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In Roizen’s new book, we are told that living to 100 or 120 years will become a common occurrence and that cutting-edge science and technology will revolutionize our lives as we live longer and healthier.  I did not necessarily find anything mind-boggling or out of my realm of believability.  I liked the suggestions for living with better health, exercise, controlling stress, etc.  Nothing earth shattering here but worth a read.
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As a longtime fan of Younger Next Year for Women, I recommend The Great Age Reboot as the most recent continuation of the layperson’s roadmap for increased longevity and life satisfaction.  This book is a no-nonsense, information-dense review of the current state of (and trends in) medical theories and knowledge about living longer and healthier lives, as well as about the societal and financial effects of increasing numbers of healthy, productive people regularly living and working for extra decades.  

The authors are absolutely up front that this book offers only a current snapshot of what’s being studied.  As such, it’s quite useful.

This is not the kind of book to read or listen to just once.  It’s a resource that I will return to on a regular basis.

I obtained a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.  I have personally shifted some health habits because of information in this book.
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A fascinating look at what would be a very different future for aging. The author poses many different scenarios for aging with new technologies in place, as well as emphasizing the importance of making good health choices -- it's one thing to have 10 or 20 years of old age ahead, but with new discoveries, it looks as if people will live much, much longer, and they need to have good health in those years. An excellent look at a better future for all.
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Dr. Michael Roizen has made the content in The Great Age Reboot very approachable for every reader-while the book presents medical research, it is well-explained and supported with data, visual tools and plenty of suggestions for long-term health and wellness. The book details the history of how the average life span has significantly increased over the last century and how environmental, genetic factors and healthy decision-making affect longevity. Roizen and co-authors Albert Ratner and Peter Linneman discuss all aspects of increased longevity-diet, exercise,  financial and retirement considerations, furthering education for new careers, and the best way to prepare for a healthier future.
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