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jumped on this one purely because of the author and it did not disappoint. I adored Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner's "A Midnight Feast," which is one of the best "marriage in trouble" books I've read. "Chick Magnet" is completely different, of course, but the character work is equally strong and I just fell in love with Will and Nic. Especially Will and his "aggrieved scowling" and how "feelings clogged him." (This reminded me of Lisa Kleypas legend Tom Severin and his five feelings).

"Um, hey. What can I do for you?" Nic asked after an almost inappropriately long pause. He was just so good looking, and he appeared to be so annoyed, and she was so tired."

There's a scene where Nic brings him eggs from her chickens and he gently tells her that she doesn't have to, that she can just come over. "You're enough by yourself." I mean, my heart melted.

The chemistry between these two is on fire (Nic describes a kiss as akin to "flicking on a lighter but getting a blowtorch." And I can't even explain how wonderful and refreshing it was to see the topic of Nic's cycle and breast tenderness addressed with such, um, tenderness. It was a real and revealing way to show how much she trusts Will and how he is worthy of that trust.

I also kind of fell in love with the chickens? I've never once in my entire life been interested in the secret lives of chickens, but it was just all so charming and sweet and fitting for the characters and the setting. Incidentally, this may be the first book I've read explicitly set in a post-Covid world, and I thought it was handled perfectly.

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A nice heartfelt read! I really enjoyed the grumpy/sunshine aspect, and the book definitely had a unique concept - I liked the play on doctor/patient, but with Vet/Chicken owner! A small town romance is also always a must-read!
I wasn't jazzed with the role the pandemic played in the novel, I read for escapism and honestly, I really don't want to hear/read about the pandemic, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this light, easy read!

Thank you to NetGalley, Emma Barry, and Montlake for this e-Arc in exchange for an honest review!

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Love that the chemistry was pretty immediate, but the romance was built up and slightly drawn out. It made me feel like it was a realistic time line while also being fast enough to keep me drawn in.

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Chick Magnet is the best title and loved it. Great story and enjoyed it all. Must read and go an get it.

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I loved reading Chick Magnet! Definitely a niche topic that’s current and fun, as well as romantic. I appreciated the current topics like post-pandemic issues we all face and the era of influencers we now live in. The romance was *chef’s kiss*.

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Chick Magnet is, simply, delightful. As someone who grew up in a small town (and yes, my family kept chickens, though they weren't very much like pets!) this setting and these people rang so true. The inner wounds of the main characters were relatable even as you wanted to shake them and say, "Get over it! You're perfect for each other!"

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Great beach read book. Very easy to read. I fell in love with the characters almost immediately.
Even though Will doesn't like chickens and what Nic does in the beginning, the fact that he becomes more open to it is the first evident character growth.
I loved that the relationship developed overtime and even after they hooked-up the first time it was a while before it actually became something meaningful.
There was so much emotion in the story and I found myself feeling what the characters felt. The growth of our two main characters was so heart warming. I'm a big fan of character growth and this book made it plain as day.
Will 100% be looking into other books by this wonderful author!

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This was my first time checking out this author, and it won't be my last. I flew through this book! It's an incredibly well-written story that gives you all the feels in all the best ways!

The idea of a social media star whose claim to fame is her flock of chickens was one that I had never seen. Looking at the hundreds upon hundreds of contemporary romance books to choose from, it can begin to feel like the same stories are being recycled repeatedly. It's rare to find a fresh spin that I haven't seen before, and 'Chick Nic' and her band of feathered friends accomplish just that!

Will, the sexy veterinarian, was a home run for me. I love a surly man who needs the right woman to butter him up.

Adding real-world conflicts that most people can relate to also gave this book an edge. I feel readers can connect more with the characters because we've all struggled thanks to the pandemic. It's realistic and witty, and I enjoyed their journey to love.

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Content Notes: [depression (diagnosed); toxic/stalkery ex-boyfriend; extreme financial troubles; injured animals; uncomfortable family dynamics; grief over dead grandmother (passed away years before book events) (hide spoiler)]

Emma Barry is very, very good at making my heart clench (in tears and in joy). Read this if you want a contemporary romance about building a found family in a small town, sexy (but sad) veterinarian neighbors who scowl too much, and mischievous hens who moonlight as escape artists.

Will's arc was fascinating. In a genre where most heroes are financially stable (if not ridiculously wealthy), it's the rare (and dare I say it, semi-subversive) m/f romance where the hero's primary conflict is his failing business. I have *lots* of spoilery thoughts about the ending (I was NOT expecting that result), so get back to me about Will's subversive arc after publication.

So, COVID-19. I didn't realize the book would focus so heavily on the pandemic and I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I feel irked because there are zero discussions of masking even though it's clearly set in late 2022/early 2023 (or so I assume). On the other hand, that does reflect the current state of affairs, no matter how much it personally bothers me. I am the only person still masking up in my 100+ lecture hall. But I'm handwaving this away because I thought everything else re: COVID was poignant and well done.

Will's career crisis (his veterinary practice is nearing bankruptcy due to a loss in business after March 2020) and Nic's virality (her chicken-centric TikTok took off because people had more time during the pandemic to take care of hens) strongly influence the main storyline. I've read some books where COVID was window dressing; there's a stray mention and then it's back to "normal," whatever the hell that is. CHICK MAGNET isn't that book. If you're avoiding pandemic-centric fiction because you want a true escape into fiction, *do not* read this. But if you're intrigued by the idea of how two people can find their happily-ever-after even in our miserable reality, then you should check out CHICK MAGNET.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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