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Tina, Mafia Soldier

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Tina is a boss. A Mafia boss and a masculine presenting woman. The action, love and family aspects will draw you in as well her strength and tenacity. I loved this book and those who love The Godfather and Jackie Collins Lucky series will as well. Hollywood better take notice.
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Tina, Mafia Soldier by Maria Rosa Cutrufelli was an incredible book and one I will be purchasing as soon as it comes out for a re-read. My f*ther's family is from Sicily (my great grandmother Lucy was born there and she was one of my angels) so this was a bit of a personal story for me and a very powerful one.
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Tina, Mafia Soldier is a gender bending novel about Tina, who becomes the head of a mafioso family in her hometown.
Having seen her father murdered as a young child, she was determined to not only join the mafia but to advance as well.
As a woman she was ostracized and grudgingly accepted. She is a brutal woman leaving destruction in her path.
When an Italian teacher reads a story about Tina in a newspaper, she decides to write a novel about her. The two women are at odds and there is no way this will end well.

Finding a depiction of a feminist, gender bending character engaged in a man's world - breaking all the stereotypes of womanhood - is truly delightful. I hope to read more books by Cutrufelli.
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