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A solid addition to the series. I enjoyed it. Not the strongest I've read this year but worth the read. Even though this is part of a series, this is one that you could read as a stand-alone. 

Thank you #netgalley and #Harlequin Trade Publishing, Hanover Square Press
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3.5 stars, actually.

I read and enjoyed the first book in this series but somehow missed the second; this, the third, was a bit disappointing compared with the first. Apparently, former Navy SEAL is on the outs with his former colleagues and is trying to remain under their radar. For too much of this book, he remains that way as he's captured early on and scenes jump around to other characters and scenarios that don't seem to make much sense till they eventually begin to come together.

Anyway, Gannon's grown son Declan is having a birthday before he sets out to do his thing, so Gannon decides a grizzly bear hunt in a remote part of Alaska is what he needs for a send-off. That trip goes south early on when he's waiting alone for snowmobile repairs and gets chased by a couple of big bruisers clearly intent on causing him bodily harm. As it turns out, they don't kill him; in fact, when he wakes up, he's a prisoner somewhere in Mexico (as far as I could tell).

Why he was captured and by whom takes up a lot of the middle of the book, and some of this part was confusing to me. It started to make a little more sense with the realization that his captor - a former military colleague - is now a filthy rich lunatic drug lord who's managed to twist the truth about his relationship with Gannon (or was brainwashed into believing a non-truth) into a vendetta.

And that's about all I can reveal, except to say that things turn exciting for the last quarter of the book, keeping me pretty much on the edge of my seat from that point on. I think fans of the series will like this one as well - as did I, but just not as much as the first one. Thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this one.
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Mike Gannon had looked forward to visiting Alaska, but hunters in the area aren’t looking for grizzly bears. Captured and heading toward a lethal encounter, Mike has nothing left to lose in order to survive.

While this is the third in the Gannon series, it’s a standalone story. We have a bit of backstory in the beginning, referencing a suitcase of money that he found and corrupt FBI agents after him, which must have been the previous books. We also are told that he had been a Navy SEAL special forces operator. In other words, he’s tough, he’s capable, and this is the kind of book with nonstop action once it gets going. Our first enemy glimpse shows us the same kind of skill and heartlessness, as he literally slices a random child’s balloon string just for kicks. (Not a spoiler, that’s chapter 3!) Chapters are short, each scene direct and showing us clearly who they are and why they’re in Alaska before the action and the main story begins. Think of this book as an action thriller movie, because I can see this perfectly adapted to watch in a movie theater. 

Between the rapid pace of shifting scenes and the menace in them, the tension increases as the story progresses. There's Gannon trying to take stock of the situation and look for avenues to escape, the groups of people that took him or planning to harm them, then his son and friend who are trying to track him down. Gannon goes from one impossible situation to the next, but he's not immune to being hurt. He gets concussed, hit, threatened, tied up, shackled, and kidnapped repeatedly. He pushes through the pain, continuing to fight back whenever possible. Because he had training in the military, he's comfortable with whatever weapon he can find or make as well as hand-to-hand. In the second half of the novel, we find out who is really behind it all and why.

This is a fast-paced action thriller, and I didn't always predict what direction it was going to go. This is a fun read, guaranteed to get your adrenaline racing.
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I have read the previous books in this series and gave them five-star ratings.  I did not find this book up to the quality of the previous books in this series.  The action became rather repetitive and predictable.  For me page-turning suspense was missing.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing, Hanover Square Press for the eARC!

As a longtime fan of the Michael Bennett series, I was very excited to dive into this one! This was an action-packed ride. Gannon is a man’s man; outdoorsy, a former SEAL, and although a bit egotistical, still a likable character you’ll find yourself rooting for. 

Read if you love:
* Dual POVs
* Short chapters 
* Lots of action 

Note: Although this is book 3 of the Michael Gannon series, it can be read as a standalone (which is how I read it) and Ledwidge does a great job of sprinkling the important details from prior novels into the story.

𝑯𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝑩𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒌 hits shelves January 10, 2023!
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It was meant to be an adventure vacation with his son but Mike Gannon's trip to Alaska once again brings him into a race for life against a group of villains who want him gone.  This series started when Mike found a plane with six dead men and a huge amount of money- and a big conspiracy.  Don't worry if you missed that one or, if you like me, missed the second novel- Ledwidge catches you up pretty fast.  This novel has the advantage of a great setting for Mike's fight against the bad guys.  It isn't deep but it's a page turner that will be perfect for travel.  Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.  An entertaining read.
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Michael was really looking forward to his hunting trip with his son, Declan.  What’s more adventurous than hunting moose in Alaska!  In Glacier Bay Alaska, he would find peace and escape.  Precious time with his son and a chance to disappear off the grid.  He still wasn’t sure who was hunting him but he didn’t want his son caught in the crossfire.
Almost immediately upon landing, they met up with their hunting guide, Chuck Ballard. They packed up their snowmobiles and headed right out while they still had daylight.  About an hour out, the one snowmobile began to have problems.  The terrain was very hilly but Chuck told them that machine was done for and suggested Declan head back with him to his business to pick up a another one.  When he and Declan returned, they would set up camp.
Mike relaxed upon his snowmobile and looked around.  It sure was pretty here but he was glad Declan went back with Chuck.  He didn’t want his son to meet up with a grizzly while alone in the woods.  It wasn’t too long before Michael could hear snowmobiles.  It was too soon for Declan and Chuck to be back.  He was getting a very bad feeling.  Two snowmobiles stopped on the ridge above him.  He could see four men.  How did they find him so fast?

This book was fun and very fast paced.  I didn’t read the first book in this series but you really don’t have to.  The Michael Gannon persona is a macho, tough-guy character who reminds me a lot of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher.  Nobody is going to get one up on him.  He is a one-man killing machine.  Kind of like if The Demolition Man morphed with The Terminator.  This is one heck of a ride!  Enjoy!
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In Hard to Break, by Michael Ledwidge we find Mike spending some time with his son on an Alaskan hunting trip. When his son makes a quick return to the lodge Mike Gannon is attacked and taken hostage by a team of mercenaries. Not knowing why or who is behind his kidnapping the mystery keeps Mike alert on clues to solve his recent dilemma. Fast paced action - great addition to the series!
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it's amazing that we're three books in and these books are still well written and interesting. I enjoyed this a lot and getting to read this, Michael Ledwidge has a great writing style that works well in the thriller genre. I was invested in what was going on and getting to figure out what was happening. The characters worked in this world and I enjoyed getting to know them again. I hope the series will continue and enjoyed the way the author wrote this.

"That’s your lookout. Give me a break. Can you handle this weight or was all this a waste of my time?” “Yes, we can handle it,” Lou said, not sure if that was true.James lifted his drink to signal the meeting was over.“Okay then. It’s a deal. Three days. When you get to Iquitos, contact Alberto and we will share all the details with you,” he said."
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Gannon is like a cat with 9 lives.  He escapes from the most difficult and unlikely situations.  This book is full of action and suspense from the first page.  The book moves along at a good pace and kept me turning the pages.  This is the 3rd book in a series but could be read as a stand alone.  I look forward to the next book in the series. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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As in his collaborations with James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge once more provides a readable romp with his hero miraculously escaping even the most complicated imprisonment and jeopardy. With just the right amount of humor, Gannon foils all his enemies and ends up with the greatest prize - Moonshine. Worth reading to the very ending just to see who Moonshine is.
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This was a nice installment in the Gannon series. It isn't quit as good as the previous two works but is still pretty good.
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Mike Gannon is a superhero who believes in what America is supposed to be. When the bad guys in the alphabet organizations go off track, it’s made him made in the past. Now they’re coming after him—not a smart move. From Alaska to Mexico to South America and back to the good outdoor USA, Gannon is pursued until he turns the table on the bad guys. Lots of action!
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A great main character…great traits…mystery and intrigue in Alaska…this talented author has written a story that holds the reader’s attention from the first page.  What will happen next?  Red herrings abound…this novel would make a good television series or a movie.  The book was sent to me by Netgalley for review.  Thanks to the publisher for the electronic copy.  I look forward to more books by this author with this character.
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