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The Battles That Created England 793-1100

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I quite enjoyed reading this. This is a nice, micro-view of England's Military history. This a good foundational read for anyone interested in English history. 

I found it to be an engaging, thought-provoking read. I did have to have Google ready to look up a few maps, terms, and people to better follow along...but that's probably because I'm American, and might knowledge of British history is pretty basic. 

I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in Ancient history, English history, or military history.
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The Battles That Created England 793-1100
By Arthur C Wright

I have a BA in History with a focus on Medieval History. I have read many history books that take place during this period as it is the most important period since the Romans invaded. 

I’ve spent years reading dry history books to get a degree. Because I am not a professional Historian at this point in my life I read history books for fun. I know that might sound odd but any subject can be fascinating if the writer is skilled. I once read a history book about cod that was amazing.

I state all of this so you might trust me. This is a history book written for students and scholars. I would bet my least favorite child on it. Arthur Wright wrote this in hopes it will be added to many a class reading list. Now that isn’t a bad thing. But Wright does nothing to entertain or engage the reader. He lays out the facts, makes some statements based on his interpretation of the source material and moves on. 

This would not be taught in the first or even second year of University. You need a basic understanding of the period, and kings to not get lost. This book is not for beginners or curious people wanting to see what led up to William the Conqueror in English history. 

All that said, I enjoyed the book but I wouldn’t blindly recommend it to anyone I didn’t know well.
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Know your Kings of England before reading this.It was well researched if a somewhat scholarly account of successive battles leading to William The Conqueror's take over of England.I honestly would have appreciated more backgrounds of some of the Kings and their motives rather than jumping full into the circumstances and actual battles.I'm sure this would be excellent for research but for pleasure reading this was not.I am however giving it a high rating due to the sheer amount of research that must have gone into it.
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This is a well researched, in-depth look at all the kings and wars that built England. I have read many books about this era in the last year and it was another great one. Every chapter had footnotes and maps. It was expressed in a way that was easy to follow in the small amount of 225 pages. I would recommend this for new learners and old. This was interesting read that helped me learn more with every chapter. 

I received an arc via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
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A fantastic overview of the events that shaped England into what we now know. This is a compelling, detailed and engrossing collection of the battles the Anglo-saxons had to face against The Great Heathen Army and the ultimate rise of Wessex to the dominating Saxon kingdom. The book does a fantastic job and providing enough detail to hold your attention and keep you interested without bogging down with so much that most people would be turned off.

A great read for anyone interested in the history of England, the Norse/Vikings or military history lovers in general.
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