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Lucas seeks redemption.  Lucas returns to real life, and he meets a young girl he tries to help.  Feeling guilty over neglecting his own sister, he hopes that helping someone else will make up for his past sins.  This book was sent to me by Netgalley, electronically, for review.  Thanks to the publisher and the author also.  This story moves somewhat slowly, at times, but comes to a resounding ending.  Enjoy.
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I couldn’t wait to read this one!  Lucas did not disappoint.  His story was probably my favorite of the series.  I really loved all the supporting characters in his tale.  His family wasn’t tied by blood but they belong together all the same by choice.  The road back to his sisters was arduous and I can’t wait to dive back in and read it again because it blew me away!

Keep raising the bar Kerry!!!  If she’s not your new favorite author you’ve been reading the wrong books!

A beautifully told story has a certain kind of power and the No More series delivers quite the punch!  Family, friends, enemies, drama, intrigue and love…it’s all there!
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No More Secrets
by Kerry Lonsdale 
Pub Date: March 14, 2023 
Lake Union 
Thanks to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for the e-galley of this book. I was not required to write a positive review of this book. 
A young man seeks redemption from his past in the third novel from the No More trilogy by Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale.
I loved this book! Lonsdale maintains suspense throughout! I would recommend this for psychological-thriller fans. Lucas is a broken soul who captured my attention and sympathy. The story is told by Lucas and Shiloh in alternating chapters which gives readers a first hand look at their character and backstory. 
You will lose sleep over this book. Must read! 

5 stars
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The last book in the No More series. I was so excited to hear from Lucas! He's running from his past and running from the law. He's not in contact with his sisters or his mom and all alone working at a motel/convenience store. He is broken, but loveable and soon meets Shiloh a young girl who is fifteen and homeless running from abuse. Lucas instantly senses she needs his help and his protection. She reminds him so much of his sister Lily, who ran away when she was pregnant at sixteen. Lucas takes Shiloh in and gives her a place to stay and a place to work. He protects her from harm, just as he wished he could have done for his sister Lily. There is so much he longs to tell his sisters, but not while he's on the run.

I loved Lucas's character, flawed and broken, but a good person under all of it. When he starts to reveal some of his secrets, everything about him starts to make sense. I wasn't sure where the story would go, but I couldn't wait to find out. Such a great 3rd book! You could read this as a stand alone, but why? There are two more wonderful books before this one that tell each of his sister's stories. Kerry Lonsdale did an amazing job finishing this series. Don't hesitate to pick up your copy and be sure to read book 1 and book 2, you won't be disappointed!
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What a beautiful story of redemption and reconciliation! I’ve loved each story in this Carson sibling trilogy but Lucas’ has to be my favorite. So well written and this final installment wraps up their family’s story perfectly. 

I’m typically drawn to more lighthearted reads but absolutely loved these books. They’re real and raw and I couldn’t put them down. 

Read these books!!
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This series and especially this story are amazing!     I loved the first two books but this one is the best out of the three, all  the secrets come out in this one, which allows the siblings the chance to heal.  This has everything needed for a great story, it made me laugh and cry and I rooted for  Lucas from the beginning to the end. This is a definite must read!!! Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC!!
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After Lucas spent six months in a juvenile detention center, he returned home as a changed person.  He no longer wanted to be around his family - especially his sisters.  He and Lily had always been close but when she ran away from home at 16, he didn't even try to find her.  Now he's living a lonely and sad life.  He's managing a store and renting an apartment from the owner.  He rebuffs every effort she makes to connect with him and just wants to be alone.  Until he meets Shiloh - who he refers to as Sunshine Girl.  She's homeless and living in an abandoned car in a junk yard with other homeless people.  She reminds him so much of his younger sister Lily, that he wants to help take care of her and provide her with food and a place to stay.  They make up a story that she's his niece and she starts working at the store with him.  He feels like they are becoming friends until she runs away again to meet up with a man she met on the internet who professes to love her.  Lucas runs to her rescue but will he be too late and has Sunshine Girl gotten in too deep?  It turns out that Lucas's sisters are looking for him but so are the police.  Will he able to save Shiloh but more importantly will he be able to save himself and reconcile with his sisters?

No more Secrets was the perfect ending to this wonderful and emotional trilogy about family and love and how secrets can change the entire course of a family's life together and bringing those secrets to the light can redeem a family and make them whole again.
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The final instalment in the No More series. The No More Series tells the stories of siblings Olivia, Lucas and Lily

This book gives us Lucas’s story. We join Lucas after he has run from the family home following the death of their father and find out what caused him to run and learn about the secrets he’s been hiding.

We also meet troubled teen Shiloh, who is on the run following her stepfather’s unwanted attention and her druggie mother believing him over her.. Shiloh is hiding out, attempting to get to her online boyfriend as she thinks she will be safe there.

Lucas and Shiloh’s paths cross when he catches her stealing from the store he’s working at. She reminds him of his sisters Lily from around the time she ran away from home. He hasn’t seen her since and holds a lot of guilt at not being there for her when she needed him.

Once again Kerry has written the characters so well that you can’t help but connect with each character. I couldn’t put the book down as I wanted to find out what happens to them, would their stories end well. Would they reconnect with their families and how would things turn out.

If you haven’t read any of the No More books then I highly recommend you pick them up and read them all together.

I would like to thank Kerry and her team for the opportunity to read this title early. It was definitely worth the wait.
 I cannot wait to see hats coming next from her
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Thank you Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an early copy of this publication. The review and comments are my honest opinion.
Broken and feeling guilty for all the wrongs he committed in his past, Lucas Carson is hiding out in a small desert town in this the conclusion to the trilogy of Olivia, Lily and Lucas by Kerry Lonsdale. Lucas runs across Shiloh, a runaway, and sees in her a chance to make up for his past. But all does not turn out as Lucas hopes and he is almost dragged back into his past.
This is a wonderful story of individuals who are struggling and broken only to become redeemed and stronger than they ever thought possible. 
The three books of “No More Words”, “No More Lies”, and “No More Secrets” will hopefully not be “No More” from this compelling, heartfelt writer.
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Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review. 
Expected publication date: March 14, 2023
Lucas Carson served six months in a juvenile detention centre for a crime he didn’t commit and once he was released, traumatized and broken, he wants nothing more than to disappear. He ends up in California City, working in a convenience store and managing a group of apartments, constantly looking over his shoulder with his bags packed- ready to run should his past catch up with him. When he meets fifteen year old Shiloh, a teen runaway, he is struck by such vivid memories of his youngest sister, Lily, that Lucas feels compelled to help. Lily was pregnant when she was forced out of their childhood home and Lucas did not reach out and help her like he could have, and he sees Shiloh as a form of redemption. But someone else is looking for him in California City, and Lucas has to decide if Shiloh is worth sticking around for. 
Kerry Lonsdale brings her trilogy of the Carson siblings to a close with her latest novel, “No More Secrets”. Her previous stories, “No More Lies” and “No More Words” introduced Olivia and Lily, and I was overjoyed to get the chance to explore Lucas’ side of things. It is not necessary to read all three novels in any particular order, as each is focused on a different sibling and tells a different story, however I highly recommend reading them all! 
Lucas is a broken soul who immediately captured my attention and my sympathy. Although he is presumed guilty (by his own presumption anyway) of a horrendous crime, it is easy to root for him. Shiloh, too, is so young and naïve and her innocent, protective relationship that develops with Lucas is so heartwarming, you can’t help but hope for good things for them both. Lucas and Shiloh bond over their mutual trauma, yet both are desperate to turn their lives around. 
The story is told by both Lucas and Shiloh, in alternating chapters, giving the reader a first-hand look at the characters and their backstory. I loved the charming, emotional reunion at the end of the novel that brought the Carson siblings back together after years of heartbreak and loss. Only Lonsdale can spin such a delightful yet poignant novel, that pulls on all the heartstrings. Lonsdale delivers relatable characters, a well-developed plot and an emotional quest for redemption in “No More Secrets”, the captivating finale in her “No More” trilogy.
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Kerry Lonsdale skillfully reminds her readers that every story has several sides; yours, theirs and the truth. In the ‘No More’ trilogy, Lonsdale has introduced us to the Carson siblings and shows us that each of them has reacted differently to a single event in their past. In books one and two, she introduced us to Lily and Olivia and now, Lucas gets to wrap up the series and reveal to us how that night affected him. 

The Carson siblings have their fair share of baggage thanks in part to less-than-ideal parents. I knew going into it that Lucas’ story would be uncomfortable for me, but trusted Lonsdale to present it sensitively. She crafts him as a suicidal alcoholic on a collision course with fate. While his trauma has dictated his behaviour in the past, he now seems willing to risk his anonymity and freedom when he presses pause and makes a conscious choice to get to know Shiloah. They are a balm for each other and a catalyst for each to move on from their past. 

I appreciated the sneak peek into intergenerational trauma and the potential there is to stop the cycle. Lonsdale shows us that it’s possible to live a normal life that isn’t ruled by our childhood. This story made me thankful for loving parents who instilled healthy coping mechanisms and gave me a wonderful relationship to emulate. My teacher’s heart is always on the lookout for those less fortunate and an opportunity for reaching a hand up. 

The characters in this book were probably my favourites. I loved getting to know Lucas better and thought Shiloh, Sophie, Ivy and Irving were crafted by a skillful writer. Through these characters, Lonsdale explores guilt, fear, forgiveness, and acceptance, and examines how we are driven by desperation to do things we wouldn’t normally do. 

Finally, I appreciated Lonsdale’s foresight in making the Carson family’s story a trilogy. It gave me a panoramic view (of an otherwise trimmed version) of this complicated and dysfunctional family.

I was gifted this copy by Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.
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As a pure fan who idolizes Kerry Lonsdale I must say this 3rd novel of the No More series is the bomb!
There's nothing quite like running away from your pasts until those past come crawling back to you in the forms of dreams/nightmares in living color.
How do you simply ignore someone elses' plight to pain? Their own suffering? Their own past mistakes that has brought them to this point in which you find them before you?
These are the questions that must be answered and by GOD we get answers! We get truths! Hell, we get it all!
Lucas is such a colorful character. He's a guy who let his two other siblings take the fall for his transgressions in stealing.
Now, he's the one facing juvenile detention when he stumbles upon a young homeless girl on the run named Shiloh.
This relationship brings about much needed change, perception, depth of character, and morality into play.
You simply can't run forever. You must face your problems and deal with the hand God gave you.
Like it or not Lily was a runaway with an alias and a past history that she's now tending too 13 years later.
Life does go full circle - you bet it does!
Shiloh's mom meanwhile isn't quite the lady you want to invite to dinner. Don't go setting out the silverware just yet...
You see knives are best laid out where we can all see them but some of us are blind to the reality that's before us.
How could anyone have known...truly...
Can we just own up to the traumatic lives they all had and the fact that many of them are dealing with things that've been long supressed and kept hidden.
For example, Lucas has more to tell then simply being locked up. Detention ain't no place for a young boy. Things happen behind bars. Ugly, despicable things, things nobody wants to hear about that changes a boy into a man real quickly.
All of this chatter about Luca's mom and the situation she now finds herself is can be only summed up as this, "it's her own damn fault."
However, sometimes even the hard core among us have to acknowledge that things happen to good and bad individuals that can make someone become hardened for life.
Such the case here in more ways than one and yes, even for Luca's mom and or Benton's widow.
Folks, just nasty is my best terminology but when it comes right down to it the black sheep will carry on because that's how we're built. We take the hits yet, we survive.
I use the term we because at 49 yo in a toxic family I know this pain all too well as the black sheep.
We always overcome the strongest storms and ride that wave outta here.
Thank you to Kerry Lonsdale, Lake Union Publishers, NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
This latest work is due out in March 14 2023.
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No More Secrets is the third and final book in the No More Series and let me tell you, Kerry Lonsdale saved the BEST for last! It was the perfect ending to a perfect trilogy. No More Secrets gives Lucas Carson's side of the story and by the end, you just want to wrap him in the biggest hug. I have been lucky enough to be on the advanced reader team so I've gotten to completely follow the story of the Carson siblings. Lucas's story fills in all the gaps and brings everything together so I highly recommend reading No More Words and No More Lies before reading No More Secrets. This is a story of forgiveness, acceptance, healing, and moving forward. This book will give you all the feels and then some! Kerry, thank you for giving us such masterpieces!
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I received a digital ARC from Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley.

This is the third and final novel in the No More trilogy. No More Secrets is Lucas Carson’s story. It is my favorite of the trilogy. I do not think it is absolutely necessary to read all three novels in order, as the backstory is mentioned throughout the novel. However, I highly recommend reading all of the books because the Carsons are amazing characters.

Readers should know that Lucas’ story specifically deals with topics that some readers triggering. These topics include: a suicide attempt, physical assault, sexual assault, runaways, and homelessness.
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No More Secrets by K. Lonsdale, published by Lake Union Publishing, is the third stand-alone in the No More Series.
Lucas is a 33 year old who loves his single life. A no strings guy, who's about to get caught up in drama. 
Shiloh is a 15 year old drifter who's already through a lot. Caught shoplifting by Lucas their paths collide. Both deal with their own issues, skeletons in the closet.
The story deals with deep issues, is raw and gritty, gives all the feels. An unputdownble read, 5 stars.
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Shiloh, a 15 year old runaway is trying to meet up with a boy she met online that promised to take care of her if she can make it out to California on her own. Her home life is no longer safe with an abusive boyfriend her mother brought home and her mother unable to stay clean herself. 

Lucas is also on the run, but from the police. He thinks he killed his father and if the law catches up to him, he will return to jail where he was abused the last time he was there. He has found a long-term stay helping out at a local grocery mart but has plans to move on as soon as he can. He is finding it hard to leave as he has grown to like working at the grocery mart and the people that own it. 

Shiloh and Lucas cross paths when he catches her stealing from the store. She reminds him of his own sister who he says he was unable to save. A sister he no longer talks to. Lucas feels the need to protect Shiloh and saves her from the homeless life she was living and saves her again when the guy she met online just leaves her when he finds out her real age. 

Watching their relationship grow, Shiloh looks up to Lucas as a father figure. They have their ups and downs and misunderstandings happen along the way. In the end, relationships are healed and the truth reveals itself. What an incredible way to end this series!
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This is the third book in a series. This was my favorite of the 3 books. There was a bit of suspense in this story and I really enjoyed the main characters. This is a storyline that could continue to hold my interest and play out.
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No More Secrets is the gripping and powerful conclusion to the No More series, and was the perfect way to wrap up the stories of the Carson siblings. Lucas is haunted by his past; traumatized by the six months he spent in juvenile detention, hiding from police and an arrest warrant, and feeling unspeakable guilt for abandoning his sister. When he crosses paths with Shiloh, a fifteen year old homeless girl who is also running from her past, he thinks that saving her will bring him redemption and absolution from his mistakes. Lucas leaps off the page—his conflicting emotions, his pain, his fear of both the past, the present and the future are all told in raw, intimate detail. Shiloh is also brilliantly portrayed, her fear and desperation offset by the glimmer of hope that is heightened by her naïveté, despite all she has endured in her young life. Each page was fraught with emotion and tension, my heart equally breaking and healing, then breaking and healing all over again. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book, experiencing the guilt, the fear, the pain, the yearning for forgiveness and acceptance, and the longing for both Lucas and Shiloh to be loved and to be believed.
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This is my first book by Kerry Lonsdale and I did not realize when chose it that it was part of a series.  Nonetheless the story stood alone and was a great read.

This is a story about a broken man on the run and a young runaway who changes his life.  Ms. Lonsdale has woven such a believable story that touches on many difficult subjects: family trauma, sexual trauma, living in fear of the past, living as a runaway.  

Lucas and Shiloh’s story is a great one filled with pain, angst, anger, fear, and being unable to let others in.  Yet, the story is written in such a way that it pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. The story is told by both pints of view which makes the characters more endearing.  A page turner that had me wishing for happy ever after for both characters.  Grab this book, you won’t regret it.  Now that I know that there are two books before this one, I will be reading them as well.

Thank you NetGalley, Kerry Lonsdale and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Publication date:  3/14/2023
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I didn’t read the previous No More series, but No More Secrets loses nothing as a stand alone, wonderful characters. Lucas is a man on the run, as memories of past events and traumas skew his memories, muddying what really happened, or if any of it actually did. His estrangement from his sisters is a an ache that eats at him every waking moment. 
And then he encounters Shiloh, a 15 yr old runaway, living in an abandoned car, hungry and no money other than what she can lift, from unsuspecting victims, trying to keep herself alive. After Lucas catches her shoplifting in the small store he clerks in, he sets out to rescue her from her dangerous situation, after learning her story of parental neglect and abuse. There relationship with the elderly owner of the store, completes their little family.
This is a story of broken lives, lost souls, neglect, heartbreak and the road to recovery. Kerry Lonsdale is a wonderful storyteller and her characters are interesting and likable. I have read other books and she never fails to disappoint. A worthy read! 
My thanks to NetGalley, The author and Lake Union Publishing fir the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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