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An amazing conclusion to the story that begun in Anatomy! Loved Hazel and Jack together in this one!
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Absolutely loved Immortality and it’s predecessor, Anatomy. I hope Schwartz continues writing gothic novels in the future, because I will absolutely keep reading
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After thoroughly enjoying last year’s release of Anatomy: A Love Story, I was anxious to pick up this sequel once I learned that book one’s ending was, in fact, not the ending at all. While this installment takes a somewhat different route plot wise, I still enjoyed reading it and being immersed in this familiar world once again. This book isn’t as gory as book one, which was a real shame, but I understand why the author chose to go the route that she did. There is a love triangle introduced here, and that made my heart anxious because of my love of Jack in the first book, but I think it was well done and felt content with how things wrapped up in the end. If you enjoyed part one of the Anatomy duology, I think it’s worth the read to continue on with book 2.
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While I thought the beginning of this book took a little getting into, once I was immersed in the story I didn’t want to put it down and I loved it as much, if not more than Anatomy. Hazel is such a strong female lead and reminds me of Audrey Rose from the Stalking Jack the Ripper books, a girl with ambitions ahead of her time. I really enjoyed how the duology was wrapped up.
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I loved Anatomy when I read it last year, and couldn't wait to dive into Immortality! In this adventure with Hazel, we leave Edinburgh for London. I was sad to leave our cast of characters from the previous book, but there were some great additions here. I especially liked the sapphic romance sub-plot. Despite my overall enjoyment, I was kinda confused by Jack's actions for a chunk of the book. I felt like he flip-flopped around about some things and I'm not sure why. Once Hazel and Jack got on the same page though, we were all systems go!
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*5 stars*  Thank you Netgalley for the audio arc and arc.  I absolutely adored this duology and wish there was more.  I loved these characters and the historical context.  Highly recommend.
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Thank you for the advanced copy of this book! This series was not it for me unfortunately, so I ended up not finishing this book.
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Thank you to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This was a highly anticipated sequel both amongst the reading community and for me personally. Hazel is a great character and I loved reading about her journey in the first book. In the sequel, following her as she navigates through grief and loss while maintaining her steadfast commitment to helping others and upholding what is right was wonderful. However, the journey at times seemed meandering; it took quite awhile to reach the crux of where the plot was even heading or what the book was about. Additionally, the love triange felt like unnecessary, though I know YA books tend to overuse the trope in general. 

And of course, the cover, as with its predecessor, is to die for.
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I really enjoyed this duology! I thought me heart was going to break at the end of book one and am so glad I had the opportunity to read this beauty early. 

Immortality might be even better than the first book. The characters are so engaging and the pacing kept me wanting to read late into the night. I love Hazel's approach to her world and cannot wait to read what the author writes next!
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I really enjoyed this title. At times I did feel that it would have been best as a novella and not a full sequel, but overall this was enjoyable. Schwartz's writing is just as enjoyable as the first novel and it is clear that readers will continue to be fans. 

This is for sure a popular check-out item.
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Huge thanks to Wednesday Books and Netgalley for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.  I really loved the first book to this duology so I was excited to get my hands on the second one. Here we continue to follow Hazel Sinnett as she grapples with being a disrespected female doctor and surgeon while trying to deal with the loss of someone close to heart. This book explores the topics of feminism in a time when it didn’t exist, female rage and what the principles of immorality may look like. I loved everything about this; the plot, storyline, the characters (new and old) and the underground setting of London. This is just a dang good duology. Please read this. Easily a five star read. I’ve already ordered special editions of both these books and I can’t wait to get them.
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Last year I read Anatomy: A Lover Story by Dana Schwartz and was utterly smitten. Immortality is a well done sequel to the first book with a wonderfully done conclusion to the duology. I listened to the audio and would recommend it to everyone!

The novel is read by Mhairi Morrison and Tim Campbell. I had a personal love for Morrison's voice as I was swept up into the narrative. The tones and emotions fit the scenes well and the accent is perfection.

In Immortality, Hazel has become more known for her growing skills as a female doctor. It's still a time when women are looked down on for not marrying and having goals and dreams that are seen as befitting a man. Schwartz adds a few standout touches to this novel that I liked. The inclusion of sapphic romance, the weight of the crown and a secret society with fingers in the political pot. There is also a character well beyond his era that notices Hazel's talent and struggle as a women in the field and supports her wholly, even as things get a little dicey. Let's not forget the well researched laws and diseases during that era. Schwartz seriously did a great job with the world building in both novels.

I'm keeping this one short in case others haven't read the first book. There's a loose thread in book one that is tied off in this one and readers should get the "going in blind" excitement that I got to experience when I finished the audiobook. It's well worth it!

Thank you Macmillan Audio for the gifted audio copy! All thoughts are my own.
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• more gothic mystery and romance
• great new characters
• the epilogue 🤗

Stepping back into this world made me so happy. And this cover! 😍 I enjoyed the aspect of the secret society and the love triangle. I thought this was a good sequel to Anatomy -- which I really loved!

🗣️ Thank you to @netgalley and @stmartinspress / @wednesdaybooks for the opportunity to read and review this book via gifted eARC! All opinions are honest and my own.
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A well executed (hehe) conclusion to this duology. We meet back up with Hazel after the death of Jack as she tries to move one with her life after the events of book 1. She is keeping her head up and her mind on her goals. But when she helps the wrong person she is thrown into a new town and a new mysterious group of people who know more about immortality than her. Can she save a princess, a king, the one she loves and herself?

I think this book did a better job at telling the story than book one. Book one felt like it was trying to do too much where this one felt complex without losing the core of the story. Hazel is a face acting character and I found that I enjoyed the ways she handled her situation throughout the book. I also appreciated the ending, It left enough to the imagination without feeling like we didn’t get closure. 

Overall I think you will lose your head (Okay I’ll stop) over the conclusion to Hazel’s tale.
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Hazel Sinnet returns in the second book of the Anatomy Duology. She has continued to practice medicine amongst the poor of Edinburgh, worries about the health of her pregnant ladies' maid, works on her book of anatomy aimed at the layperson, and deeply grieves Jack (her love from book one).

When Hazel is wrongly accused of murder and thrown in prison, and is expecting to be hanged, she's utterly surprised to find herself put into a carriage heading to England. And the even bigger shock is that she is ordered to heal the ailing Princess Charlotte, who had suffered from the Roman fever but now has some unknown ailment. It's believed that a female physician might be able to gain Charlotte's trust and provide a diagnosis and suggest a treatment.

Once in London, she encounters much resistance from Charlotte, who wants no one near her after the bumbling and bigotry of her previous male physicians. Hazel also meets a kind and respectful Swedish doctor who is attempting to treat the "mad" King George and begins developing feelings for him. Most intriguingly, Hazel is drawn into a small and extremely unusual group, who call themselves the Companions of Death, whose members include Byron and Voltaire, with Marie-Anne Lavoisier and her husband, both chemists, as leaders of the group. Hazel quickly deduces that all the members are immortal, like Doctor Beecham (from book one) was, and all suffer from the same problem of limbs falling off unexpectedly. Hazel's skill at surgery earns their trust, and she ends up spending more of her time with them, when she isn't trying to earn Charlotte's trust. Things end up resolving, for both Charlotte, and for Hazel eventually, with Hazel having to make some big decisions about her future.

Dana Schwartz's Hazel is a terrific creation; she's dedicated, intelligent, sympathetic to others, kind, open-minded and willing to buck tradition, unlike most gentry she knows. She's also discovering that even though she still grieves Jack keenly, she is capable of having romantic feelings for the Swedish doctor and even considers him seriously, until things start blowing up, in a manner of speaking, with the return of someone from her past, and the unscrupulous Companions of Death.

I ended up enjoying this book even more than book one (and that was a good book!) I think Hazel is more confident here, and is more aware of who she is as a person, thanks to her days spent contemplating her life whilst in jail. The pacing worked better, too, in this book, and though I did think Hazel was a little naïve in her assessment of the members of the Companions of Death, she did re-evaluate them and their motives once she learned more about them. I also appreciated how Schwartz wove early medical practices, grave robbery, Court politics, romance and feminism all together into an satisfying story.

Thank you to Netgalley and to St. Martin's Press for this ARC in exchange for my review.
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happy to report that immortality is a great follow up to anatomy. i think I'm just eternally endeared to schwarz's writing style, i hope she continues.
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I absolutely fell in love with Hazel and Jack's story when I first read their chemistry together in Anatomy: A Love Story. I was gutted when I started reading Immortality: A Love Story only to see no Jack anywhere to be found! But, to be fair this is Hazel's story. So it does track that it should follow her journey through her new set of challenges. And boy does she have challenges! With twists and turns along the way, Immortality: A Love Story will keep your attention till the very end!
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I really enjoyed following the main character in the first book. I liked how she took control of her own destiny. This second book is quite different from the first book, in that the tension is more of an slight undercurrent. Not as overt as the first book. Overall, I enjoyed meeting the new characters as well. And similar to the first book, I would recommend this book if you're looking for a story with a strong, proactive main character who learns and grows throughout the story, but the romance still felt underdeveloped and a bit insta lovey.
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This is a story about love after death.

If you enjoyed book 1, but felt very anxious about that ending- definitely pick this one up.  It carries on the gothic atmosphere & spins an unsettling, but lovely narrative that explores both disenfranchisement & brilliance.

 Thank you so much Macmillan Young Listeners & Wednesday books for the eArc & Alc!
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Thank you to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

As the sequel to Anatomy: A Love Story, this continuation picks up after the previous novel's events where Hazel is still pursuing a life as a female surgeon. This sequel sets up a new storyline including a new setting, London, as Hazel is moved there to work as the physician to the princess. The first book leaves off on a half-cliffhanger in my opinion. The book could have easily been left as is and worked well. This is why I was a bit nervous about hopping into a second book and seeing where the author would take Hazel. 

Hindsight being 20/20, the story's plot is really well done, I just wasn't expecting as much to be uncovered and was not waiting for things to all connect as they did. Though, this did make the very VERY end of the book exciting as things picked up quickly and there was a lot of face-paced action. 

There is a love triangle introduced in this second book, but I feel like personally, it was clear from the beginning who had a fighting chance. There was also a large number of new characters, too many for me to dive into fully. I really enjoyed the epilogue part, which I think tied together all of the storylines well. All in all, I think this book either needed to be a 2nd book in a series or the first one left as a standalone.
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