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Cynthia Eden is one of my favorite authors. Her books are well-written, full of suspense, action, and drama. Saint is a bounty hunter who sometimes looks into solving cold cases. He's hired to investigate Alice who might be a Black Widow killer. Saint and Alice have great chemistry, but will he be the next man to die? Great romantic suspense! Highly recommended.
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This series is about solving cold cases; with Saint checking out Alice to see if she is killing people. Now we know Saint is no saint; but Alice doesn’t know that. As she is investigated Saint finds out that there is more to the story. As the story unravels we see what exactly has happened and the twist will be worth it.
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I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy through Net Galley of Ice Cold Saint . Wow , this story is absolutely Sensational . It is an interesting and intriguing suspense romance . Sebastian (Saint ) Black is a Bounty hunter and also works with Ice Breakers a group who work together to solve cold cases .
Saint is hired to get evidence that Alice Shephard is a serial killer . Tracy Eldridge is convinced Alice has killed three men one being Tracy's  own brother Donovan . Saint is curious so he takes the case . Saint arrives at Alice's club in Savannah Georgia  Abracadabra . Upon meeting Alice Saint is intrigued and their attraction is immediate .
Alice has a lot of secrets and Saint wants to learn them . As they grow closer danger is at every turn . Alice must trust Saint and Saint must trust Alice for them both to stop the threat . This story is spectacular definitely an on the edge read . I highly recommend taking the time to read .
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Oh wow, another can’t put it down till I finish it book. Saint, he’s out to jail a black widow. Alice, her men keep turning up dead. Did she do it?
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This series is so much fun! It’s unique and I’m loving it. Saint and Alice might just be my favorite couple. They were so good together - their chemistry jumped off the page. Can’t wait for Cynthia’s next book!
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ICE COLD SAINT is the third book in Cynthia Eden’s Ice Breaker romantic suspense series. This might be my favorite book in this series since FROZEN IN ICE. I like a heroine who is complex and doesn’t rush to explain herself or define herself to the hero. At the opening of this tale, Saint is paid by the wealthy Tracy Eldridge to track down Alice Shephard and find prove that she killed her brother. Alice is ostensibly the “bad girl”. When Saint finally comes face-to-face with Alice, he is captivated by her just as much as he finds her confusing. Awesome. I like my heroes a little confused by the heroine. Alice has had a few exes meet with tragic or mysterious ends and she’s often blamed. Her magic-themed club, Abracadabra, makes a quirky backdrop to the sensual romance that develops between Saint and Alice.

Cynthia Eden is one of the best at creating tension – whether sexual, terror, or a mix of both. There is a strong physical attraction between Saint and Alice but it’s complicated. The circumstances that led Saint to this beguiling lady of mystery automatically put them in an adversarial situation. There is a delightful sexy simmer as the two tease and figure each other out. Like many Cynthia Eden books, the theme of trust plays a big part in the eroticism of the story. There isn’t any huge misunderstanding or feelings of betrayal, but there are several unintentional daggers Saint throws Alice’s way because of her past. She’s been disbelieved and abandoned so many times that she expects Saint to disappoint her, but it still stings a little when she thinks he might not totally believe her either. The chemistry between these two characters is phenomenal. Saint makes a smooth transition from hunting Alice to protecting her. There are several different suspects with several very different motives for stalking Alice. The magician aspect of this story adds an extra creepy edge.

ICE COLD SAINT has a complicated heroine who slays and lives life by her own rules. Saint works hard at earning Alice’s trust and affection. This is another tough guy with a soft heart when it comes to the woman he falls for. I look forward to meeting more Ice Breakers in future books. I loved this couple, this story, and can’t wait for the next in the series!
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I love this series with the Icebreakers as they try to solve cold cases!  This time, Saint it the one investigating what everyone believes is a Black Widow killer - Alice.  But, you can't just guess and Saint is looking into the facts - which are very few.

As they each have secrets, pain, and drama in their past, the story is filled with action, drama, and intrigue.  I could not put this down and had to read it straight through!  

The chemistry between Saint and Alice was so sizzling and so glad that they got their HEA.  I mean, Saint was willing to turn Alice in if he found out she was guilty - no running away from the
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She is not what he expected, but is more than he ever thought he would find. Alice Shephard, who rumor has it is responsible for the deaths of her three past love interests. Sebastian “Saint” Black, has been accused of crimes and imprisoned, but was later found to be innocent. When Saint is hired to get evidence against Alice, the case interests him, but not as much as Alice. He says he will take her down and she replies that he will fall in love with her. Who will be right? Alice owns Abracadabra, a club based on her fathers’ years as a Magician. She often worked with her father and now her shadowy reputation has made the club a hit. Get the app, make the request and see if you will be one of the lucky ones given the password for admittance. When Saint learns that Alice has a stalker, he offers her his protection and the sparks fly. He never dreamt that he would find someone who could reach the dark, deep parts of him. The feisty dialog, the passion, and the mystery makes this is a wonderful addition to this outstanding series. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)
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Ice Cold Saint (Ice Breaker Cold Case Romance Book 3) by Cynthia Eden is Saint and Alice’s story. No one know better than Saint what it is like to be accused of murder when you are innocent. However everyone always says they didn’t do it, no matter whether they did or not. So what is a man named Saint in name only to do? Two characters on different sides have tremulous attraction in this story of bringing a murderer to justice. If Alice didn’t do it then who did and why? 

An action-packed, steamy romance that will hook you in from the first page. The suspense will keep you page turning while the heat is combustible. Another great addition to the Ice Breaker Cold Case Series. Not just for fans of Cynthia Eden but for all romance suspense readers who love a strong hero and an even stronger heroine.

4.5 Stars
An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I've read and thoroughly enjoyed all the books in the Wilde series by Ms. Eden and when I saw she had written something a bit more mysterious I couldn't wait to dive into it and it was everything I hoped it would be.  There's suspense, deception, twists and turns galore, as well as some laughter, tears and off the charts chemistry between Saint and Alice.  These two have more than a few things in common, the first being accused of murder.  Saint was accused of murder years ago and now Alice is facing similar accusations and that's when this story starts making your head spin because you don't know who to trust or who to believe.  Lots of deception in this one and that makes for a page-turner!  This is the first book I've read in this series and I most definitely will be reading the previous 2 in the Ice Breaker Cold Case series.  I'm grateful to have been given an opportunity to read an early copy of this book through NetGalley.
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Once again Cynthia has managed to hook me from almost the first page in this latest offering Everything isn't has it appears in both who the killer is and the two main characters

Saint is cold and hard accused of a murder and brought in by his own brother who then proved his innocence he has no charm no smooth edges but he is brilliant at his new job at Ice Breakers the business his brother owns that reopens old cases and they usually solve them His latest job is to try to bring in Alice Shephard a suspected black widow responsible for three deaths. But they connection between Saint and Alice is instant and electric and when she saves his life he has to rethink and it starting to point to the fact that Alice has an admirer who is willing to take out anyone who gets close to her can Saint prove her innocence and can they have a future You will have to read to see
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Four stars!

Ms. Eden is a master storyteller!  The characters are intriguing and genuine and the plot is engaging and well paced.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Fall in love with Saint! And Alice will blow you away. The chemistry is intense. Sexy, steamy, and oh so sweet at the same time. The mystery was full of suspense and action. It kept me guessing right up to the reveal. And when it all came out I was left with a dropped jaw. I'm never disappointed by Cynthia Eden and this book is a prime example of why she is a queen of the romantic suspense genre.
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You think you know but your wrong.
Two villains find love and it will blow your mind.

Saint is hired to prove Alice is a murderer. From his first look at her picture he is fascinated by her.

“A black widow. She chooses her mates, then she kills them.” He’d never had a black widow case. Should be interesting.

“The Black Widow?”
Alice is a feisty unique leading lady. Her I don’t care what anyone thinks attitude hooks Saint from the get go.

“Don’t worry, my Alice. You’re safe now.” He slammed the door.

This amazing author is always finding new ways to keep us coming back for more. This series is just a little darker and more intense. I’m in love!!
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The pet names that Saint and Alice have for each other is adorable.  My Alice and My Saint.  Possessive but yet very loving.  There is more than one bad guy so the story kept me guessing.  I loved reading,  Ice Cold Saint.
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Ice Cold Saint (Ice Breaker Cold Case Romance #3) by Cynthia Eden
Love this series - this is Saint and Alice's ICE BREAKERS story.  Sort of enemies to lovers - he is there to prove she is a black widow and she uses the rumors to pack her club.  So much angst, mystery, deception, lies and half truths, attraction, laughter, some tears, and plenty of steam to get to a HEA,  Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Haunting Page-turner Happily Ever After Action-packed Great world building Scary Funny Tragic Wonderful characters Easy-to-read Entertaining Unpredictable Steamy Romantic.  I enjoyed reading and reviewing this book.
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