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Playful Peg Loom Weaving

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This is a book about weaving with peg loom which is made of long dowels that you wrap your yarn around, not the kind with a frame of any kind. There are step by step instructions and nice projects. First they tell you how to make a peg loom out of a bunch of dowels. Those can be inserted in a flat plank of wood with holes, or even held in your hands for a smaller project. Then there are detailed instructions on how to prepare the materials and how to weave. Everything is explained very well. Then there are projects - from small stuff to make in a few hours, to really large and involving project. Including a headboard. The projects look appealing. Although there is a wall hanging in there, but also lots of more interesting stuff. I liked the circular projects. 

I received free digital copy of the book from NetGalley
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I do weave but this way of weaving is completely new to me, I can see the resemblance to all the other forms of weaving, but the pegs are new.
There is good explanation from the start up, equipment and how to use the various pegs, followed by some easy project. These include wearable art, mats, baskets and various display items. The instructions is clear and easy to follow, and the equipment easily sourced or made.
Great little hobby for adults and children. .  Thanks you NetGalley and the publishers for the DRC
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Perfect fit for our relaxed and slow home Ed days under a duvet. We had so much fun s as t tempting this. Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Playful Peg Loom Weaving is a beginner friendly instructional guide with tutorials for getting started with simple peg looms written by Stephanie Fradette. Released 26th Oct 2022 by Pen & Sword on their White Owl imprint, it's 120 pages and is available in paperback and ebook formats. 

This book *is* playful and exuberant, full of colourful and fun projects which will get readers' fingers itching to dive in. In addition (perhaps as importantly), it's a solid instruction book for making/acquiring tools and techniques to craft items with simple movable peg looms & weaving sticks, yarn/fibres, and hands. The author presupposes no previous experience or familiarity with the techniques and gives a step-by-step introduction to the process from start to finish. Full sized templates are included in the back of the book, as well as an abbreviated suppliers list with links (mostly aimed at readers living in the UK).

The book is arranged logically and the tutorials are grouped thematically: getting started (making/acquiring tools and sourcing supplies through setting up, materials choices, and even a little colour theory), followed by the 17 tutorials arranged roughly by time investment needed to finish each project. The projects range from utilitarian to purely decorative and there are several jewelry type accessories included. The photography is clear and in colour.

Four stars. Lovely and useful book. This would be a nice choice for public library acquisition, maker's groups, school art classes (even for young students), and for home crafters. 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Fun, easy to follow book on Peg Loom Weaving.  As a kid, I loved making potholders on the square looms, so this book was right up my alley.

I like the information about what you need to get started, and the projects were all appealing!
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Unfortunately this archived before I realised my download wasn’t working, apologies

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Playful Peg Loom Weaving is a brilliant book for anyone looking for a new hobby or wanting to further their skills in peg loom weaving.
I think I've found a new hobby! The projects in this book are so beautiful. There are so many projects in this book from coasters and earings to  seat pads and bedding. Each project is told in bite sized steps which are easy to follow and accompanied by photos too. I really want to give the home projects in this book a go towards Christmas time! This book would make s perfect gift for anyone who loves crafty projects, knits or crochets.
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I've Always been looking for New Hobbies to Try my Hand at (& My Mum's as well) So this Book has Given me Insight on Loom Weaving.
(Thanks to Net Galley for this Book).
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I thought this book had a lot of great ideas for using yarn that didn't include crochet. It is easy to follow along to make very fun and usable pieces!
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An incredible instruction book on the use of Peg looms and weaving sticks beginning with the history and where to obtain them as well as instructions on how to make your own,  she describes set ups and types of yarn and materials needed. Next she provides extensive and thorough instructions on how to weave with both types in beautiful step by step instructional photographs.  Once the techniques have all been covered, the book concludes with 17 projects ranging in time involved in completing from an hour  or so to a day to a weekend project. The projects all have complete instructions with step by step photographs. The author includes templates for some of her designs and a list of resources  for peg looms , yarn, weaving sticks and other needs.The author lives in Scotland and all measurements in the book are metric.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, from Pen & Sword and #NetGalley. Thank you for the opportunity to preview and review. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

I’m new to this craft,  I found it helpful and creative.
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I just discovered yarn arts this year and am in the process of making my second blanket on a loom, so this book was right up my ally! Playful Peg Loom Weaving by Stephanie Fradette has so many incredible crafts and I know you will enjoy having fun with yarn!
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Playful Peg Loom Weaving is a modern take on an ages old skill.  Peg looms have been around a long time.  They are potable and easy to use.  Stephanie Fradette has brought peg weaving into the 21st century.  I am weaving away starting with straw weaving.  I can’t wait to try making bowls.  This is a great a crafts for all ages and skill levels.  I plan on giving a copy to my niece and nephew for Christmas!
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ARC from NetGalley and Pen&Sword/White Owl

This was a bit of an accidental request/wish – I thought, at a glance, it was a book about loom KNITTING, which I found a new appreciation for this week so I thought this book might be a useful resource.

My wish was granted (very kindly) and I immediately realised my mistake – this book is about WEAVING! Still, making the most of it, I had a read through.

I’ve never tried weaving, so the first thing that stood out here was the introduction. I love a craft/hobby book that starts with a bit of an inspirational story (here, how the author’s mother always challenged her to try to make the things she wanted) because it really gets me wanting to start a project! The next thing I liked was how chapter one, after giving a little history on weaving, immediately gives information on making your own loom. I really appreciate this because what I enjoy less about textile crafts is the cost/accessibility of materials and equipment, as well as how long some projects take to complete.

Which brings me to another plus of this book: the 17 projects (from jewellery and coasters to headboards) are grouped into Evening Makes, Creative Day Camp, and Weekend Craftcation. You get a good idea of how much time needs to be invested, and the instant gratification of projects that can be completed in one sitting. And they’re appealing projects! I could see myself using perhaps all the finished items in my own home, or gifting to friends.

Other general things I liked about this book, which are good in all craft books: a good section on the main techniques (including a section on colour theory), clear pictures with a good colour scheme, and uncluttered pages. 

I don’t know how much experienced weavers will take from the book, but for a complete beginner like me it’s great and I’m very tempted to start weaving!

Thanks, NetGalley and White Owl for the ARC.
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A great introduction to weaving with a loom- handmade or store bought. This inspiring book includes patterns and ideas for many creative projects, including making accessories, home decor, and gifts.
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This is a lovely book with detailed instructions and lots of projects and photos. Everything seems doable and fun. Recommended for kids and adults.
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This book is so great. I know a little about peg loom weaving, but this book shows how much more versatile the craft is than I realized! I appreciated the very thorough and detailed instructions, including how to make a loom. The photography is clear and has appealing color palettes. Plus there are a lot of projects, with great variety, and they are also springboards for creating other projects. This is truly the only book you'd need to get started peg loom weaving.
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Everything in here is so modern and fresh--a great introduction to multiple types of peg loom weaving with gorgeous photography. I also appreciate that the book is broken down by time/difficulty so that you can choose an easy one-night project or start something big. Can't wait to make something from this!
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I was excited to get this because I am a weaver and have a peg loom. There just aren’t too many books or patterns out there! 

I really appreciated the very clear photographs of the different stitches. So many books are vague and only have drawings which can be difficult to follow. I’ve actually never even encountered a book or pattern for the peg loom that had you do anything but the most basic weaves. This incorporated a lot of modern tapestry techniques  which I really enjoyed, can’t wait to get weaving! 

Several of the projects used weaving sticks (which are basically the peg loom without the stand) to make smaller projects which I liked. I need to get some narrower sticks!

I really liked how she organized the book into how long the projects took. I really like projects I can do while watching a movie or listening to a podcast and there is a whole section on weeknight crafting.
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This was an informational read on the topic of weaving. I don't have any prior skill with weaving, but I have wanted to try it for a while. This book both explains weaving with pegs, and provides sample projects to work on, including weaving round objects. It was especially helpful to have the option of creating my own loom setup in this book, as I don't own a loom from a craft store. This book gives construction ideas to make you own peg loom at home, which saves a lot of money. I may need to watch a tutorial on weaving to get the instructions in this book correct, but for people who can learn without seeing a live demonstration of techniques, this book will likely be all you need to get started. Very accessible, with interesting projects and a low bar of entry into the craft. This book is worth a look if you want to pick up a new hobby.
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