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I loved this book! It's well-written, enjoyable, and a great read. The author did a great job of writing in a way that captures the readers attention, and makes you not want to put it down until you're finished! I would highly recommend it!

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Allison Brennan masterfully weaves suspense, betrayal, and heartache in her latest novel, "Don't Open the Door, the 2nd installment in the Regan Merritt series.

US Marshal Regan Merritt is haunted by her ten-year-old son's unsolved murder. The FBI's theory linking it to her job never sat right with her. As leads grew cold, she distanced herself from the case, the marshals, and her ex-husband, Grant, who unfairly blamed her for their son's tragic fate.

But when Regan receives a chilling voicemail from her former boss, Tommy, claiming new information about her son's murder, she can't ignore it. Before she can return Tommy's call, he's murdered himself. Now, Regan is determined to uncover the truth, even if it means reopening old wounds.

Brennan's writing is sharp, her pacing relentless. As Regan digs deeper, she discovers a web of deception that implicates Grant as the killer's true target. But Grant remains tight-lipped, and Regan's trust in everyone around her crumbles. The tension escalates, and the stakes soar.

The novel's strength lies in its flawed yet resilient characters. Regan's determination is palpable, her grief raw. Grant's silence speaks volumes, and the supporting cast adds layers of intrigue. Brennan deftly explores themes of betrayal, family bonds, and the lengths a mother will go to seek justice.

The plot twists are cunningly executed, leaving readers guessing until the final pages. Brennan's vivid descriptions transport us to the gritty streets of investigation, where danger lurks around every corner. The suspense builds steadily, and the emotional punches hit hard.

Don't Open the Door is a rollercoaster ride of suspense, heartache, and redemption and an entertaining read.

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What an incredible mystery. Brennan knocked it out of the park and I was captivated the entire time. This is definitely one to add to your list.

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The answer is YES - I called in sick to work so I could finish this book. It was just that good! Allison Brennan is one of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint. If I could give it more stars, I would! It started out strong, just like all of her other books and I was instantly hooked. I liked this better than Sorority Murders and you should definitely read that first. You don't have to but I think the people complaining about this book are crazy to not like it but also probably would've enjoyed this much better if they had. I liked the different conspiracy theories Regan tracks down and all of the back and forth in the timeline. Made it more interesting.

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Book Review:
Title: Don't Open the Door
Author: Allison Brennan
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/3 stars

I have read the first book in the Regan Merritt series, The Sorority Murder, but I can't remember it much to save my life! That was before I did book reviews, so unfortunately, I don't have any personal notes on it. Hence, why I now do reviews of every book I read!

US Marshall, Regan Merritt, tragically loses her ten year old son after he is shot sitting inside of his home playing video games. Shortly after her marriage to her husband, Grant falls apart as he blames her job for this senseless death of his son. She resigns from her job and moves to Flagstaff, Arizona, to be closer to her remaining family.

Tommy Grainger, Regen's former partner, leaves a strange message for her one day and is later found dead. This message alluded to finding more information on her son's murder and who is responsible. It's up to her now to figure out who needs to pay for her son's death. It did get a little confusing because it was hard to keep all of the details straight. There were lots of lies and corruption, so it was definitely suspenseful! Pay attention!

Published: January 23rd, 2023

Thank you, @netgalley, and @mirabooks for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I requested this book through NetGalley before realizing it was book two in the series. I was able to get book one from my library and really enjoyed the campy mystery that took place in the pages. When I started this one I was glad I had read the first because it continues the story of Regan trying to come to terms with how her son was killed. I was kind of disappointed in this book, though, because it was more of a police/marshal procedural rather than a true mystery. There were so many characters and business names to remember and I just didn't love the storyline. I found this one a bit boring when compared to her previous novel.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the chance to read this book early in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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It really made me sad to DNF this one. Maybe I'll try it again later. But for now, I really could not get up the energy to finish it. I was bored. I felt like it was repetitive. It didn't have the same vibe that I felt in the first book. I didn't care for the main character at all. She was one I loved in the first book. It's the second in a duology, so I'll just have to be content with how the first one ended.

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I love Allison Brennan's Don’t Open the Door, the second book in her Regan Merritt series, it kept me on the edge of my seat and up many late nights reading. Allison Brennan has once again proven that she is an amazing storyteller. Former U.S. Marshall Regan Merritt returns to Washington, DC following the murder of her former boss, Tommy Granger. Regan discovers that Tommy took a leave from the U.S. Marshalls and was looking into the murder of Regan’s ten-year-old son, Chase Warwick less than a year ago. I love how Allison Brennan incorporated the title of the book into the story. Tommy called Regan prior to his death, leaving her a voicemail because of the time difference between Washington and Arizona. He let her know that he was going to talk to his boss later that morning about his findings on the case. Unfortunately, Tommy was executed as he left his house and his phone and his files pertaining to the investigation were taken by the murderer and never talked to his boss, Charlie North. Regan begins retracing Tommy’s final days and investigates his cell phone records. Regan’s ex-husband, Grant Warwick, a corporate lawyer, initially blamed Regan’s job as a U.S. Marshall as the reason behind Chase’s death. The man who shot Chase, Adam Hannigan, was the brother of a bank robber that Regan killed during a bank robbery. The shooter was murdered in jail, so the F.B. I. closed the case. During her investigation, Regan learns that was not the case. As she continues to investigate with Charlie’s assistance, a mole is discovered within the F.B.I, and Grant’s life is in danger. Grant discovers that his live-in girlfriend was murdered in their home. Grant is the prime suspect in her death. I love how Regan and Charlie connect all the incidents together and hope to find the killer before he or she gets away or kills Regan and Grant. I love all the details that Regan discovered without the use of Tommy’s notes. I love how Regan and Charlie find the answers behind Chase’s death and how Regan and Grant finally get closure for what happened to Chase. Regan and Grant’s relationship was shattered because of Chase’s death, and through the investigation they began to mend their relationship. It took me by surprise who was behind Chase’s murder, and how intricate all the details were. Like all of Allison Brennan's, Don’t Open the Door is filled with incredible characters, thrilling plot twists and unexpected turns of events. I really love everything about Don’t Open the Door. Allison Brennan continues to amaze me with her writing and to deliver incredible thrillers.

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This book started out with a bang hand me hooked and turning the pages! This book was both twisty and suspenseful I enjoyed the ride. I was a little confused at one point how everything would connect but it did so nicely and the ending was so satisfying. I was not aware that this was a series and since Regan was a likeable and relatable character I will check out the first one. Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing for the ARC in exchange for my review.

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This was slightly out of what I usually read and therefore, I'm guessing that's why I didn't like it as much. It was interesting and I believe that there was a first for this book that I didn't read so I was slightly confused as to what was going on.

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"Don't Open the Door" by Allison Brennan is a suspenseful novel that delves into the dark world of crime and deception. While the book offers an intriguing premise and some tense moments, the execution feels somewhat formulaic. The plot unfolds predictably, and the character development lacks depth, making it difficult to fully invest in the story. Despite these drawbacks, Brennan's writing style keeps the narrative flowing, providing a decent option for readers seeking a straightforward and quick-paced suspense read.

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Thank you to Allison Brennan, Harlequin Trade Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of a digital advanced reviewer copy in exchange for an honest review!

After the murder of her young son Chase, Regan Merritt resigned from the US Marshalls and has moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to be closer to her family. Her husband blamed their son's murder on Regan's work with law enforcement. Regan receives a voicemail from her former boss, Tommy, indicating that he has information on her son's death, but now Tommy is dead too. Everyone around Regan's husband turns up murdered and Grant becomes the number one suspect in the killings. Regan wants to prove Grant's innocence, but who is responsible for all these murders?

Before picking this one up, you definitely need to read The Sorority Murder first in order to get the background of the main character, because this book starts immediately where that one left off. I went into this book not realizing it couldn't be read as a standalone, so I had to go back and read the first novel. I wasn't overly thrilled while readings this, but the plot kept my interest as it provides enough twists and turns to keep me engaged. But on the same token, because the plot was twisting so much, I had a hard time keeping up with all the characters and couldn't remember the back story with each character.

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I enjoyed this next installment in the Regan Merritt series. I was happy that it addressed the storyline about the death of her son that was mentioned in The Sorority Murder. And while I enjoyed this book, I thought the ending was so quick and a little anticlimactic after everything that happened in the book. With that being said, I will definitely read and am looking forward to the next book in this series!

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Brennan uses conspiracy theories in this novel and it works. While not everything about her son’s murder was a lie, things are definitely not what they seemed. Brennan keeps you guessing as she lays out the clues. I highly recommend this. #DontOpenTheDoor

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4.5 stars: This is the second book in the Regan Merritt series and I enjoyed this one even more than the first. In the first book, The Sorority Murder, we learned that Regan had quit working for the US Marshall Service after her son, ten year old Chase, was killed. Her husband blamed her job for his murder and not only did she quit her job, but it also destroyed her marriage. In Don't Open the Door, Regan gets a message from her former boss, Tommy, who said he had important news to share about Chase’s killing. Regan is shocked and even more so when she finds out that Tommy has been killed. She reaches out to her husband, lawyer Grant, and senses something suspicious in this conversation. Heading back to Virginia, her marriage home, she wants to find justice for Chase and Tommy.

Don't Open the Door starts with a band and doesn't let up much until the conclusion. Tommy's murder starts a ticking bomb that has Regan searching for clues, finding witnesses and following crumbs to piece together what Tommy had been doing. The more she searched, the more others were put in danger. Regan is such a great protagonist. She is extremely smart and intuitive, being able to put the pieces together. Grant was not a character that I liked very much. The way he treated Regan when their son was killed was unforgivable, not taking a moment to think it could be something from his job. I felt for him as the story unfolded, but never liked him. This was a complicated mystery that had me on the edge of my seat more than one. With great, yet flawed characters, a thrilling plot and a well written storyline, I was glad to see Regan get closure on her son's death. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for Regan Merritt.

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I must admit that I didn’t like this book. It was complicated, and very boring.
Regan, a former US marshal, has left the service following her son’s murder. Now she’s returned to find multiple murders, and a plot involving her ex husband. What follows is her quest to solve them all, in what becomes a drawn out, complicated web.
Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin books for the ArC in return for my honest review.
3 stars.

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Don’t Open the Door is the second book in Allison Brennan’s Reagan Merritt series. While it can be read as a stand-alone, the background information in book prepares one for the events occurring in book two. In this installment Brennan gives her readers a gripping and suspenseful read with a fitting conclusion.

Former US Marshall, Regan Merritt mourns the loss of her son, Chase, who was murdered ten months ago.  The loss of her son coupled with the end of her marriage led to her quitting her job and returning to her roots in Arizona.  The change aided in her healing process, however a call from her former partner, Tommy, opened old wounds. She had no plans to return to Virginia, however, news of Tommy's murder changed her perspective.  She returns determined to find justice for Tommy and her son, Chase.

Sorority Murder gave readers a brief look in to Reagan's past and it left the reader with several questions regarding said past. Well, Don't Open the Door provided the answers to those questions and more. Reagan is resilient, meticulous, determined and a no nonsense individual. All of which made her good at her job as a US Marshall. She's is not the type of woman to have emotional outbursts, which didn't go down well with her ex. I had an interesting time following her journey of discovering the truth. She is one tough cookie and not a woman to mess with.

Reagan's ex vexed my spirit. Despite the evidence staring him in the face he refused to accept it. His actions only helped to make the situation worse and bringing unnecessary danger to their doorsteps.

The pacing, the twists and the suspenseful scenes pulled me into the story. I like that it kept me guessing with every page turn. There were points in the story which had me feeling scared for one of the witnesses. She was quite smart and I hoped she would survive the danger following her. The investigation followed many paths and it was interesting seeing them all merge into one big conclusion. It made me happy to see Reagan getting the closure she needed despite the pain endured during the journey.

Overall, Don’t Open the Door was a captivating story with engaging characters! I am looking forward to more of what Brennan has to offer.

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This is the second novel in the Regan Merritt Series.

You could read this book as a stand-alone. The Sorority Murders and Don’t Open the Door are two distinct stories. However, it is nice to get more background on Reagan, so I would definitely recommend reading The Sorority Murders prior, if you can.

I’m a big fan of Allison Brennan! I love the Quinn and Costa series, but this series moves at a much slower pace than that one, and I don’t love love it. Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoyed the story, but I do admit it took me a while to read and get into it.

Allison is such a great writer! The characters are believable and well-developed. It is rife with mysteries, murder, suspense, and secrets.

Even though it was very slow-paced, the conclusion was unpredictable, and the author is a pro at building suspense. One other thing I just love about Allison Brennan is that she develops such strong, fierce, badass female leads! I will definitely be reading the rest of the books in the series when they come out.

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I did not know this was the second in a duology, and sounds like maybe I should have read the first book ahead of this one for better context. However, once it got going I was ok and able to follow along with the story and enjoyed it very much. I love stories where corruption runs rampant and you don’t know how the good guys will win, and this is one of those stories. Body counts are high and time is running out, and this was quite suspenseful as it got close to the end. I definitely recommend this one but think you should start with the first book, and if it is anything like this one it will be a quick and suspenseful read.

Thank you to NetGalley and MIRA Books for the digital copy to review.

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Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. What a ride it was. Fast paced action non stop all the way to the end. It will be interesting to see what and where Regan Merritt goes from here. This was a highly enjoyable book. Can’t wait for the next one to see what develops.

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