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Breakup From Hell

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I love a good paranormal romance. The cover was fun and exciting and really drew me in. The story was entertaining and easily readable. A solid read!

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Enjoyable, fun YA paranormal romance read. While the romance happened super fast, the story worked. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book

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I’ll be honest, around halfway I almost did not finish. I felt Breakup From Hell was being pulled in too many directions. Was this paranormal? Romance? Horror? There were elements of each going on with no real direction and I had no idea what the real story was. Around 60% we finally get some answers and things start coming together. I would have liked a short scene of Mica’s mom to start the book- like the vision Mica has later. Then at least as a reader there’s a backstory as an anchor.

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Break up from hell is a fun, and quick supernatural read.
The story follows Míguela (Mica) who is Puerto Rican and her abuela (gran) who has raised her in a small but quaint town. Mica is a good girl who usually listens to her abuela but lately she’s been wanting to be a bit of a rebel. She meets this cute new guy, Sam. It’s a very meet-cute encounter!!
Mica is quick to discover that all everything is as it seems with her new boyfriend and his crazy sister. Mica must act quickly if she and her friends and family wants to survive!
This one totally gave me superhero vibes vs evil and I adored Mica’s friends. Perfect for YA paranormal romance readers.

Special thanks to Harper Audio and Netgalley for the ALC.

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This was a fun YA novel! Miguela is a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage friends trying to survive high school and making plans for her future. Abuela has been keeping secrets from her, and the frustration she feels about those lies drives her to want to leave her smalltown behind for the bustling city of Los Angeles. But all hell breaks loose when she starts dating the hot new guy in town.

Very much reminded me of Dogma with the antics happening in town and the comedy, with a hint of Lucifer meets Buffy level angels and demons realness. All in all, a cute novel filled with fierce women and friendship.

I was given a copy of this story to read; but thoughts and opinions are all my own. Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Teen for the chance to read this book!

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BREAKUP FROM HELL is a supernatural lovers-to-enemies thriller that you won't be able to put down. Puerto Rican teen Miguela Angeles (Mica) is a book-loving badass. In addition to working at the local bookstore and fangirling over an author famed for his paranormal series, Mica is a black belt, a model granddaughter, good friend, and recently accepted to a college across the country. When Sam and his creepy sister move to Mica's small Vermont town, things get weird fast. First, there's the head over heels swooning between Sam and Mica. Too bad his sister's out to get her. And she's strangely feeling a lot stronger these days - like superhero strong. And then there are the visions. And it's not just her, her three BFFs are feeling weird too.

Delightfully predictable. The right amount of campy. Packed full of action and wit. BREAKUP FROM HELL is the perfect book for reluctant readers, paranormal romance fans, and teens wanting a book they can't put down.

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