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What a beautiful journal! A great way to start your day and help you focus and overcome that negative thoughts that can ruin your day.
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Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for allowing me access to this book, in exchange for an honest review.

This devotional is stunning. The pages are beautiful and the devotionals are insightful. The only thing that I didn't like is, when reading this on an e-reader, the pages are a bit off, which can be distracting. I would highly recommend this devotional, but only the physical copy.
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This was such a beautiful devotional for women. It was beautifully written about negative thoughts that we all have about ourselves and how we can replace those thoughts with the truths that God promises us in His word. He loves us and has only the beat for us and we just need to keep our eyes on Him.

This was a beautiful reminder and good daily exercise to do each day. I highly recommend this devotional to anyone .

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There is so much to like about Beautiful As You! 

I use a standard set of criteria when evaluating a devotional guide. I expect a basic structure that fosters habitual use. Some are general, while others use a common theme. Content can include Bible verses, a personal story, and a call to action. Beautiful As You! checks of the boxes well.
The overriding theme encourages a positive self-image by switching negative comments to positive. 

This devotional guide uses an easy to follow structure. Kessel’s consistent structure allows her to pack education and compassion into a small space. She uses personal examples that are clear and relatable. She chooses Bible verses that pick the daily theme well. I especially like the summary of scripture references at the end of the reading, because it makes it easier to find the verses again after you’ve completed that day’s readings. She presents relevant, bite-sized calls to action that don’t take long to start but support the daily theme. She provides excellent substitution phrases to change your negative self-talk into an affirmation. Each day ends with a journaling prompt that could guide a journal writer into a few sentences or multiple pages, depending on how deeply one chooses to journal.

I do not recommend the digital version of this devotional, as there were significant issues with all of the digital media I tried. The text was far too small to read on a smartphone. A black and white e-reader has trouble displaying the contrasting formats, since the peach text was illegible even after exploring multiple display options. At the largest setting, some of the text was challenging to read. Even a laptop had its challenges. The fullscreen option provided a full screen view with reasonably  sized fonts, but it was still challenging to see the lighter-colored fonts. The paper version of the book allows for journaling beside the question in the book, while the digital requires journaling separately. 

It’s wonderful that a devotional guide about seeing the beauty in yourself is so beautiful!

Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for providing a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.
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This isn’t really a book that I’d recommend to a book club, rather I’d prefer to read it alone as it’s quite a personal topic and journey to go on. It was very insightful book that gives you lots to think about and is probably a book that I’ll dip in and out of again in the future.
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This has been one of the best devotionals I have ever read! I could relate to almost every reading (which is extremely impressive) and the prompts that come after the reading lead to such enlightenment. I would definitely buy this book to add to my collection! If I could give the book more than 5 stars I would.
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Beautiful as YOU
Overcome Negative Self Talk - God's Way - Devotional and Prayer Journal - For Christian Women
by Jenny L Kessel
Pub Date 13 Sep 2022 
 Christian  |  Religion & Spirituality 

I am reviewing a copy of Beautiful as You through BooksGoSocial and Netgalley :

Beautiful as You is a wonderful Devotional and Prayer Journal that reminds us to change the narrative when it comes to negative self talk,  we are reminded to stop allowing our inner critics to control our life, which allows Satan to get a foothold by believing the lies he spews.

Jenny L Kessel reminds us too that the Lord never intends us to live our lives feeling defeated, worthless, and hopeless.  So this devotional/ prayer journal helps us to take the first steps towards change and allow yourself these 21 days to awaken transformation by switching lies to the truth.

In this focused prayer journal, the author shares her personal struggles with self-image and negative self-talk. Learning the truth from God's Word was the key to beginning to heal from years of ingrained lies. Coming to know Christ as an adult offers a perspective that speaks to the wounded women in the pew. Jenny's message of hope to those struggling to forgive sins of the past and to overcome the inner critic is imperative.

I give Beautiful as You five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I did not know what to expect with this devotional book but I am glad I chose it.

I loved the layout and how interactive it is. You can read a day at a time or you can be impatient like me and devour it in one go. The book tackles the feelings of inferior, negative self talk and self-loathing women believe about themselves. It tackles all these feelings with scripture that reminds one of their worth and purpose. I cannot recommend this enough because we all need it .

I received a complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own
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A Must Have

Jenny Kessel has provided a beautiful 21-Day Journal that is absolutely soul❤️ - touching and very inspirational.

She has provided Five Steps that you may follow on your journey. They are:
1. Identify the Word and Identify the false Belief 
2. Read a New Devotional 
3. Say A Prayer 
4. Speak an Write A New Positive Affirmations
5. Journal Your Thoughts and Prayer with New Prompts 

She provides a link, where you may download additional printable journal pages and printable affirmations and scripture cards. 

I love the way she has designed and the color and layout of each is very beautiful, not to mention that the daily Word and scripture is heart-warming.

A fantastic spiritual journal that anyone can benefit from. I love it and highly recommend.

Many thanks to the author for such a beautiful work.
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. Highly recommend. Absolutely loved. The cover is beautiful also.
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Each days reading covers a false belief we may believe about ourselves, a short devotional type thought, a prayer to cry out for help, and then a thought to replace the lie, a statement to write down and a couple of prompts for journaling!

I love how this book is saturated with scripture, it’s not just the authors thoughts but biblical truth she is sharing! Plus I really appreciated the authors honesty and vulnerability in sharing stories from her life.

Overall I think this is a lovely daily devotional to help those struggling, but is also a great reminder of truths we all need to hold onto in our lives.
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Beautifully designed and written this journal is like a handbook for combatting common internal lies women have accepted as truth and replacing it with scriptural truths that we can be trusted and relied upon. The journal format with daily truths and action steps is also creating a new habit, an active response when intrusive thoughts and lies have pervaded our minds. In doing so we rely on our Heavenly Father and the Scripture to rewrite truth and combat the lies with the best possible tools. Beautiful Journal.
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