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This is the third book in the No More series. This one is Lucas’s story. At first Lucas is not the most likable character. He’s got a lot of guilt and trauma that he’s developed some seriously unhealthy coping strategies for. While in hiding after the events of the previous books he meets a young runaway that he’s nicknamed sunshine girl.

This one is told from Lucas’s and Shiloh’s (sunshine girl) POVs. Your heart breaks for both of these characters while you really hope that life will get better for them. Lucas’s story was the perfect way to wrap up this trilogy.

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This book was amazing. Lucas is one amazing brother who has many regrets and maybe doesn't remember things quite the way the way things actually went down. Lucas has one kind of caring heart. He took in a runaway to help her to try to make up for what he had wronged in his own sisters and his relationship. This book was amazing. I hope that there is another book about all 3 siblings together again. That would be nice!

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Wow. Kerry Lonsdale knows how to write a satisfying end to a fan favorite series. I loved reading the stories of Olivia and Lily, but I was eager to get to the bottom of their mysterious yet troubled brother, Lucas. His story grabbed me immediately as did two new perfect characters that I adored - Shiloh (“Sunshine Girl”) and Ivy. This one may just be the best one yet. Shiloh and Ivy’s additions really cemented this one as a gem for me. I can’t say enough how much I love #NoMoreSecrets!
Thank you, @kerrylonsdale, @lakeunion
& @netgalley for my advance ecopy. All opinions are my own.

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A perfect book and the perfect way to end the series! I thought it was a fun, intense, and heartwarming read. Highly recommend this trilogy!

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No More Secrets is the third book in the No More series. I would highly recommend reading the previous books in the series to get the full background story. This book focuses on Lucas and his story. Lucas was a troubled youth spending time in a juvenile detention center; he is now contemplating ending it all. He carries a lot of guilt for not doing more to help his younger sister Lily. He crosses paths with a young runaway that reminds him so much of Lily he is driven to help her the way he wishes he had helped his sister. This book was the perfect ending to the series.

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Well first of all I couldn't read this book fast enough, and wow what an ending to the "No More" series. This book as told from Carson Brother Lucas's Point of view greatly tied in to the first two and then some. It had all the feels, mystery, intrigue, love and family. Can be read as a stand alone but with the first two books makes for an awesome unputdownable series. Wonderful new characters added to the fold in this book that blended together beautifully. I highly recommend this series from Kerry my favorite Author.
Thank you to Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing and the Fabulous Author, Kerry Lonsdale for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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No more secretes is the third book in the trilogy No more words. I read them all and I can’t even say how much I loved this book, it’s definitely my favourite one.

Lucas is such a great character. He had a hard life , so much to overcome in his early years, so much trauma . Wishing everything to end and hoping for a normal life is not easy when all the dark thoughts clouds his mind and the guilt of what happened in the past will keep him trapped there after knowing that his sister Lily is back.
Willing to make a change, he mets Shiloh and tries his best to help her as part of his redemption, but that soon becomes endangering as the past will always resurface.
I loved that all the drama from the past was resolute and all the members of this challenged family is going to look up to their future and friendships.

A beautiful story about redemption and love with complex and reliable characters that I loved so much.

Very grateful to the publisher for my review copy through NetGalley

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Book 3 in the series about siblings Olivia, Lily and Lucas Carson. After reading about Olivia & Lily, I was excited to find out more about Lucas, and this book did not disappoint. Lucas has been fighting his demons for years, and he is shocked to find himself caring about people again, but maybe the change is just what was needed.
This story is easy to read, and while it could be a standalone, it is (of course) better if you’ve read the first two and know the backstory. This book, and the whole series, is full of family drama and secrets, and the secrets all spill out at the end…

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This is the book three and the final book of the Carson sibling story, this time told in Lucas's story.

Lucas is trying to get his life back to together after a stint in juvenile center for a crme that he did not commit. He meets a fifteen year old homeless girl named Shiloh and soon ends up helping Shiloh even though the girl was initially reluctant to get Lucas' help. Meanwhile. Shiloh is running away from an abusive home and is on her way to Hollywood with the hopes of becoming a movie star.

This was a bit emotional and the author did a good job portraying Lucas character more sympathetic which as a reader would feel sorry towards Lucas. I do like how Shiloh and Lucas seemed to be having an understanding with each other. The story itself was realistic and I really like how the author wrote the story, making it more realistic. I enjoyed reading the first two books and I was glad that I manage to get hold of the third book. Overall, this book worth five stars in my opinion.

Many thanks to Natgalley and Lake Union for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

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This is the perfect book to cap off this fabulous series! I have throughly enjoyed each book in this series and No More Secrets did not disappoint.

In No More Secrets we learn Lucas' story. He is haunted by his past. His parent's did not help him when he needed them the most and he feels guilty for not helping his sister Lily before she ran away.

So now he is hiding out in a remote California town where he is contemplating what to do next. While working in the town's convenient store he catches a girl shoplifting that reminds him of Lily. Over time he finds out her name is Shiloh and she is a run away just like Lily was as a teenager. He finds purpose in helping her but it may cost him more than he expected.

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Each book from this trilogy opens up more about the complicated Carson family. I was sad to read the last words of this book only because I had to say goodbye to Olivia, Lucas and Lily. If you haven't read No More Words or No More Secrets yet I highly recommend reading them before you start this book. Although this book can be read as a stand alone you will enjoy the story much more knowing what has led up to Lucas finally telling his story.

Kerry Lonsdale weaves a perfect web of storytelling that keeps me turning the pages yearning to learn more about these characters. Her books are full of relationships and emotion and this one is no different.

I strongly encourage you to read this trilogy. It is full of drama, secrets, guilt, self-discovery, forgiveness and acceptance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I am extremely grateful to Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for the opportunity to read a digital ARC of this fabulous book in exchange for an honest review.

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No More Secrets the 3rd and final book in Kerry Lonsdale’s No More Trilogy. In this wonderfully written Trilogy Kerry shows you that there are three sides to every story the true story, your version and my version. This is my third book in this series and I loved this trilogy about a dysfunctional family. This is not a book you can read as a standalone, well you can read as a standalone but you will be missing out and will not get the full effect. This book and the others in this series will keep you totally engaged and sitting on the edge of your seat feeling all the emotions, guilt, fear and looking for forgiveness. I read this in one day as I could not stop turning the pages. This final book was the bittersweet ending to this trilogy. I highly recommend this book and the two preceding books in this trilogy No More Words and No More Lies.

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No More Secrets is the final book in the No More series. It can be read as a standalone but it contains spoilers for the first two books, and you really should read them all.

Kerry writes a male perspective as perfectly as Wally Lamb writes a female perspective. She really brought me into Lucas's mindset and made him so likable, even when he didn't want to be. I am also glad I got to see Shiloh's perspective and this could pave the way for Kerry to write young adult novels. The story was really engaging and I worried for the characters when I was busy doing other things. Shiloh was constantly running into trouble while she was trying to survive on her own. Lucas was hiding from the law after his father's death, which he knows will trace back to him, and he doesn't want to end up in prison after his horrible experience at a juvenile detention center. I love the connection that gradually formed between them.

No More Secrets ties up some loose ends from the first two books, as well as brings back a character I wasn't expecting to see again. This series is a manual for how not to be a parent, in terms of what Dwight and Charlotte put their children through. I love that there's some closure when it comes to everything that happened for the siblings throughout the series.

Overall, I really liked this page-turner a lot. I wish this series could continue or that Shiloh could have a spin-off novel. Thanks to Kerry for another great story!

(Trigger warnings at the bottom.)

Movie casting suggestions (some are from my review of No More Lies):
Lucas: Darren Mann
Shiloh: Trinity Likins
Ivy: Stockard Channing
Zea: Alexia Fast
Finn: Spencer List
Jenna/Lily: Megan Elizabeth Barker
Olivia: Danielle Panabaker
Charlotte: Madeleine Stowe

TW: sexual assault, suicidal references

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Lucas Carson knows shame and guilt; it’s why he’s on the run. He hadn’t meant to stay in California City, but he finds himself getting comfortable, which means he'll have to run again soon. That is, until his path crosses with a young homeless girl, who reminds him so much of his sister at that age, a young girl who reminds him of a lifetime of regret. Can he help save Shiloh? And will that, in turn, help save him? Is he even anything worth saving?

This might be my favorite book in the No More trilogy! I had been wanting to read Lucas's story since Book 1, and this novel satisfied all of my questions and concerns. You definitely have to read these books in order; they can't stand alone. Normally, I struggle with books in a series because I often forget what happened in previous books. Lonsdale does a great job of giving glimpses throughout that help me remember past events when necessary.

I loved the character of Shiloh & I was rooting for Lucas as he worked toward redemption, in his own mind, by trying to help her. This was a satisfying ending to a series I really enjoyed. Compulsively readable and with a beautiful epilogue, this is a conclusion you will fly through!

Thank you to the author for having me on Team No More! This has been such a fun experience from start to finish!

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No More Secrets is another magnificent ending to another magnificent trilogy by magnificent author Kerry Lonsdale. Is that enough magnificents? Seriously, this author just pulls you in and teases you with connections and coincidences and memories and makes you hope so hard for everything to work out. But has there ever been a more dysfunctional family, every bit of that dysfunction the fault of their parents Charlotte and Dwight Carson. Horrible, despicable, detestable. There aren’t enough words to describe them. They should never have had children. Their children were nothing more than possessions to them. And their behavior, their neglect, their cruelty, their manipulation had terrible, terrible consequences for all three of the Carson children. Even when they were happy on their annual summer vacation at the lake with the Whitmans, in the only place they were ever really relaxed and happy, that was merely a temporary escape. They always had to return to their real lives with their parents. Parents who sowed the seeds of discord and suspicion among their children because it benefitted them, served their purpose.

In No More Words, the first book in the trilogy, we learned how Olivia suffered and withdrew into herself. Her sister Lily had left home as a teenager and Olivia knew she should care, but it was easier to pull away. Until her nephew Josh showed up looking for his mother and Olivia found herself caring more than she could have imagined, desperately searching for Lily.

In No More Lies it was Lily in the spotlight of hurt and betrayal. As Olivia is searching for Lily and Lily is frantically worried about Josh, we learn more about the story from Lily’s perspective. Her parents gave her an ultimatum with two unacceptable choices and she left. And had been running and hiding in fear ever since. We begin to get an idea of just how truly awful Dwight and Charlotte are and to what lengths they have gone to get what they want and prevent their children from comparing stories and learning the truth.

And now in No More Secrets we learn the rest of Lucas’s story, the real story, not just the “Luke’s a bad boy” version. It’s not a contest as to who was damaged the most by their parents – but I think it just might have been Luke. He has strength like his sisters, but he’s been bullied and blamed and battered so often and for so long that there’s not much of that Luke left. He’s trying desperately to hang on to it but he feels so unworthy, so guilty. He’s shut himself up so tightly he can barely feel; the touch of another human repels him. Every day is another struggle to just make it through without harming himself. He can’t put down roots even though he longs to because he knows he’s done wrong and is being chased. He’s let his sisters down; he's let everyone down. It’s only a matter of time before he’s caught and given the punishment he deserves so how can he stay or get close or try to belong? He yearns for redemption and love but has no hope. Luke is tough, handsome, sexy, hard-working, kind-hearted even if he tries not to let that show. But when he looks in the mirror all he sees is bad, bad, bad. His sisters are better off without him. The world is probably better off without him. How could he have been so blind, so cowardly, so afraid that he couldn’t even help his little sister when she was in such need? How did he not even see it? How did he believe what his mother and father told him time after time after time?

And then while Luke is hiding out in the desert, helping an old lady run her motel and convenience store and wondering when he’s going to have to make a run for it, here comes Shiloh Bloom—fifteen, homeless, and, like Lucas, escaping the past. Abused by her stepfather she took off, but she’s not very good at the teenager-on-the-road thing. She’s met someone on the internet who cannot possibly be as good as he seems, but she is determined to make her way to him, because she sees this as a step on the way to achieving her dreams and ambitions. She is strong but in a very dangerous environment. Every time Lucas looks at Shiloh he sees Lily, and regrets all over again how he could have helped her, have saved her. And he vows that he will keep Shiloh safe, will do what he should have done in the past, even if it means putting his own life and freedom at risk. He cannot fail again.

Once again this No More story moves between the past and the present. We have the benefit of hindsight, of learning from the previous two books what took place, but Lucas is not so fortunate. All he has is his own memories of disastrous events that sent him on the run and made him a man he considers unworthy and irredeemable. Author Lonsdale does a – dare I use the word again? – magnificent job of weaving everything together from the past into the present, while keeping you laser focused on what is happening right here, right now to Lucas and Shiloh. All the characters are well-drawn and believable. There are a lot of “Aha!” moments where you will start piecing things from all the books together, but of course Olivia, Lucas and Lily never have the whole story, only what they have been fed by their parents. Olivia and Lily may be on the road to healing, but is it too late for Luke? He has so much to give, there is just something so inherently sweet and lovable about him that it almost hurts, how much you are rooting for him.

No More Secrets is fast-paced, exciting and compelling, well written, well plotted, with vivid locations and full of twists, turns, mystery, uncertainty, danger. And always pointing back to family with hope that there is love and happiness to be found. All of Lonsdale’s books are completing satisfying, making you care deeply about the people and feeling all the emotions with them. Thanks to (magnificent) author Kerry Lonsdale and Lake Union Publishing for allowing me to be a member of her No More Team and for providing an advance copy of No More Secrets via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. I am voluntarily leaving this review; all opinions are my own. I recommend this book and everything she has written without hesitation – and I hope she is hard at work on her next book!

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I am EXTREMELY lucky to be part of the Reader Team and get advanced reader copies of Kerry Lonsdale’s AMAZING books, but I failed to post my review before now and not THE DAY BEFORE it is released! The review was written but I just never posted it! Anyway, here it is now…

NO MORE SECRETS is the last book of a trilogy and I am so sad it is over. I was hooked with the first book, the second one had me on the edge of my seat yearning for the third book as soon as I finished it, and this one left me feeling giddy because it was so good, but also sad because I know it is the end…

This author has great talent at creating characters that are easy to read about, that are interesting and intriguing, and stay on your mind even when you’re not reading about them. Lucas is the main character in this book and he comes across as a “bad boy”, until you finally break through and see the real guy hidden away. I warmed up to him early on and as I read more about him I couldn’t help but think I would love to see this as a movie or series and see who would play his part!

Shiloh is another fantastic character. I was intrigued by her and loved reading about her. She has had a tough life and, boy, does she show it with her tough girl language and attitude! She is similar to Lucas in many ways and it was great to see her softer side shine through later on, too. My heart ached for her, especially in a few scenes that had me wondering if I really wanted to read or not for fear of what may happen.

This was a quick and easy read for me, like the other two books, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I am a sucker for family, relationships, and emotions, and this one just really connected with me.

Tomorrow is release day and do you know what that means? If you haven’t read the first or second book yet, now is your chance to get the entire trilogy!

#nomoresecrets #netgalley #teamnomore #bookreview

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Drifter Lucas finds purpose helping mother figure, Ivy, and teen runaway, Shiloh. Will he be able to protect them? And, will he ever reunite with sisters, Olivia and Lily/Jenna?

No More Secrets, the third and last installment in a series, fills in the remaining details about a deliciously dysfunctional family (the type that's fun to read about but not to be a member of haha). In this case, it's true and Ms. Lonsdale definitely saved the best for last! Secrets focused mostly on Lucas, a drifter with a shady past, while also introducing Ivy, a much needed mother figure for Lucas, and Shiloh, a teen runaway. It was even more suspenseful and compelling than the first two, and I loved how protective Lucas was of both Ivy and Shiloh. This was the perfect ending to the trilogy, and I teared up near the end.

4.5 stars

Location: California City, California

I received an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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No More Secrets is the third and final book in this engaging trilogy. I have enjoyed them all. Lucas is the main character in this trilogy of the Carson family, after Olivia, Lily and now Lucas. Each book has been very enjoyable both as a stand-alone and as part of a series. I really enjoyed the characters coming full circle. You will enjoy learning about each of the siblings if you start with the first book.
Many thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ebook. The opinions expressed are my own. The release date is March 14, 2023.

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No More Secrets is the third and final book on the No More series by Kerry Lonsdale. Before diving in, I have to start with this is my favorite book of the three.

Each book is devoted to a sibling in the Carson family. Book one was from Olivia’s point of view. Lily’s point of view was the center of book two. And to wrap up the series, book three is about Lucas, the brother of the three.

Lucas is the boy you hate to love. Gorgeous, yet reserved, he’s been through a lot in his life. Now living in California City he finds what he feels is the perfect escape from his past. I loved Lucas’ story. I love his interior vulnerability and exterior roughness. After reading the first two books, I was anxious to learn about Lucas and his troubled past. The wait was worth it as the author takes us into the imperfect journey, experiencing all of his guilt, remorse, and shame first hand.

It is evident that the author spent a great deal of time, thought, and effort into developing the story and characters. While reading the book, I viewed Lucas as my own brother and someone who I deeply cared about. And it doesn’t stop at the main character either. The secondary characters were just as impactful as the main.

The ending was a little predictable, but I still loved the book all the same. The journey was amazing and unforgettable. Another great series by this author!

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No More Secrets is the third installment of the “No More” series, following the Carson siblings, Olivia (first book) Lily/Jenna (second book) and now Lucas. Fans of this series have been anxiously awaiting the third book, and will be thrilled with the ending, and the explanations that this book provides in bringing full circle this series. While all of these books could, technically, be read as standalone books, you would be missing a lot in the back story, and the stories the follow the siblings right through to the ending of the trilogy.

Lucas has a broken past, and does something that he is ashamed of. Because of past trauma, he can not fathom spending more time in jail/prison, so he runs, intending to live a nomadic life until life catches up with him (or he makes an ultimate decision.) He find himself in California City, a small drive through town, where he meets Ivy, who gives him a “handyman” type job in exchange for a free apartment. Ivy sees the good in Lucas, and wants him to take over her business, but he is unwilling and unable to commit to something like that. Lucas also runs across Shiloh, a teenaged runaway, who has also experienced a lot of trauma in her short life. Shiloh reminds Lucas of his estranged, runaway sister Lily, and tries to take Shiloh under his wing. His way of making up for things that can not be changed in his past, while trying to help keep Shiloh safe.

The story unwinds from there, and saying anymore might just spoil it, so I won’t. This is, by far, the darkest story of the “No More” trilogy, and the one that made me the saddest. Although resolutions do come in their own forms, and the siblings come full circle from the first book (Olivia’s story) it is a much more traumatic book than the first two. Lucas’s story has more trauma, more darkness and more turmoil — probably just like the character that was being written.

I really enjoyed this story, and the closure that it gave the whole series. I always enjoy Kerry Lonsdale’s engaging writing style, and her ability to write about the difficult topics. This one was one of the most difficult for me to digest, but necessary to the series and she did the characters proud. I also enjoyed the sprinkling of “old” characters (Olivia and Jenna) and new (Shiloh) that present themselves throughout the book.

This book comes out on 3/14/2023, and I would highly recommend you read it! Start at the beginning of the series, with No More Words, and continue on through the story!

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