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Excellent conclusion to the No More series. I'm saddened that this series has come to an end, but I'm positive Kerry Lonsdale will be writing more spectacular books that I will be most happy to read. No More Secrets is Lucas' perspective on the Carson family drama, and I thoroughly enjoyed his story the best. Lucas had a good heart and that showed when he helped Shiloh, a 15 year-old girl also running from her past and homeless. He felt that helping her was a way to redeem himself after feeling that he failed his younger sister Lily years before. It was a good brother/sister relationship that developed between them, very heart warming and at times also heart wrenching. If you haven't read the first two books in this series, I highly recommend that you do before reading this one.

Thank you to the Author, Lake Union Publishing, and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions are my own.
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This was an amazing finish to this trilogy of siblings. At times heart wrenching and traumatic, at times heart warming. This is a story of grit, determination, and how love of family and friends can help people move on from terrible secrets.
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Wow, Lucas' story was intense, raw and very moving! It was interesting to see events from Lucas' perspective. The tremendous growth experienced by Lucas throughout this novel was wonderful to read. An excellent ending to the Carson family saga.
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This is the third and final installment of the No More trilogy. Written by Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author (and a personal favorite) Kerry Lonsdale.

Six months after a traumatic juvie stint, Lucas return home forever changed, closing himself off from everyone he has ever loved.

As an adult, Lucas flees his life to start anew or perhaps end it. Along the way he meet Shiloh, a fifteen year old homeless girl on the run from her past. Reminding Lucas of his youngest sister, Lily, who ran away many years before.

Can Lucas redeem himself by helping Shiloh? Can he out run his past or must he stop running and face his past in order to have a future?

All books in the No More Trilogy can be read a lone but you will have a much better story if you read them all in order.
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5 stars plus!!! Be prepared to finish his story in 1 sitting. The final story in the intense family trilogy  introduces the story of Lucas Carson.  Find out how Lucas tries to absolve his past. This story added great new characters while building on the sibling relationship. This story includes family drama, secrets and danger. 
As always Kerry Longsdale leaves you with a book hangover!!
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This is book three in the series. Lucas has been running from his past for awhile now. He drinks too much and cares about his life even less. 
Shiloh ran away from her home and has been living on the streets. She gets caught by Lucas one day trying to steal food. She reminds him of his one sister and how he couldn’t help her but he might be able to help Shiloh.
This book grabbed me from the first page. I read it in one day, it’s so good!  It has some sad parts and secrets are shared.  Definitely add this series to your list
Thanks to Netgalley and the author for the early copy
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This is the 3rd book in the series. I was told you need to read the 1st 2  books 1st, however, I read this book 1st and had no problem knowing what was going on. Lucas is on the run after killing his father. He ends up in California City, and works at a shop. The owner of the shop, Ivy, has taken him under her wing, giving him a job and an apartment. Lucas is suicidal, and an alcoholic, and is bearing a lot of guilt for not assisting his younger sister when she most needed help. Lucas can't seem to go anywhere without thinking he sees her. Shiloh is a run away and lives on the street. Shiloh was caught stealing in the shop that Lucas runs. He chased her but she got away. Lucas eventually sees her again and follows her to an encampment, where she is being attacked. Lucas saves Shiloh and offers her shelter. They become fast friends. They keep other safe and they both end up telling all their secrets. Shiloh makes Lucas do something he never thought he would. They are both very good for each other. This story was very heartwarming and a great read.
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I was excited after reading and liking the first No More. I really liked the idea and premise of the story, it seemed that it took a long time to get to the big story which was pretty short at the end. The characters are good and the story idea even better. Thank you #NetGalley#NoMoreLies#LakeUnionPublishing
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Kerry Lonsdale has done it again.  No More Secrets was a 5-star read for me!  The third and final book in the No More series is Lucas Carson's story, and it is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming.

Lucas is hiding himself and his secrets in a small California town.  He's determined to live life without getting attached to anyone or anything.  Lucas is filled with guilt and shame from the events of his past, and it keeps him from reaching out to his two sisters, Olivia and Lily, convinced he's let them both down so badly that they wouldn't welcome him back in their lives.

Then Lucas encounters a runaway who reminds him of his youngest sister. His resolve to remain a loner is tested when he feels the need to help and protect her.  That need threatens the solitary life he's been leading, and he finds it harder and harder to remain detached, to hide, and to keep his secrets.

Kerry Lonsdale has a way of creating characters you quickly connect with and root for.  I've loved this series, and though I'm sorry to see it end, Kerry has wrapped up the Carson siblings' story beautifully. 

I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book from the publisher and author in exchange for the honest review I have given.
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No More Secrets is a beautifully written closing to the No More Trilogy by Kerry Lonsdale.  In the third installment we finally get to hear Lucas’ side of history and learn much more in-depth about the man he is because of his tumultuous teenage years.  

We already know from the first two No More books; Lucas is a troubled man.  He is written with such detail that you truly feel for him and root for him to overcome his past and become the man he is destined to be.  As such, his path crosses with a teen runaway Shiloh - whom he feels connected to in a way he can’t explain other than he feels he can help her unlike how he abandoned his sister Lily when she needed him most.  Readers should know, Shiloh’s background is hard to read, but Lonsdale writes it with sensitivity.  Shiloh and Lucas’ relationship (plutonic) is heartwarming, and shows Lucas’ growth throughout the novel. 

Lonsdale is a brilliant story teller, and I cannot wait until her next novel!  

Thank you to the Author, Lake Union Publishing, and NetGalley for this ARC - all opinions are my own.
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Thank you to the author, Lake Union Publishing, and Netgalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The final installment of the "No More" series did not disappoint!  While the first two books of the trilogy could have been read as standalone books, No More Secrets tied up all of the loose ends from the first two books.  I do think these books are best read in order.  

This book is not just Lucas's side of the story--it also gives insight into his relationship between his sisters that was not revealed in the first two novels. Lucas's story introduces us to Shiloh, a character that reminds Lucas of his sister Lily.  Shiloh brings out a side of Lucas that both of them need in order to get through the trauma they've endured over the years.  As the story unfolds, Lucas softens and is finally able to clearly see what is important in life for the first time in over a decade. No More Secrets is a story of heartbreak and redemption that kept me hooked from the very beginning, and I can't wait to see what Kerry Lonsdale comes up with next!
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Shiloh is a surprise to Lucas who finds himself wanting to both protect and help the homeless 15 year old, instincts that he hasn't felt for years.  They both tell this story of trauma and redemption.  I'd not read the previous books in this series about siblings who were horribly impacted by the death of their father but it didn't matter because Lonsdale gave enough backstory.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  No new ground in the plot but still a good read.
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This is the third and final book in a series and you really shouldn’t read it on its own. The way the author ties everything together is really wonderful and you would be missing out if you started here. But if you’re already caught up and ready for book three this was such an amazing and bittersweet ending to the trilogy. I love the blend of suspense, family drama and romance that this series has and that combination is just so satisfying for me. There was an emotional component here, Lucas really tugged on my heart and he may be my favorite of all the Carson siblings. Everything came full circle in the end and I found it to be poignant and so perfect and fitting. If you like books about dark family secrets with lots of drama and entertainment this series was so good!
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Kerry Lonsdale, the author of “No More Secrets,” has written a captivating and intriguing novel. This is the third and final book in a trilogy. I certainly hope that Kerry Lonsdale will continue to write about these characters. This novel could be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading the other books. The genres for this series are Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, and Family Fiction. The author vividly describes her characters as complex and complicated. Lucas Carson is the protagonist in this novel and can best be described as secretive, traumatized, insecure, and feeling guilty.

Lucas has spent time in a juvenile detention facility and hides his feelings. Lucas works and helps an older woman. When a 15-year-old girl, Shiloh, is caught stealing, Lucas tries to help her. Shiloh reminds Lucas of his younger sister, Lily, from years ago, which he thinks he has abandoned.

Shiloh is considered a runaway, and the police are looking for her. There are other suspicious characters. Lucas realizes that he has to be honest and face the consequences if he is to be able to live.

I appreciate that Kerry Lonsdale discusses honesty, communication, the importance of family and a support system, love, and hope. I would highly recommend this novel and the series, and I also hope the author will somehow continue this story.
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I just have to say "WOW", the third in a series. I love/loved this book. When I read a Kerry Lonsdale book, I not only read the words I can picture it all in my head like a movie! I open the book and just sink into it and at the end I want to buy everyone a copy so they can get the experience and joy I did. The story flows so well and there are no boring parts, they all fit together. With this (Lucas story), I could feel the heat, I could almost smell the smell heat does to things, people etc. When McDonald's is mentioned in the story I actually went and bought a meal because I could just taste it! This book just had everything going for it, it has a lot of sadness as well but the good feelings made up for it! I wanted to hug them all and say it will be alright and I wanted to hurt those that had hurt them. Thank you Kerry Lonsdale for writing such wonderful books and allowing me to be one of the early readers and reviewers for you, it's a honor, truly! READ this book/series, buy it and enjoy!
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I was excited to finally get Lucas's story - but it was not my favorite. It was very dark and didn't capture me the way Lily/Jenna's story did. I did love the introduction of the great new character in Shiloh, who gives Lucas a second chance to help a young girl when he couldn't help his sister years ago.

Thanks to NetGalley and publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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No More Secrets, by Kerry Lonsdale, is the third book in the No More trilogy. It's a fast paced, family centered, suspense novel with plenty of heart. It was a pretty quick read and I liked how the ending was pulled together and wrapped up so nicely. The only thing I didn't love was how Lucas repeatedly kept beating himself, up over his past, throughout the book. But overall I really enjoyed it.
A traumatic event back when he was a teenager, changed Lucas Carson, irreversibly. He's been in self protection mode, ever since. That's led to a habit of abandoning those he loves including his younger sister. Now he thinks he's found his chance at redemption by helping 15 year old runaway, Shiloh. But helping her means risking all the defenses, that he's built up around himself, being torn down.
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No More Secrets by Kerry Lonsdale is the third book in the outstanding “No More” series.  This one focuses on Lucas and his story. I have been dying to hear from Lucas since reading the first book in this trilogy. I was not disappointed! I think this is my favorite book in the series and I love the way it made the whole story complete. 
Lucas is a complex character and I was excited to learn more about him and his story.  The character of Shiloh was amazing and I could see her having her own book. This really was a perfect ending to this saga and I am sad to have it be over! Please do yourself a favor and start with book one and read them in order. You won’t want to miss this fabulous trilogy! Thanks to the author for an advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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NO MORE SECRETS is the third and final book in the fantastic No More series by Kerry Lonsdale. I loved the first two books and this is a gripping and powerful ending to the series. After hearing from siblings Olivia and Lily in the first two books, NO MORE SECRETS tells Lucas’s story.  Lucas remains haunted by his traumatic past. His life is altered forever after spending six months in a juvenile detention facility and he is in hiding in a remote town, ready to run if his identity is discovered. Lucas has never gotten over the guilt he harbors over abandoning his younger sister, Lily, years before. Lucas crosses paths with fifteen-year-old, Shiloh Bloom, a homeless and troubled teen. Despite his self-imposed isolation, Lucas takes Shiloh in and they soon form a bond that will change both their lives forever. The emotions of the characters are raw and complex and portrayed so vividly that I felt like I was in the story with them.  At times both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, the story kept me completely engrossed and on the edge of my seat with the suspense. NO MORE SECRETS is the perfect conclusion to an outstanding series and I can’t recommend this book and the whole series highly enough! Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read and review an early copy.
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Lucas seeks redemption.  Lucas returns to real life, and he meets a young girl he tries to help.  Feeling guilty over neglecting his own sister, he hopes that helping someone else will make up for his past sins.  This book was sent to me by Netgalley, electronically, for review.  Thanks to the publisher and the author also.  This story moves somewhat slowly, at times, but comes to a resounding ending.  Enjoy.
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