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DNF. I got about 65% through and couldn't get through it. I thought I could put the story premise aside but I just couldn't get past the saccharine plot and the one dimensional characters. This read like a Hallmark movie with not a lot of nuance in the characters. Jess and Carter have a lot of insta-love insta-attraction going on which I found really unrealistic, and for all the innuendo I was surprised when this turned out to be a closed door romance.


Many thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publishing team for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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There was a lot of small town adorableness here to enjoy. I liked the competitions and Jess and Carter's romance. I'm not sure why we had a few chapters by Ross thrown in? I felt like he could have been omitted, but then again, maybe that was to help balance out the few Nikki chapters? I also wanted more of an ending than what we got in the epilogue.

Kindly received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Such a fun concept for a book! I love a little competition between characters haha. Very cute characters in a charming small town. Not as much romance, but it was still a great read!

Thank you NetGalley and Lacie Waldon!

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I received an e-ARC of this book and I was really excited as the description sounded really cute and the cover of the book seemed fun.

Jess is from the small town Redford where a wealthy man named Jasper Wilhelm has passed. He loved the town of Redford and created a game for the town to win $10million. His grandson, Carter, comes to town for the funeral and joins in on the games.

Jess is teamed up with her used-to-be friend, Nikki. They don’t get along very well, so it will be interesting to see them as a team. Carter is teamed up with a local named Bryce.

There are a series of games to order to determine who the winner will be. Who will win?

I gave this book a 3 star review because I didn’t feel so much emotions with the book. I didn’t really see the romance/chemistry between certain characters. Some of the conversations seemed unnatural, but overall, it was a cute story. I personally liked the interaction between Jess and Nikki.

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The Only Game in Town is wildly different from both The Layover and From the Jump, and I love that Lacie Waldon can write such different books and characters while keeping her beautiful writing style.

This doesn’t have the cinematic setting of The Layover, nor the crackling chemistry of From the Jump, but those things don’t detract from the story. What this book does have is a broad cast of small town characters with such depth that I felt as if I knew them all. It felt like i was there competing in the games with them.

I loved this concept and can’t wait to see what comes next from the author!

I give this 4.5 stars rounded up.

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Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

This was a quick and cute read! It has small town charm and a engaging story

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I read The Only Game in Town in almost one sitting. It's packed with lovable characters, a charming small-town atmosphere and so much chemistry. It was the perfect comfort read for a rainy afternoon.

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I’ve loved every book by Lacie Walden so far, so it’s no surprise this one was amazing as well! This takes place in the small town of Redford where everyone knows everything. When a rich community member dies, he creates a town-wide game to win a $10 million prize. We’re following Jess: a book editor who loves her town, Nikki: her sworn high school enemy, Ross: Jess’ loving father, and Carter: the grandson of recently deceased and new to town.

This story is so much more than a typical love story, but instead about friendship, family, and community. Definitely add this one to your bookshelves when it hits stores!

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THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN is a perfect read for those who love Hallmark movies set in small towns. It would be an especially fun read for those who like closed-door romances.

For me, however, THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN was disappointing. It wasn't a terrible book. It was quaint and cute. But it fell flat for me compared to Lacie's two other novels.

THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN is geared more towards women's fiction. The romance between Jess and Carter takes a backseat to, well, the game in town.

The story is told from multiple points-of-view and I wished for only two points-of-view: Jess and Carter.

Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Putnam Group for an e-copy of THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN to read.

I rate THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN three out of five stars.

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Great weekend read. Nothing better than a small town and the tales that come from it. Great characters, good growth, and a great time!

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This was a cute book! Is it a romance? Probably not, but I love a small town-centric story. I'd definitely read it again, and loved it!

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the ARC.

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I think i have read everything Lacie Waldon has written. This book was pretty much like the previous ones but i still enjoyed it. I kinda thought i knew how it would end up but it was a cute fun read.

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I thought this book was quite good, definitely surprised me! Loved all the different perspectives and getting in the minds of so many characters. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun read!

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This was a sweet book about a small town and a race for $10 million. I enjoyed this book but honestly I was expecting more. It’s categorized on NetGalley as a romance but it felt as though the romance fell on the back burner for some of the story. I think this would be better categorized as a contemporary fiction with a side of romance. I feel like Jess was a relatable character who gets into some embarrassing moments. There were also 4 different POVs in this story so it was kind of difficult for me to follow. I’ve never read a LaCie Waldron before and I’m not sure if I’ll be picking up another.

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What a sweet book about a small town whose residents have to play an intricate game together after the death of a wealthy, longtime resident. To bill this as a romance is a bit off - it’s more so about the town, it’s members, their feuds, and how they get beyond them.

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I was so excited to read The Only Game in Town, because I was a fan of The Layover. This book was a disappointment in comparison. The wacky main character is too naive and sugary sweet to believe. The thought of a series of challenges including riding a barbie jeep, to win $10 million is pretty weak.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC for an honest review.

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I started this book at just the right time. I was looking for a sweet light-hearted book, and that’s exactly what this is.

Jess is from a small town called Redford. When the mayor dies, his grandson Carter visits Redford for the first time. There’s a fortune up for grabs, but to receive it residents must compete in a series of silly games.

This book was silly. And definitely more of women’s fiction than a romance. But I enjoyed the light-heartedness of it and the overall message about community taking care of its people, even when you don’t always agree.

If you like reading about challenges and games, or small-town romances, grab this one this spring!

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This is a light and fluffy cotton candy treat of a book, a perfect dessert book.

Jess is colorful and quirky and just adores everyone. She's happily living the small town life, after a brief stint in NY, when Jasper Wilhelm, the town's gazillionaire dies. Before his death, and unbeknownst to his grandson Carter, Jasper decided it would be big fun to team up known enemies in town in a competition for TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

Silliness ensues, where people who otherwise seem to have jobs take time off to participate in shenanigans. Carter, the grandson of Jasper, a financial advisor in Atlanta and all around not chill dude, learns the backgrounds and dramas of the townsfolk, and loves that Jess finds joy in all the simple things. When teams lose an event, and their chance at the money, they shake it off and feel happy for those still in the game, because small towners are generous in this way.

Like I said, this is light and fluffy, so it should come as no surprise that the working out of differences, and the eventual winning and losing are also painted with sunshine and rainbows.

ARC provided by NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Putnam, G.P. Putnam's Sons in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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Super cute story with all the small town charm you could ask for. The book opens with an embarrassing moment for our MC, Jess, where she’s being cornered by some ex-high school bullies. She’s rescued by a handsome stranger, Carter, who is in town for his grandpa’s funeral. His grandfather, Jasper, is the town’s beloved unofficial mayor, who the town learns also happened to be an eccentric millionaire. Jasper then proceeds to have the strangest celebration of life consisting of a weeklong townwide game with the winning duo taking home his 10 million dollar fortune?! And the kicker - he pre-picked all the teams and put all the town enemies against each other lmao. What?!!? This book was a ton of fun, but even with all the silly banter and happenings, it did drag a little at some points. Still a super cute book that I would recommend for a fun read!

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This is the feel-good, small town romance you didn't know you needed to read...but will absolutely be glad you do! Could so easily be made into a Hallmark movie.

The townsfolk are so enjoyable to get to know, and their feuds make it fun to follow along in their antics. The main part of the book centers around the town eccentric's death and the "game" he invented to see who gets his millions after he passed. Enter his grandson, from out of town, and the game begins. All the little underlining stories merge together and it's just a cute little romance.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a digital, temporary ARC in return for my review.

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