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"The Syndicate Spy" is one book, though it didn't seem like something I usually opt to read, appealed to me only because it is a story about female spies in the futuristic world that has been written by a former female spy, recruiter and trainer. Despite this, I was still sceptical; one can be an excellent spy but that doesn't mean they know how to write a story based on spies. But has she proven me wrong!

This book, set in the future, centers predominantly on the life of Juliet Arroway, as she tries to achieve her self-imposed goal of stopping the long-standing war between nations, on account of gaining autonomy of an alternative energy resource, after all the oil reserves on earth are depleted. She has also been the mentor of a recruit Mariam, a progressive Saudi princess, since many years. 

After a particular turn of events, involving a number of terror attacks across the world, a member of Mariam's family is suspected as the main instigator of the war. And Juliet is paired with FBI agent Graham in the task to find out the actual culprit and figure out a way to prevent the outbreak of another big war. 

Brittany has woven an intricate and mind-blowing tale of deception, double-cross, heroism and female empowerment; through Juliet and Mariam, she has showcased independent,  self-assured and self-sufficient women who are real go-getters wanting to change the world they live in. And this was my most favourite part of the book. There are some interesting twists throughout the story which make it an enjoyable read. The climatic twist was in some ways slightly preposterous and I was able to guess one of them as well - but the rest of the story was so very well told that I didn't mind it. 

I very much recommend this book to people who like to read a complex and intricate spy thriller.
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Fast moving thriller set in a future world where oil is no longer available but future energy sources are more valuable. Written by a former CIA  operative there is a strong sense of reality to operating in this new world. The extended Saudi family still hold power and the addition of Mariam, a strong feminist, and a Saudi princess  to the cast makes a lot of sense. Juliette Arroway ,our key protagonist, is a complicated but realistic woman. Driven by her need to do the right thing she takes us into the world of counter terrorist operations as the CIA and the FBI work with other allies as The Syndicate - the only ones who can save the world and restore balance in the energy wars. It’s a page turner with the right buttons of energy and climate change as it’s backdrop. There is the requisite love affair ( actually more than one) and plenty of hand to hand combat that read as well as any action movie. If you need to disappear into a contemporary take on the future then this might be it. Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this advance copy. The opinions are my own@TheSyndicateSpy #NetGalley
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Brittany Butler does a great job of coming up with an exciting and knowledgeable take on the next step in War on Terror with a deeper insight into situations with due diligence. The Syndicate Spy is packed with action, intrigue and romance. As much as the story could have taken a more espionage route, ultimately the narrative is one of unbridled romance that will appeal more to readers of the specific genre as opposed to spy action thriller aficionados.
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