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No More Secrets by Kerry Lonsdale is the third book in her phenomenal No More Trilogy! This is Lucas’s story and it was well worth the wait. Ms. Lonsdale gives us a psychological thriller that is filled with domestic drama and lots of suspense. This one will pull you in from the start. An unputdownable conclusion that is also highly emotional and heartfelt. This family is as dysfunctional as it gets but these siblings are so amazing. They show that no matter the trauma or amount of dysfunction they have pulled it all together and put things right. This is an extraordinary series and I highly recommend reading it!

Thank you NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and Kerry Lonsdale for this magnificent book and series to read and review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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What a great end to the series! After seeing Olivia and Lily’s perspectives, Lucas filled in the missing pieces. I binge read this in less than a day because I couldn’t put it down. There are some darker elements to this one so definitely check trigger warnings, but it kept me captivated whole time. From the moment Lucas and Shiloh meet, I was intrigued by how their stories would come together. Despite his difficult past and past trauma, Lucas sees helping Shiloh and some redemption from what happened with his sister Lily years ago. If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend grabbing them and reading them all in a row! Thank you Kerry Lonsdale for my gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

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Wow! Just wow! I think Lucas’ story is my fav… I’m so sad it’s over, these siblings took us for quite the ride! With some series the first book remains your favorite but with this series each book got better. Kerry is amazing at creating characters that feel so real and I became genuinely attached to all the Carson siblings, and their amazing stories. I can’t wait for what comes next from Kerry!

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This is the last book in the No More Series. The Carson family is full of drama, betrayal, destruction, lies and of course secrets. I recommend reading the other 2 books first. Lucas’s story really bring to light the pains he experience as a teen and explain his destructive complicated broken side. The new characters introduced really add more and show a softer side to Lucas and shows her really does care.

Lonsdale truly delivered a suspenseful book full of all the family drama. It was the perfect conclusion for this Carson siblings. My favorite Quote “ We’re better than our parents. Their poison ends with us. We have that pawer. Our kids will never have to deal with what we experienced.”

Thanks to the author, NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the free ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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And with this read, the No More Trilogy comes to an end. I'm not sure I was ready for that honestly though, but I cannot rave enough about this Trilogy and the great writing of the author, Kerry Lonsdale. I definitely would recommend reading the trilogy in order, as the author ties all 3 books together so well, and we get to actually hear the 3 sides of the story and how one night affected 3 people.

This book ties everything together and if you love family drama, a bit of suspense, and twists and turns from the siblings, this trilogy is for you.

I absolutely cannot speak more highly enough of this last book of the trilogy, but I am very glad that Lucas got his own story, and we got to read about all sides of this story and how it came to an end. I cannot wait for another book by this author!!

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No More Secrets is the third and final book of the No More Words trilogy by Kerry Lonsdale. Lucas Carson has led a troubled life filled with emotional trauma and secrets. When his sister, Lily, resurfaces after years of silence, Lucas can’t deal with the overwhelming guilt that he goes radio silent. Hiding in California City, Lucas crosses paths with Shiloh Bloom, a fifteen year old runaway. As Shiloh reminds Lucas of his little sister, he feels compelled to help her get off the streets. He gives her food, shelter and even a job. Soon, their arrangement is threatened when their pasts find them. Lucas wants it all to end. Is a normal life possible? Does he have the strength to stop running and face his demons?
What an ending to this trilogy! No More Secrets is a story of redemption and healing. Ms. Lonsdale writes with honesty and hope. My heart broke for Lucas as he desperately fights his demons with an almost death wish and yet a powerful will to keep going. I enjoyed Lucas and Shiloh’s relationship as they both want to be hard and unfeeling but can’t hide a need to protect and be protected. There is a confrontation scene near the end that is just superb! I can’t reveal what happens because SPOILERS! However, it was awesome and I cheered as Olivia, Lily and Lucas confronted their pasts and forged a better future for themselves as individuals and as a family. I highly recommend No More Secrets.

No More Secrets will be available
in paperback, eBook, and audiobook on March 14, 2023

No More Words and No More Lies, books 1 and 2,
are currently available in paperback, eBook and audiobook

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Lovely just lovely. Okay so those were my first thoughts when finishing this book.
No More Secrets is book 3 in Kerry Lonsdale’s No More series/trilogy. These stories follow along with 3 siblings. No More Secrets is Lucas’s story. This story was exactly what we needed from this trio. The characters, the story, the setting was all perfect, the extra side characters were definitely an added bonus. And that book cover… just gorgeous.
Can’t wait to see what’s next for this author.

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4 1/2 stars

What a wonderful finish to this series. The No More Series tells the story of each of three siblings. In the book, No More Secrets, we get Lucas' story. There have been bits and pieces fed to us throughout the other two books but the majority of the information wasn't fully disclosed until this book. Each sibling had experienced trauma in their own way. Their parents were toxic and they had some horrible experiences growing up that changed their lives.

In this book, we catch up with Lucas who is living on his own and hasn't been in contact with his sisters. He feels tremendous guilt for things that were beyond his control. He's also still scarred from things that happened to him in his youth. He has very little desire to live but also very little motivation to end his life so he just moves through each day without much emotion. When he runs across a runaway, Shiloh, in need of help, he can't help be try to assist her. He sees his younger sister in her and it's as if through helping her, he almost feels as if he's indirectly helping Lily. Throughout the course of the book, you see Lucas work through some of his issues and find the will to continue on. It's as if he finds his purpose again.

I really liked how Ms. Lonsdale handled this series by giving each sibling their own story but still tying them together with an overall theme. It was a creative idea and she executed it well.

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC. I voluntarily chose to read and review it and the opinions contained within are my own.

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Wow!! We finally get Lucas' story and his secrets are shared.

Lucas Carson has been living in California City after his father died. What he doesn't know is that Lily is safe and not at harm. Her stalker was caught and jailed. But he has such regrets towards Lily and how he didn't save her from both his father and mother.

After he came home from juvenile hall at 16 years old, he was traumatized. He was assaulted and his parents didn't do anything to press charges. His parents told him to bury his secret. But Lucas couldn't handle anyone's touch without panicking and no one knew why.

When a 15 year old runaway girl who reminds him of Lily, Shiloh Bloom, stars stealing from the store he manages; he sees redemption in helping her out. She's on the run because her drug addict of a mom chose her boyfriend over her daughter. Shiloh left New Mexico to meet someone she met online in California. Although he doesn't seem to be in such a big rush for her to see him or he would have sent her money for a bus ticket. Lucas takes her in and gives her a roof over her head, not knowing that her mom has been working with the police looking for Shiloh.

Not knowing that his sisters are looking for him, the arrival of a newcomer in the rental building makes both Lucas and Shiloh weary of her. The woman takes too much of an interest in both Lucas and Shiloh with no reason.

When the siblings finally reunite , all the secrets come out and they realize that all along their own mother was the master of manipulation.

A must read!

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No More Secrets, and oh what secrets they are, will keep you reading. At times, I was shocked at what they had gone through, cried, and when they learn the truth, I was angry at the manipulation that they were put through. It is an emotional story, one I am glad I read.
I received an ARC from Lake Union Publishing through NetGalley.

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The closing of this series could not have been more perfect. I may have cried at the main event.

No More Secrets is told, finally, from Luc’s POV. You are rooting for him the entire time, while also being frustrated with how damn stubborn he is. And oh, Sunshine Girl, so sweet, trying to act so tough. They truly needed each other.

The No More series has been a journey and I’m honored to have been along for the entire ride. The stories are amazing and full of characters you can’t help but care for. I highly, HIGHLY recommend picking up the series, starting with No More Words. I’ll give you…a day a book at most. I’ve read each of them in one single sitting because I simply cannot put them down once I start.

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Lucas, like his siblings, has lived a hard life. A life that sometimes did not seem worth living. After what happened with his sisters and his father, he ran. From everything and everyone. Now, living day to day in a dusty old town helping an old woman run her store, he still struggles to keep going. Until a young girl steals from the store and all he can see is the little sister he failed. Desperate for some sort of redemption, he is determined to help her. She does not make it easy, but together, they may just throw off the shackles that keep them both in the past and find some sort of happiness. His story is not an easy one. Neither is hers, and it's not straightforward, but it's theirs, and I am sad to see this journey end.

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So good! "No More Secrets" by Kerry Lonsdale is an incredible page turner. Intriguing, scarred, struggling characters coming together in a complicated manner, saving each other and themselves in the process. I read this book without reading the previous two novels in the series and enjoyed it just as much. Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the early review copy. All opinions are my own.

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This third book in the series is without doubt right up there with the other two books.
Shiloh and Lucas' story is one that will have you instantly invested into what will happen next and what challenges lie ahead in the next chapter. The characters were well developed and were ones that I wanted to know more about. Kerry Lonsdale is a super talented author that definitely knows how to hold your interest.
I would highly recommend this entire series, you will not regret it.

I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for fair and honest review.

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Shiloh and Lucas are both trying to escape their past. Lucas six months in a detection
centre now riddled with guilt that he failed his family in several ways by ignoring
what was happening to his family. Shiloh abandoned by her mother who preferred a boy
friend to her helpless daughter whowas being molested by said boyfriend. Now lucas and
Shiloh's paths have crossed.

Lucas wants to help Shiloh in a way he did not help his sisters but Shiloh after her
present experiences with most of the men she met, distrusts Lucas and only sees him
as a means to an end - finding enough money to join a boy who she thinks of as a boyfriend
someoneshe met online.

One knows how the story will pan out for Shiloh and how Lucas will rescue her (once again)
but the reunion with the family was a nice touch for both characters. The story draws you
in and makes a person realise how important the family structure and support really are.
Everything that can go wrong will go wrong without good family relationships and communication
without trust and love.

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I've been waiting for the conclusion and Luc's story for so long. I loved how Kerry Lonsdale brought everything full circle and filled in details from the previous books. Most of the book is Luc in hiding and trying to atone for his past mistakes by working for Ivy and taking care of Shiloh, a runaway teen. The reunion between Lilly, Luc and Olivia was not what I was expecting, the entire story was so heartbreaking and kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending felt a bit rushed, and it should have a trigger warning for drug use and sexual assault.

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This 3rd book in Kerry Lonsdale's "No More" trilogy can be read as a standalone but it's better if you read the books in order, otherwise if (when) you go back to the first two, you'll know how they end. However, Lonsdale is such a great writer that you won't mind; the stories each stand on their own merits. Lonsdale makes you care about the characters and believe in them, even when they don't believe in themselves.
The No More trilogy follows the three Carson siblings, with No More Secrets wrapping things up by telling you the story of Lucas Carson. Lucas got into trouble in his teenage years, ended up in juvie where he was assaulted, and rather than help him deal with it when he got out, his parents decided he could just get over it if he pretended it didn't happen. Instead, the experience has warped his life ever since, making Lucas suicidal and unable to get close to anyone. On the run, he has found himself in California City, where he crosses paths with Shiloh Bloom, a 15 year old runaway who reminds Lucas of the sister he failed to help 14 years ago. Can Lucas redeem himself by saving Shiloh? Or will he continue to run from life? An emotional story that explores themes of guilt, fear, redemption and forgiveness, I was immediately drawn in to the story and couldn't put it down!

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The third and final book in the No More series is just as captivating as the first two. The series is about three siblings with a rough upbringing and each book is the story of one of the siblings. This is Lucas’s story. I devoured this book in one day. As tough as Lucas may seem he is a great guy with a big heart. I loved reading his story.

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A big thank-you to Kerry Lonsdale for this gifted copy of the third book in the No More series. I have really enjoyed following the journey of the Carson siblings as they try to figure out how to live their lives in the aftermath of their parents’ abuse and neglect. Each book in the series follows a different sibling, but their stories all intertwine. More pieces of their past are revealed as we get each sibling’s perspective of their childhood.

No More Secrets was Lucas’s book. Those who have read all three books know a little bit about Lucas already, but he has kept lots of secrets from his sisters.

Lucas grows a lot as a person throughout the book. At the beginning, he is wondering if life is worth continuing, but by the end, he has found his place and his purpose again. I adored Lucas’s relationship with Shiloh. He sees her as his second chance to do right by someone in need, after not helping his sister when she needed it. Shiloh was wary of Lucas at first, but realized that he was the good kind of adult who was there to help her.

I enjoyed the closer that we got regarding plot points that were left open in the previous two books–no spoilers, but the series ended in a satisfying way.

This is definitely a series you have to read in order. Without the backstory of Olivia and Lily’s books, I imagine it would be hard to follow the plot points relating to their family history. I’m sad the series is over, but I will certainly be watching out for what Kerry Lonsdale writes next!

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Lucas when we meet him is living in a remote place working for an elderly woman trying to help her keep her sandwich shop open, he also does side jobs like painting the rooms that she wants to rent out. He is running from something and find this isolated place just as good it’s in the other place to hide out. He has a couple of acquaintances but no one he would call friend. One day he sees a teenage girl with stringy greasy hair not enough weight on her and a backpack soon he realizes she is shoplifting from the sandwich shop. He initially stopped her but he lets it go and after that he can’t stop thinking about this young girl that reminds him of his sister. They will meet again though Shiloh is a homeless teen who ran away because living on the streets was better than the house and family she came from she has all her hopes and dreams set on one man who claims to love her but doesn’t lift a finger to help. When she finally decides to let Lucas help her they form their own family but things will intervene to cause problems for this new family they both want to succeed. Sometimes the family we choose is way better than the one we’re getting in just because you’re related doesn’t mean you have to talk to that person. I didn’t read the first two books in this theories and didn’t feel like I missed anything I found this book interesting and I thought the author did a great job giving each character their own personality, which isn’t always the case in books I’ve noticed. And that’s what it is though and what a great book I wish I would’ve read the first two and I probably will in the future when reading this one again I will read those first. I received this book from NetGalley and a publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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