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This was a great book. It's quite long but I took my time to be sure to read it all as it was so insightful and all the people's stories offer hope for readers that we CAN change our brains and our relationships. They were moving and relatable which is what is often missing from psychology books. I wish I had read this book in my darkest days. It was a welcome reminder that no matter how disconnected I may get there is a way back. It also offered me a lot of hope and encouragement to show compassion and rebuild connection in my relationships. Perfect timing for such repairs. Thank you to  the author, publisher and Net Gallery for the advanced copy.
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Nancy Sokol Green's "Connection Mode" is a brilliant exploration into relationships and people's nervous systems. Chock full of relational wisdom and down-to-earth practical examples make this a must read for clinicians and lay people alike. Well done!
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I feel like the book was padded with way, way, way too many stories and the long development of how the author discovered each findings that led to this book and the program. If you want to help people, keep it concise, please. This reminded me of grade school teachers who loved their own voices too much, and who forced helpless students who could not escape listen to too too too many off-topic, or mildly-related stuff, just to learn a little. Could be useful, but keep it short and concise, thank you.
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