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Genre: Family Suspense
Steamy?: Mild
Cliffhanger?: No
Can be read as Standalone?: Possibly but best to read book 1 and 2 first
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars


This is the final book in the series, and we got to know Lucas. The journey to knowing his background and understanding his perspective was interesting. I honestly didn’t love or dislike the book. I just felt it was a fairly enjoyable read that brought clarity and closure to a complex family dynamic. I went into this story blind which I feel made it hard for me to connect to the book in the beginning until I gained a better understanding of Shiloh’s role in the story. But over-all, a satisfying end to the series.
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Book three in the No More series blew my expectations out of the water. I loved the first book so much, I feared that the other two books would not meet the expectations that book one set. Each book got better. Kerry Lonsdale has an incredible talent for weaving heartbreaking story lines with broken characters in a way that touches your heart and makes you want to love these people.

After reading the first two books, I wasn't sure how Lucas's story would unfold. No more secrets hooked me from page one and I was invested completely and I could not put it down. I carried my Kindle with me from room to room because I didn't want to stop reading.
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This book was a page turner from beginning to end. This author is always a no brainer for me wanting to pick up a book written by them. A runaway girl from a bad environment and runs into someone who knows a thing or two about hiding - he offers to help her and keep her safe but none of that savior complex she cannot survive on her own situation. Definitely had multiple storylines and kept me engaged from beginning to end. Highly recommend.  I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Now THAT is how you write an ending to a trilogy!
No More Secrets is Lucas story. The black sheep of the family, the only male sibling of three. The one that was supposed to protect, the one that was supposed to be everything a big brother is supposed to be, but was not. Instead of facing his battles or coming to his little sister’s aid when she called for him, he ran. Ashamed, fearful, & traumatized of being detained for a crime, he goes into hiding and ignores both of his sisters…their lives are better off without him. He ends up in the middle of nowhere California, existing. Not living. At least that’s what he was hoping for •
One day, in walks a “ray of sunshine” child, Shiloh, at the convenient store he runs and steals food. Before Lucas can catch up to the little thief, she’s gone. But he can’t help and not think of Lily, his little sister, that was forced to run away pregnant, at 16. He can’t stop thinking of this homeless child, and what she must be going through. She becomes his redemption. What he couldn’t and should have done for his sister, he will make up for by helping this little girl. •
But it’s not just Lucas’s sisters that are looking for him. Shiloh is only 15. Her mother and the police are looking for her. What Lucas thought was a way to absolve the mistakes he made in the past by taking in and protecting Shiloh, ends up being the reason he has to actually face his past and stop running from it. •
I wish I could give this novel 100000 stars ⭐️!! Heartfelt, emotionally-charged, and suspenseful, No More Secrets is a novel of what it means to be a family, how running from the past does not erase or stop it from finding you, and throughout it all, you have a purpose. You just might not know it.
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Satisfying Conclusion. Let's be clear up front: This is absolutely one of those trilogies where you need to read the books in order to both avoid spoilers and to understand all that is going on. So go read No More Words and No More Lies before you read this book - and then be glad you bought all three of them at once, because unlike certain apparently masochistic advance reader copy readers, you had the wisdom to wait until the entire trilogy was available to read this book. Because this entire trilogy is one where you're going to want the next book *now*, and at least with this concluding chapter, all is revealed - finally - and everything comes to a satisfying conclusion for all characters. Not that I'm going to reveal what those conclusions were for anyone in this review, but Lonsdale does do a solid job of wrapping up the trilogy.

In this particular tale, we finally find out what has been motivating Lucas all along, where he ran off to and why, and yet again we also get a satisfying "solo adventure" before the siblings from the first two books intersect with the tale once again. Truly a compelling series, and truly a compelling "solo" tale here. Very well executed, with near perfect pacing throughout. With this latest trilogy complete, and with it a bit of a break from the types of tales Lonsdale was telling quite a bit before this, it will be interesting to see where Lonsdale goes from here - she has proven quite conclusively that she doesn't need the "crutch" her previous stories were almost beginning to seem like they were leaning on, and now that she has the sky is truly the limit. This book, this trilogy, and this author are all very much recommended.
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No More Secrets is the action packed conclusion to the No More series. Lonsdale has crafted wonderfully layered and flawed characters that readers root for throughout the series. As we learned in the first two books, the Carson siblings have a complex history. At its heart this installment was about seeking redemption, uncovering truths and finding forgiveness.
In this installment we get to know more about Lucas, and we meet Shiloh, a courageous young lady that finds herself in a troubling situation. I was drawn into Lucas’s compelling story-I finished it in one afternoon because I could not put the book down.
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All is right in the world.  Lucas' story has been told.  Kerry Lonsdale is truly gifted.  I do not know what magic elixir she drank from, but whatever it is, it works.  I've said it before, but this woman could write the phone book and I would be hanging off of every word of it.  Some authors you just click with and she seems to be my unicorn!  I really enjoyed hearing Lucas' story.  His character was fascinating to me, as was his interactions with Shiloh.  It's the tale of two broken souls somehow finding and seeing each other and helping the other "Bloom" (which will be more clever of a reference if you read the book).  Get to cracking on writing that phone book, Ms. Lonsdale.  I'm waiting!!!
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Adore this author and this book did not disappoint!  This final book in the trilogy focuses on Lucas and his story and answers all the questions of where he's been,  and why wasn't he there when his sister's needed him the most, especially when dealing with their toxic parents! Recommend you read in order.
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After reading the first two books in the No More series, I was excited to dig into book three and follow Lucas Carson’s story. 

Lucas suffered a trauma in prison that no-one should have to endure, and he feels deeply guilty about how he left his relationship with his younger sister, Lily. 
He’s holed up at an apartment complex in California City, and debating whether he still has the will to live, when he runs into a teenage runaway. Shiloh Bloom is in danger and needs help. The question is, through helping Shiloh, will Lucas finally outrun his demons and reunite with the sisters he so misses?

Meanwhile, Shiloh has run away from her mom's abusive boyfriend. She’s spunky, determined, and making the best of being on the streets at only fifteen years old. And she’s not about to blindly trust some guy she’s never met who “just wants to help”.

The developing friendship between Shiloh and Lucas is endearing, shows how despite his practiced gruff-ness Lucas is great g guy at heart, and will end up changing them both. 

The story is told from Shiloh and Lucas points of view. Lucas perfects the “bad guy redemption arc” we love to root for, and Shiloh is so witty, vulnerable, yet determined to be resilient that you can’t help but love her.

A satisfying end to a great trilogy. Maybe in the future we’ll get to hear more of Shiloh’s story, too?

Kerry Londsale is one of my favorite authors. As always, this novel kept me riveted from the first page to the last.
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A good satisfying ending to this three book series. Each book in the series concentrated on one of three sibling, Lily, Olivia, and Lucas. They came from a very dysfunctional family, who's parents thought more of their lives, than that of their children.
This particular book concentrates on Lucas Carson, who has been running from his past and from himself for things he either did or thought he did.
The characters in this book were wonderful, we find Lucas in a small town living at a motel owned by Ivy, an older woman who also owned a small convenience store, where Lucas became her handyman.
Shiloh, a young runaway, that reminds Lucas of one of his sisters, and who he helped get away from a homeless camp where she wasn't safe.
And a woman who seems to be stalker, and who Lucas thinks is after him.
The series is really interesting with so many stories between all of the siblings, definitely worth reading.
I have read all of the Authors books and have enjoyed all of them.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a copy of this book.
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The conclusion to the No More trilogy by Kerry Lonsdale was executed perfectly!

Each book takes the perspective of one the Carson siblings and their toxic childhood.  No More Secrets follows Lucas Carson after he serves 6 months in a detention center for shoplifting.  Lucas comes home traumatized and becomes distant with his family.  Lucas has self-destructive behavior and lands himself running away from home and his demons.  

Lucas has a job at a convenience store where he finds a teen attempting to shop lift.  Shiloh Bloom reminds Lucas of his younger sister, Lily, who was also a run away.  Lucas wasn't able to help Lily as a child but he is driven to help Shiloh.  He gives her food and shelter. She gives him a purpose. Together they invent a background for her and form a bond. But the risk of discovery grows. Lucas’s sisters aren’t the only ones looking for him. So are Shiloh’s mother and the police. If Lucas wants to heal and have a future, he must stop running and face everything he’s left behind.

Thank you to Kerry Lonsdale, Lake Union Publishing an NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book!
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What a great find!  Third in the trilogy but the first for me.  The author made it so interesting I was grabbed like a McDonalds French fry and the relationship lasted until the final final crunchy bit is gone.  There is a trip to Hollywood not to be missed.  The story of messing up 14 years ago continuing to blame yourself  especially for an event you can’t even remember due to the heavy drinking and the parts you think you remember, you find, are incorrect..  These memories placed him in such a dark place but by saving the life and caring for someone else and putting their life first. This leads to redemption. His protégé is able to find her mother and they make amends. What a great book.  I will be looking for  Kerry Lonsdale in the future. And will make her next novel a must read now. That is what this one turned out to be for me..  yes I will most definitely be recommending this book
I was given an early read. These are my own opinions.   I want to thank the following for the early read:

Publication Date:  14 March 2023
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One-day read! I was immediately pulled into the final installment of Lonsdale's No More series. Easily my favorite of the bunch. Lonsdale has created a suspenseful page-turner with sexy, multi-layered characters that had me invested from page one. The relationship between Shiloh and Lucas was heartfelt with so much depth, and the bond between these three siblings really moved me. Perfect ending to the series that will satisfy all readers.
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Oops. This wasn’t the book I thought it was. And of all the genres I don’t usually read, Dark Romance is at the top. But hey, the Lonsdale name demands respect, so I open page one. Nice work, Kerry, I loved the opening sentences. Before I know it, I’m at Chapter Four. Kerry’s writing is beautiful. Her romance moments classy but cinematic. I need to see how this unfolds. A day later, I’m finished, and I really enjoyed the story. Moreover, I’ve learned a lot more about descriptive writing and flow and impeccable word use. Lawdy, I may need to read another one. Thank you. What a talent. I’ll be quick to recommend the author to others whether they read the genre or not.
And man, there were some icy moments in this book. Who knew?
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I loved both books that are already out in the No More series, but can easily say the final book, No More Secrets, is my favorite out of all of them! Learning about Lucas and parts of his story in No More Words and No More Lies, I knew his book was going to be heartbreaking when we got to see things from his perspective, but it also gave me the closure I needed for this series and the characters.

Shiloh was a great addition to this series, and Kerry if you ever want to write a story that just focuses on her, I'd gladly read it! She was incredibly brave with everything that she had been through and I liked the almost father/daughter-like bond that her and Lucas were building. They both needed each other in more ways then they even knew, and I loved seeing a side of Lucas that was so protective over Shiloh and just wanted the best for her, despite only knowing her for a little bit. 

Each of the books in this series highlights just how phenomenal of a writer Kerry is. In each book we are given the story of a different Carson sibling and you really feel as if you are living out everything they are going through. No More Secrets kept me on the edge of my seat as I needed to find out how everything was going to play out and I could not put it down! If you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend it, but read it in order, it is worth it!
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I usually read ARC closer to the publication date. However, I was itching to read this book and I wanted to start a book that I knew I would enjoy.

I LOVED Lucas storyline...he has such a great heart and troubled past. The supporting characters -Shiloh and Ivy- add so much to the story and show us his suffering from a different angle. Kerry does a great job at bringing the main characters from the trilogy and intertwine their stories. Sophie was a nice add on from Lily's story. 

Looking forward to reading whatever Kerry Lonsdale writes next!

Thanks to Kerry for letting me know the book as available as READ NOW, thanks to NetGalley for the platform, and to Lake Union Publishing.
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Loved this conclusion to the No More series!  In this third book, we hear Lucas’ back story amidst events that are currently happening.  No matter what Lucas tries to do, it seems to go wrong.  He finally learns to deal with his past in order to heal and move forward.  I don’t want to reveal too much but this was a great ending to the trilogy.  But maybe (hopefully) we’ll get a story about Shiloh down the road.
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No More Secrets is the perfect ending to this compelling and thought-provoking trilogy. After a heartbreaking series of traumas, Lucas - brother of Olivia and Lily from the first two books - has walled himself off and hidden from his family. He believes he doesn’t deserve a future or relationships because of his past. When he crosses paths with Shiloh, a 15 year old runaway, he finds himself caring more than he should about protecting her and seeing parallels between her life and his own past. As the story unfolds, and Lucas is pushed to reconnect and re-examine his decisions, old and new characters reveal the truth from many events from the past. Beautifully written with so much heart and compassion evident in every part of the story, this satisfying closing to the No More series - and the Carson siblings - is a must read!
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This book is the perfect ending for the trilogy about the Carson siblings. Lucas, the brother who ran away, is featured in this heart-wrenching story about finding truth and moving on towards a more hopeful future. Luc ran away from a past that still haunts him and has to deal with the discovery about what really happened before he can move on and grasp a bright future. I especially enjoyed how much emotion this book included, especially with the friendships that Luc makes and what a kindhearted person he really is. He is such a vulnerable soul that he just puts himself right out there and ends up getting hurt. All of the action is very realistic and thought-provoking. I enjoyed that this book brought all three siblings together in some very surprising and unexpected scenarios. Mostly, I’m delighted to have a conclusion to Luc’s story because his is the most compelling and the most dynamic, with plenty of action and drama. The entire book was well paced and introduced some secondary characters that I really enjoyed meeting, especially the teen survivor Shiloh. The mystery of the Carsons and all that happened to them is resolved, making this an extremely satisfying book to read with no loose ends and lots of tears. Although this book can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the “No More” trilogy so that the entire story of the Carsons is enjoyed and all of the puzzle pieces fit together so well. A masterpiece of a family saga that is not to be missed!
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author via Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guidelines Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.”
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I didn't want to put this one down. However...
The build up of the story was great, but the end didn't match the beginning. Without giving away too much, there was very very little talk about the subject who ended up having kept the most secrets. There was also too much page-filling with introspection and it got a bit repetitive. I skimmed over bits where Luc or Shiloh were too hard on themselves for too long. I can understand that in a 15 year old, but not an adult man. And then I got a little confused with the jobs of Olivia and Lily at the end. I think this could have been two different books with the abrupt swerve it took.

But again, I thought about the characters even when I wasn't reading and stayed up too late a couple nights because I was deep into the story. There was also a lot of unnecessary nookie. Not a prude at all, but it didn't ad to the story.

I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review, which I have provided above.
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