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I found this a little confusing and disjointed. However, I am sure my students would be entertained by all the classic Disney movie references. It is also highly readable for the age group intended - it is fast paced and humorous at times. Overall, an enjoyable if forgettable read. 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the audio galley in return for a fair and honest review.
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This was such a fun collection of thrilling and chilling Disney villain tales! The audio book was great, I listened to a few chapters on the way to work each day. Such a great adventure for kids, I would recommend this book for my classroom.
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Not sure what I expected from this book, but found the stories droll. Love origin stories, but did not feel that this was the goal. Perhaps better in written format vs audio.
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This is a collection of Disney short stories which teach very direct lessons. Rules are broken and consequences ensue. The first couple stories are stand alone stories and the last few are interconnected. 

In the first short story, we learn about Aladdin's parents and how the magic carpet winds up in the cave of wonders. It's a cautionary tale while being a heart shattering tale of woe as well. Aladdin's parents are safe because of carpet's sacrifice. 

The second short story is about Chernabog in Fantasia. This one had Russian vibes and I was here for it. Turns out Chernabog wasn't all that evil and he did have people who cared about him. He also wasn't burned alive; there was a loophole. 

The rest of the stories are all connected to the Disney archives and artifacts within the archives. It starts with the mirror from Snow White and leads to the hand mirror from Beauty and the Beast. You don't want to lose your head in Sleepy Hallow. The story falls into a rabbit hole and winds up in a kingdom by the sea and ends with some rescue rangers. 

Billie and Tim find themselves on quite the adventure to restore order to the Disney archives. I wouldn't say it was super scary, but it was a fun Disney character mash up. I enjoyed all the characters that we rarely see any more.
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The Mirror in the backroom was my favorite story. But I did feel at times these stories were disjointed I feel like they could have flowed better and maybe reading the paper book would have been better because sometimes the narrator Dani Martinek has a ‘teacher’ voice that kind of lulled me a little too much.
I wasn’t a big fan of the narration of this one, I wanted more acting more accents and voices it was just a straight read and a boring one, so I am not sure if the book itself was boring or if the narrator was.

2 1/2  stars

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Thank you to Disney Audiobooks, Disney Press and to NetGalley for an ARC of this audiobook.

I love all things Disney.  I have read many of the Twisted Tales books and really enjoyed them.  This one however was kinda strange.  It really missed the mark for me.  It was a really disjointed book for me.  I know that it is supposed to be a book of short stories, but it was really strange the way it was put together.  The stories were pretty boring and pointless to me.  The one bright light in the entire book was the narator. She was great.  Other than that I should have passed on this one.
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A series of stories following a group of kids working at Disney studios. The stories follow some of your favorite villains. I really enjoyed the book. It is creepy without being too scary for younger readers. My kids would have loved these stories when they were little.
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I'm usually pretty excited to read stories by Ridley Pearson, but Disney Cautionary Tales really missed the mark somehow for me. I think the biggest problem I had with this as a whole is simply related to the fact that it was just so painfully disorganized. We're thrown initially into an origin story for Aladdin that was, frankly, really dumb...and then suddenly sometime later we're in the Disney vault with two kids out of nowhere? 

I just can't figure out what the point of any of this was? Everything felt disjointed and truly pointless. Add in the fact that the twists and turns of these supposed cautionary tales were all just really unimaginative and dull. I felt like I was just reading really bad fan fiction for the majority of it. And honestly? I kind of expected better from an author like Pearson. 

Narration-wise, this also wasn't anything to write home about. I don't think any narrator could have fully revived the problems that are this story, but even then I wasn't all that engaged with the reading.
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Two teens sheltering at their parents' workplace (the Disney vault) wind up transported into scary stories via a magic mirror. They must work together to fix things in order to get back to reality. 

The beginning was confusing. It seems like the book will just be a collection of stories based on Disney movies, but then you find out the character, Billie, is reading them. 

I'm not sure what story the bug creature was supposed to be taken from. 

It was a quick read/listen. I think tweens will enjoy it.
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Audiobook Review - This is a fun adventure story that is perfect for middle grade Disney fans!  Hand this to fans of Kingdom Keepers and anyone who ever wished they could be in a Disney movie.
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This book was a lot of fun. My 12 year old son kept begging for more. Great twists and turns but still classic. Not too intense.
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Book Title: Disney Cautionary Tales
Author: Ridley Pearson
Audiobook Narrator: Dani Martinek
Publisher: Disney Audiobooks ~ Disney Press 
Genre: Fantasy/ Middle School/Fantasy
Pub Date: October 4, 2022
My Rating: 3.6 stars

Billie Templeton and her classmate Tim find a magic mirror and find themselves in Disney adventures — Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, Ursula and The Rescuers. Only these stories have a new storyline and yes scary adventure.

Billie and Tim’s imagination is needed to help each character. 
                         (Yes our Imagination is our superpower. Nothing else comes close”).

I am not the target audience for this story but as an educator I love to read stories that young reads may enjoy. I find I enjoy them and can make recommendation

Narrator Dani Martinek does as beautiful job in performing these characters.
I have no doubt middle schoolers will love this!

Want to thank NetGalley and Disney Press for this early eGalley. 
Publishing Release Date scheduled for October 4, 2022
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Cautionary tales

Br Ridley Pearson
Billy and Tim relate events of how people escape the fires in California. They spend the days off school at the Disney studios. During their adventures, they explore many of the mysteries connected to artifacts and features in the storage areas. They are drawn on to the stories of the villain's of the Disney movies. 

Cave of wonders
Two half makes a very whole or a dangerous thing. Two parts of a scarab amulet summon a magic carpet. Begins a story that will place both a woman and her husband who find magic.

The spirit hunter 
The close friendship of two orphans with the eyes that haunt them appreciating their music changes the reader's idea of the demon of fantasia.

The heartless pig
The hunter from snow white has to return what he took. The heart of a pig, the trophies of his hunts haunt him. He has to face his responsibility for his choices. 

Billy and the Beast

Rewrote the story of Beauty of the beast by trying to stop the mob from attacking the Beast. They have to plan a new way for the mob to attack the beast to save Belle and her to save the beast. 

Billy in wonderland
Her love of wonderland, took Billy and Tim into the portal to wonderland.  They have a choice of seven doors.  

To spooky hollow the story of Ichabod crane.
Gains a debit to be paid that leads him to another story.

A watches trial
A sea trial for a sea witch  the injustice causes Billy's kindness to nearly cost her everything.

A gem of a tale
The reunion of Billy and Tim start in a museum. It takes them on an adventure for the demon's eye. Saving the 1970's from all the villains.

The whole book shows many new stories in the Disney world.
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As a public school librarian for many years p, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark maintained popularity despite the copyright date. The stories were timeless and now we have scary stories featuring Disney’s most infamous villains. 

Two kids have discovered a secret mirror in the Disney Archives, blending reality and fiction . 

I’m sure you remember a huntsman carrying a princess’s heart back to an evil queen and the horseman who lost his head, literally! It’s in here. 

Thi book is filled with chilling tales full of twists and turns that I predict to be a huge draw in kids 8-12 years old.
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