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This was already the fourth installment of the Dragon Lords series. The overlap of characters in this series is not very big, so you don’t need to read all the books or in the right order. Which is a good thing, since I read stealing the Dragon’s Heart over a year ago. Celeste and Khal are previous lovers. But Khal was betrayed by Celeste, which resulted in his imprisonment. And now he has a change to avenge her. But when he kidnaps her, his feelings for her are still there. Torn between his feelings and his need for revenge, he is not sure how to proceed. Celeste doesn’t know what is worse: being kept in prison by her own family or being kidnapped by a furious ex-lover. But when there is danger looming, can she trust him? Her body certain­ly seems to think so, but her mind is not convinced. Another intriguing story from Kiersten. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Firstly, thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and Kiersten Fay for an eArc of Taken by the Dragon Prince in exchange for an honest review! :)

When reading the first page, we see Khalstorm imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit. I was intrigued in the first chapter, wanting to know the details as to why he was framed and to learn more about the world. I really enjoyed the fantasy aspects of this story. The battle scenes were fast paced, well written and also really exciting to read. I enjoyed the romance, however, was also confused by it most times. It all seemed very rushed. I would have liked to see more backstory for both characters as well as build up and chemistry. The murder committed was on Khalstorm's Fiancée - we don't learn much about her and their backstory. He was supposedly infatuated with Celeste while also being engaged. I wanted to know more about that engagement and why it was happening. But it could just be my fault for not reading the first three books! The dialogue, including internal, also left me slightly confused at times. It seemed Khalstorm had an accent sometimes and other times not.

Overall, it was an easy and quick read which I enjoyed. Gave me the fantasy and romance aspects I was expecting after reading the description before going into this. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3! After reading Taken by the Dragon Prince, it's made me want to read the first three to find out more about this world and its characters. This was my first read written by Kiersten Fay but it won't be my last. 

Thanks again to the author, the publisher and to NetGalley!
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Really enjoyed this action-packed journey that is filled with dangerous and exciting charters, heart racing twists and emotionally thrilling turns. An edge of your seat and so hard to put down adventure from beginning to end.
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Big thanks to Netgalley and kiersten fay for the eARC in exchange for a review.  

I didn't read the first 3 in the series, which may be the reason some of the characters felt lacking in definition.  Their relationships seemed to have a past that wasn't explained at all in this book which, again, is a 'me' problem, not  necessarily a book problem.  I'd recommend not reading this as a standalone, read the others first. 

3 stars.  Probably would be 4 if I had thy context of previous books in the series.
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This was just awesome, I loved the story and development. Characters were well written and just kept reading at a great speed. There are meant detailed reviews and I agree with most of them, all in all a great book in a great series. Can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend the series.
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I'm not really sure if these books count as paranormal romance or sci-fi. While their characters are made up of witches and dragon shifters, the action takes place on another planet. In previous books that I've read, that has been a little more evident, although this one has little of that.
Khalstorm has lost everything and now finds himself locked in prison. He one-time lover, Celeste, has also lost everything, including the love of Khalstorm. When they meet again, it's clear that Celeste must try and convince him of the truth, or he will kill her.
This is a second-chance romance with an enemies-to-lovers element. Khalstorm and Celeste make a great couple and they work really well because they are both incredibly strong in their own way, but also have weaknesses. I enjoyed watching Khalstorm learn the truth about Celeste and be able to accept his feelings for her.
I did feel that the end was a little rushed, almost as though the author had run out of steam in that last little section. A bit of a shame, but not one that reduced my enjoyment too much.
This was a fast-paced romance and one that kept me turning the pages as I tried to discover what would happen with this interesting couple. I'd love to return to this world again soon and read more of some of the other characters.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and given voluntarily
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This was a short read about a witch and a dragon prince. The author shows us glimpses of their past, before the infamous murders resulted in them being imprisoned, by giving the readers flashbacks. Which shows us the relationship the two had prior to everything.
I liked the world the author created with dragons and witches. The fact that they not only had their own turmoil within their ranks, but a prejudice against each other. Which of course leads to some not so great situations.

If you’re looking for a short, quick supernatural romance, then this will check that box. I do wish that the author took a bit longer to build on characters, and their world. When the climax finally takes place, I was left wanting. Things just felt to short, as if the airport was trying to cut to the chase.
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I’ve enjoyed all of the books in the Dragon Lords series, but Taken by the Dragon Prince wasn’t my favorite. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it, because I did. It just seemed to be a little disconnected from the rest of the series. Although I suppose that’s a good thing if this is the first book you picked up in the series or if it’s been a while since you read the rest.

Tempting the Dragon King, Seduced by the Dragon Lord and Stealing the Dragon’s Heart all had not only a connection between the “dragons” but there was almost a recurring theme. This is the first time that the dragon and his witch had a history and in this case it was a sordid one. I think that my main issue with Taken by the Dragon Prince was that I wanted more of that history and some of the aspects of it to be flushed out a little more. There was a lot of deceit and betrayal in this one, but what Khal didn’t understand was that he wasn’t the only victim in their past as well as their present.

It’s obvious at the end of Taken by the Dragon Prince that there’s more to come. I’m looking forward for the continuation of the series and hopefully to see more of past characters and tying up some loose ends.
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once again a wonderful read, this author keeps you on your toes from page to page. Highly recommended.
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Another excellent Dragon Lords Novel from Kiersten Fay, I say it every time, I'm not a huge fantasy reader but Fay makes a liar out of me with every single book!  The imagery and the character development that she writes into each novel is well thought out and such a joy to read.

Khalstrom has had a hard life, the loss of his parents, fiancé and Kingdom were things he grieved from a prison cell.  His life revolves around revenge, so simple a word but filled with an emotion that permeates his very being.

Celeste was young and naive, following the plans of a mother that had anything but her best interests in mind.  So, when Khalstrom introduced her to love only to have it ripped away, she learns to forget about love, too focused on the torture that now consumes her.

It was extremely gratifying to move through this book, watching as the connection they once had grew and blossomed even brighter than before with a little more understanding.  The struggles and strife along the way only made their love that much sweeter.  

I think this is my new favorite of Kiersten Fay's Dragon Lords series.  Such a wonderful experience filled with highs and lows that fit perfectly within the story as these two characters find a pathway to love for themselves against all odds.

My opinion is my own and freely given.
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Taken by the Dragon Prince
Dragon Lords Book 4
by Kiersten Fay
This is my first book by Kiersten Fay and I must say I loved it. I coukd not put down took a couple days to finish due to life's chorse. I will be reading the other books in this series, this is book 4.. This is Khalstorm and Celeste's story.
Prince Khalstorm Belmont has lost everything. After long years he's free again, and he's an angry man. Angry at the world, at karma, at his fate and not last at Celeste. Can he love and trust?
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Lovers wronged and misled, Taken by the Dragon Prince is a story of betrayal, greed, and redemption. I must say that I went into this book cold.  If Ms. Fay writes it, I read it. Since this is the 4th book in the series, I thought it would be something similar in vein to the last book.  This story is not and I was really confused during the first few chapters of the story.  I did have to go read the blurb, then check the previous books to make sure I was reading the right series.  What I have concluded is that you can read this book as a standalone and be perfectly fine.

Khalstorm is a dragon shifter who lost his family and his kingdom all in one night.  His wrongful imprisonment only helps his anger and vengeance grow.  He knows who needs to pay.  Celeste is the witch who took everything from him.  So when her sister appeals to him to save her... this is what he least expects.

This story is pretty straightforward.  There are no surprises for me.  It is clear from the beginning what happened and who is responsible.  The whys of it are also set up from the start.  Usually, a predictable storyline does not do well for me. What did work for me is the journey of reacquaintance between Khal and Celeste.  The flashbacks to the past and how their memories of each other are similar yet different brings a level of intimacy I enjoy.  Their innocent sexy times grew as they become lovers who are not meant to be.  Overcoming their prejudices the first time seemed easy in comparison to after the big betrayal.  

This story builds quickly and brings the reader to the expected showdown.  The fight against the real villain is satisfying and resolves all too soon.  This happily ever after is sweet and just for the much-beleaguered lovers.  This erotic paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy second-chance romances.
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Thank you to author for providing this book to me in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I love the Dragon Lords series by Kiersten Fay. It is a series that introduced me to the more spicy books and I will forever love the world this series is taking place. 

But despite all that this book felt weak. The characters were flat with very little background, I am used to Kiersten having much more in store for us. The chemistry between the main couple was also somehow weak. This whole book felt like the author was not really into it herself. The plot line is never very complex in this series, which is perfectly fine with me, however the book 4 was even weaker in this regard. 

I love that there is a draft of a much bigger plot line (fight between evil and good) that I hope we will see more of in the next books. I do want to get the closure between the dragon and witch war. 

I am so sorry that this book was little bit of a disappointment. But I will definitely read the next one too I am now too invested in this world.
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While the Prince was an arrogant little turd (but what royal in books isn’t) I thoroughly enjoyed this story. And I find I must read the other books in this series and then read this one again.
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This is part of a series but I read it as a standalone and it was really successful. The characters and storyline was really easy to pick up, the fantasy world was quickly brought to life and the heat between dragons and witches was great. My only criticism is that it seemed to wrap up a bit quickly!
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I have really enjoyed books in this series but this one did not fall into the ones that I've enjoyed.  

Khal is imprisoned for by another dynasty of Dragon Lords for a murder he did not commit. While his family had hosted two witches no one in his father's court could recall that they had ever had any visitors, also given that his father seemed to have descended into madness by killing his wife and queen, the evidence was solidly against Khal and hence his imprisonment though I thought that if the two families had been such great friends wouldn't Khal's friends try to prove him innocent rather than throwing him in their dungeon and losing the key? 
When given the chance to return to his kingdom and find his way to his family dungeon, Khal seizes the opportunity and forthwith escapes from his captors to get his revenge.  Of course truth is stranger than fiction and he finds and extracts the witch Celeste whom he blames for every thing but the young prince has a few things to relearn. 
I found the story very implausible and just could not get into it.
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This is the story of Khalstorm and Celeste. Everything has gone wrong for Prince Khalstorm Belmont. He is finally free after many years. But he's a bitter man. At the world, karma, his fate, and last, but not least Celeste.
When he gets his hands on Celeste Songbird, he has no idea what to do.He is conflicted  between love and Vengeance. Tbpd is an emotionally charged read. This book keep me guessing from the first to last page because it was complex, fastpaced, drama-filled and action-packed.
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This has interesting characters but the plot can be a bit repetitive with each action sequence.  Still, as long as you don't mind some similar scenes, the plot moves along nicely and is a great fantasty read!
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Prince Khalstorm Belmont has been locked up for almost a decade for the murder of his betrothed, right after his father had killed his mother whilst under the influence of magic. He had found Celeste, one of the witches in a deputation visiting his home, over the victim's body before she vanished and he was left holding the bag (well, knife).

Now that very same witch has turned up in the dungeon and is vowing to free him.   A ghostly apparition claims to be the sister of Celeste Khalstrom and offers to help Celeste in return for his freedom. The true perpetrator and the method of the murder are revealed throughout the book and I can say, without a doubt, that she definitely deserved a sticky end!

Khalstorm and Celeste's story is 3rd person, Dual POV, 2nd Chance romance,interspecies, lovers to enemies. forced proximity.  Misplaced blame, black magic fuelled distrust, hot clinches without being OTT.
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I enjoyed the overall story and really was fond of Celeste, but for the most of the book I wasn’t very fond of Prince Khalstrom. I understand he has a multitude of traumatic experiences but he was an outright jerk throughout a lot of the story. It was a nice break from what I usually read, just not my favorite if only for the MMC not being a character I could tolerate.
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