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Thank you so much for the advance copy in exchange for my review!

★★★★★ 5 Stars for Project Nought!

This graphic novel was everything I love all-in-one. We have Ren who is struggling in his everyday life and is suddenly plucked from it and thrown in to the far future where he has to adapt to so many new and different things around him.

The characters are all so wonderful; I found myself laughing at Phoebe's antics and expressions- she's an amazing friend that you definitely want on your team! And Mars is so adorable and enthusiastic, he was a real breath of fresh air for Ren in a way too confusing world/situation.

I think the plot is really strong. I believe this could have been expanded on to make more than one book but for only being the one it did a good job of bringing everything full circle. When you're dealing with something like Time Travel and future tech it can be difficult to write a story that is easy enough for readers to follow but also not so simplified that it feels "unrealistic" in a way. I think everything was explained well and the pacing was done properly to fit so much in.

I really loved this one; its just a shame I'll have to wait so long to own it physically in my hands! But im definitely preordering and recommending this to anyone curious about it! If you like time travel, futuristic tales, an MC whos coming out of their shell when faced with a difficult time, and side characters/additional characters you'll easily love then this is definitely the graphic novel for you!

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Thank you, Harper Collins Children's Books, for allowing me to read Project Nought early.

Project Nought is an adorable and cute comic graphic novel about Ren who travels from 1996 to 2122. I loved this stor and the characters, and I cherished the cover and the art. Very well done!

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5/5! SO CUTE

Project Nought is a comic about a boy named Ren from the 1990s who finds himself mysteriously transported all the way to 2122 as one of the latest "Subjects" of the Time-Traveler study program. Five months and back home he goes with his memories wiped and his life in tact – at least, that's what theyre told. When it becomes apparent that ChronoTech, the company in charge of the program, is hiding something foul, Ren and his new friends have to expose the truth.

This was absolutely adorable. The movement of this comic, the expressions, the dialogue – everything was just so much fun from the get go. The characters were all distinct and hilarious and lovely. There was so much emotion packed into these 300+ pages. I would totally die for any of them at any time, I couldn't even be asked to choose a favorite.

This was a fantastic, fun, snappy read, and I really just once again need to give credit to the dialogue and story telling. It was so well done and it's definitely something I'll pick up again.

My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for gifting me with this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Project Nought follows the story of Ren who was from 1996. He suddenly wakes up in the future where every year Chronotech brings people from the past to study them. Everything seems okay at first but things start to unravel at their seams.

This was average. The characters, plot, and artsryle were all good. Just not great. I found myself repeating stopping the book and scrolling through tiktok because I was bored. I'm someone who loves time travel and the ethics of it which is why this book was weird for me. I think it was just too long. Overall solid book just slow paced.

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This was such a great, diverse, interesting story about who we are and what's important to us. Taken from 1996, Ren finds himself in 2122 in a time exchange program where students ask questions of people from the past to learn from them and get genuine insights into the past. That was such an interesting idea, and the mysteries surrounding the company providing this service kept you drawn in and reading. I really adored Ren, and how he didn't know what he wanted out of life. I felt like he really embodied that unmoored feeling we all go through, when we don't know what comes next and also don't know where to go next or how to get there. Mars was kind of the best! I loved his big heart and how optimistic he was and how he wanted to believe in things with his whole heart. Ren and Mars were kind of the best, and I loved how different they were, and how they slowly fell for each other. Jia was grand and I loved their quest to reveal the company's secret and how they never gave up on getting everyone to realize the company wasn't what they all thought. I died over how they had fallen in love with a subject in the past and how they lost her. Phoebe was the actual best and I loved how she always went with the flow and believed in her friends and ugh, she was just the best. This was such a grand group of protagonists, and I really loved them and their story!

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Project Nought is an intriguing graphic novel of time travel, and the ethics of it. The story starts with Ren, who is running away from home, to meet up with his pen pal, when he is abducted to the future, but told that after he hangs out for six months, he will be returned just when when he left, with no memory of his adventures.

This troubles him, because he *wants* to remember, he wants all the feelings, and loves that he is feeling to go back home with him.

But something is off, because someone who was taken from the past died in the future, and didn’t affect the timeline. How can that be? That is what the teenagers who have been snatched from the past have to find out. Are they from alternative time lines? Are they returned to alternative time lines? What is actually going on.
There is a cute way to move the plot and dump information to the reader by having these two women run a pod cast on the people that have been pulled from the past, and what is going on.

They are also the two women that help wrap things up at the ended as well.

Kept me guessing as to what was going on. Good build up of Ren so that you cared about him. Good surprise ending, and wrap up. Unlike some of those stories where everything is explained quickly and pushed aside, this story takes it time to explain and follow up.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>

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Thanks you Netgalley and Harper Collins Children Books for this eARC, these opinions are my own. I really like what Chelsey Furedi did with this graphic novel! Ren runs away from home and while on his travels falls, he wakes up in the future. The Chronotech Company has found a way to use time travel to bring people from the past to the future. There young people are paired with the time traveled to learn history from them after five months they are returned to their time line exactly where they left it. Ren is paired with Mars whose friend Jai doesn’t trust the company. She to once had a time traveled friend who she knows died but Chronotech swears returned to her own time. Together the three of them with a few friends will figure out what is going on. Is Chronotech telling the truth? I liked all of the characters in the book! I also liked the idea of people from the past coming to the future, it makes you wonder what information from history they could provide! I also liked the illustrations they were wonderfully done! Highly recommend for those who love Sci-if especially if you like your sci-fi with LGBTQA+ characters!

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