magic is a perfect book for those who have an interest in crystals and how they can benefit your life. I have read a few books now on crystals, reiki and also completed a course in reiki. So my interest in crystals and how they can aid my life and also friends/family has magnified. This book is fairly concise in that it is good for the novice/beginner but also for someone who wants a reference book they can come back to. 

With details on each crystal and their uses, this book will serve many who are interested in the subject. I personally think this would make a nice gift too (With the Christmas season soon upon us) if you bought some crystals to go with it for a friend/loved one. 

I really enjoyed reading this book and adding to my knowledge. Although it covered much that I already knew, it helped refresh my memory on some of the crystal meanings and power grids. A solid 4 stars.

Thank you to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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An overall excellent resource on a wide range of crystals and their uses. I resonated with the wording for a lot of the spells, and the meditations were also very helpful! Definitely worth a read if you are looking for a good primer on how to use crystals in your daily life. Some good tips for the busy, modern witch too with quick 30-second spells.
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So when I found this book I thought it would be useful and I was right. I used this book for research for my witch character and it made sense to me. I found this book helped need out alot had alot of good information inside the book..5 star book.. highly recommend it
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The knowledge the author has was quite informative. I learned much from this book.  And  I must add that this book was most aesthetically pleasing. I give this book my thumbs up. A must-read!
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First of all this book is beautiful. The font and the pictures make this one aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. 

I was gifted some crystals and was told what energies they had, but beyond looking at them and holding them I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. How do I make these energies benefit me? How do I meditate with them? What is cleansing? 

I had a lot of questions and this book clarified everything I was wondering as a novice. I loved the breakdown of what each crystal did and guides to meditating and how to set intentions. There is a section about color and how that also has energy - something I wasn't really aware of but it made so much sense as I was reading and understanding. There is also an index in the back of the book which was a pleasant surprise and very helpful.
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First let me start by saying I love the color scheme of this book. It complements the artwork and the energy of the book well. A simple but clear introduction of crystals and their many many uses. It even goes so far as to different ways you can set up and cleanse your crystals. The information for each crystal is clear and easy to understand. I only wish (although the artwork is beautiful) that there were actual photos of the crystals along with the art to help better identify what the crystals can look like in their varieties. The spells are all fairly simple and uplifting, focusing predominantly on self love and self care which everyone always needs more of. This book also covers different uses of crystals other then spell work, even by simply by raising the vibrations of the house. I thoroughly enjoyed this book  and will be using it for future references again!
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Another beautiful title by Aurora Kane and by this point I think I'll need to buy shares in their work because it's all been fabulous.
This title is your perfect little novice guide to crystals and how to work with them in your craft or take references from this book for simple rituals, rites, potions, meditations, spells etc

A great guide with a beautiful simple layout like of of the works from this author that follow a beautiful theming making it a book you will not only pick up constantly but have displayed on your altar.
With a great beginner information layout easy to follow and very user friendly you cannot go wrong with this one.
You have great information on tuning into crystals with spellwork, crystal grids and how to utilise them, you have manifestation framework, chakras and sacred geometry , learning colour energy and crystal energies how to cleanse and with what element and how. 
A great little resource for anyone new to working with crystals or to expand upon them in your current craft.
Thanks again to the publishing house for review.
(All opinions expressed are my own)
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Love love love! very easy to read and follow. 
Again the illustration on the cover are beautifully done, giving that soothing warm vibe. 
Shout out to NetGalley and Aurora Kane for my ARC!
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Thank you Netgalley and the Quarto Group for the eARC! 

This is going to be a GORGEOUS book. It is very informative without being overwhelming. It’s great for beginners to learn how to work with crystals and gives information on specific crystals!
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Manifesting with Crystals

I love the eye-catching purple color and gold cover. Very nice. 

Aurora Kane provides background information on crystals by stating that they are used for many things, such as ancient 
symbols, amulets, talismans, adornments, and for building wealth. Additionally, they are used in alternative healing practices, international industry, beautiful jewelry, and, of course, magical practices.

Aurora states that we must align color energy with crystal energy because colors are frequently assigned different or multiple meanings, and we all have our own memories and associations with color throughout life. She states that we must use the colors and crystals that feel right or speak to us. 

She lists many colors and their corresponding benefits. She provides crystal cleansing methods, to include moonlight cleansing, water cleansing, salt cleansing, and other methods. 

The author provides a great deal of information on crystals from their orgin to working with their energy to using the in manifesting our dreams. Recommend for all crystal lovers.
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Such a great book for beginners, or anyone who would like a good reference book for their students (Crystal healers) I would recommend this to my clients when the first come to me to start the healing journey. 
The layout, was well thought out, and beautifully orchestrated. The author touched on so many aspects, giving a small well rounded foundation to said accepts of crystals.
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