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thank you to the publisher and netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest reviewv

a great start to a new series! this was a fun and quick read

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this is a fantastic start to a new series, from enemies to lovers although this seems a bit heavy for a YA. I went into this blind but i'm glad I gave it a go because I found a new world to visit with good friends to welcome me back when I reread this.
Thank you to Netgalley/Martha Sweeney for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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1/5 stars, sadly - I dnf'd this. I had trouble caring about the characters in any capacity and the dialogue and incredibly fast insta-love/lust just took me completely out. With how badly removed I became from the story and the plot, I just felt it was in my best interest to not force myself to chore-read.

Hopeful that I'll enjoy the next one more!

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I went into this read so excited, because the fun twist on Clans, and fated mates, with the holiday seasons mixed in.

The general overall story of enemies to lovers, he falls first, fated mates was outstanding. The chemistry and banter between Noelle and Nikolaus was on point expect for one HUGE red flag/ turn off for me. They basically were all innuendos non flipping stop. It really took away from the story, to the point that I wanted to stop reading but was invested in the overall story and needed to see where it went. Nikolaus has some really great depth of lines, then a silly 16 yr innuendo would be tossed in for no reason.

The love scene are closed door, which is fine but for the amount of innuendos they shouldn't have been. It was almost childish writing with the overwhelming amount of what just become dumb innuendos. If you have this much "dirty talk" (and it wasn't dirty talk in my option) then you need to commit to taking the characters to that point. After a while it just hurt my head and I would skip chunks of dialogue because of it.

Honestly, if the mind numbing innuendoes were not every two seconds within the story, this would have been a 4.5 read for me. The idea of the story is wonderful but the dialogue kills it.

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Frozen by Lies is a paranormal romance/fantasy series about discovering hidden magic, an intergenerational feud and forbidden love. With a good helping of hot chocolate!

This is definitely a fast paced book, as you’re immediately introduced to this world and the dynamics within it. The relationship between the two main characters, Noelle and Nikolaus is well developed and mature, with a great balance between banter and attraction.

Due to the amount of innuendos in the book, I would suggest that this is more on the older edge of ya, but I appreciated that there was not any explicit scenes in the book.

Overall, this book reads like a Christmas movie, warm and inviting but with enough plot development to keep you reading and wanting more.

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I really loved this story
The spirit of winter and snow is portrayd in a special and humerous way and the characters ar far from ordinary an boring.
I fell a little bit in love with Nikolaus and Noelle and wouldn‘t mind if there was more to come.

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This story was a very fun experience! There's potential for the plot development and also a good chance of becoming quite popular if promoted in a efficient way. The book itself was interesting and page turning, since the concept was aligned with the aesthetic very well, which makes the readers intrigued and curious to find out more.

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Frozen by Lies is a paranormal romance/ fantasy book about a family that is hiding secrets that are literally ripping their small mountain community apart (and also impacting the communities around them).

The main characters are Noelle Frost and Nikolaus Klaus. I loved the magical explanation for the powers that the Frost and Klaus family command.

I loved how creative the author was with weaving in myths around nature and magic. I mean, who doesn’t love a winter story about a Frost and Klaus? LOVE IT.

The portion of the book that focused on Noelle learning how to control her power (gifts) was a tad long. However, I think it’s an important part of the plot. Especially when we learn that the women of the Frost clan are the ones that actually have magical gifts and it seems like the men of the clan have been lying to the female elders and rest of the community.

I enjoyed the banter between Noelle (Elle) and Nikolaus (Nik). They are bikers too - so how could we hate that? We love that! Their romance is spicy but not smutty - and unappreciated that it wasn’t a smutty novel. We had plenty of spice and love without explicit love scenes.

When things really start heating up and getting intense the story starts to shift and we need to wait for book 2… darn it! I’ll certainly be reading the next one. I give this a solid 4 stars.

I received this eARC from NetGalley and truly enjoyed this story!

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This is a great enemies to lovers book with the perfect winter/cozy setting. I loved the Klaus and Frost family dynamic (also loved that they’re bikers) and honestly just the whole vibe of this book. I was hooked from the beginning and this was a quick/fun read for me.

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Wow! What a unique, interesting, and fun story. I didn't know what to expect and was beyond thrilled with how this first book of the series turned out. It has an interesting twist on the two known names with winter/Christmas - Klaus and Frost. This is a MUST read for anyone who is into biker romance, enemies-to-lovers, paranormal/supernatural romance, with an urban fantasy feel and so much more that I don't dare spoil it for you. I can't wait to read the second book!

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I think this is one for the older reader (not very young YA), although much of what is very humorously described is couched in inventive innuendo. What a brilliant entertaining start to what I’m sure is going to be a wonderful paranormal romance series. A good read for all. I was pulled in by the blurb, and I loved the book. As promised - biker clans, magic, swearing, and lots of hot chocolate (some with whisky) and a great story. Inventive, imaginative and fun from start to finish. Thank you to WWN Publishing group and NetGalley for the ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.

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this was such a unique take on the supernatural elements, it does what I wanted from a holiday supernatural story. I was glad this was so well done and worked as a start from the Sleigh Riders series. The characters worked so well in this universe and Martha Sweeney has a great way of writing. It left me wanting more in this universe and I enjoyed that it was a feud between the two famous holiday families.

“The gifts from the Great Mother and Great Father are far more real than most realize,” Nikolaus states. As he holds the flame in one hand, he reaches for the bottle of whiskey and rips the cork lid off with his teeth. He takes several chugs before lowering the bottle back to the table."

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