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The Universal Laws of Awakening

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This book is now my "bible." It so perfectly summarizes all a seeker might find in Holmes, Fox, Fillmore, Merton, etc., and confirms that which our innate wisdom has spoken all along. And yet, so thought-provoking at the same time. I plan to order the print version and include it every morning in my studies/journaling. Although any reader may find answers to various questions, this is NOT a book for the spiritual beginner.

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An excellent book for anyone who is interested in science and how it’s laws influence us.well researched.and informative.

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Awakening Your Inner Self

Tonya Kinlow states that at the end of each introduction to a new law or concept, there will be questions to consider, and readers should take ten to fifteen minutes to ask our inner self these questions and search for the answers based on the law that was just presented. She states that our consideration in each chapter is the personal experience that will open our mind to receive clarifying solutions at any point in time.

The author defines and discusses Divine Intelligence and Consciousness, and states that they coexist and together are literally the stuff everything is made of. That our spirit and everything in creation share this sameness.

The author discusses Meditation and Prayer, stating that the most powerful prayers produce instantaneous answers—not because one person is more worthy than another, but because the prayer has first prepared by ensuring an open line and clear connection to the path of communication. This path is meditation and it is prayer’s twin. She breaks it down by stating that prayer is when you talk to God, and meditation is when you listen. Because prayer is a call to express gratitude, give praise, or ask that forces converge to produce an outcome we desire, and meditation, on the other hand, is the practice of stillness, going within, and attuning to the frequency that aligns you with the answers to your prayers.

The author, also, discusses what she has termed the primary eleven Universal Laws of Awakening, stating that these laws govern the operating system of the Universe. She discusses each law singularly, yet, they are all interwoven and express the same One. She states that we are to use these laws for our growth or be used by them, and that we should retrain our mind to cooperate with the Universal Laws and, from this day forward, we will experience a personal Awakening. The eleven laws she discusses in this book are:
1. LAW 1 - The Law of Love and Fear
2. LAW 2 - The Law of One
3. LAW 3 - The Law of Relationship
4. LAW 4 - The Law of Polarity
5. LAW 5 - The Law of Pendulum
6. LAW 6 - The Law of Vibration
7. LAW 7 - The Law of Giving and Receiving
8. LAW 8 - The Law of Ebb and Flow
9. LAW 9 - The Law of Silence
10. LAW 10 - The Law of Dimensionality
11. LAW 11 - The Law of Self-Actualization

The spiritual journey answers life’s questions and attunes you with the world around you. The goal is self-discovery and Awakening to your inner nature and the nature of all things.

She provides practical practices for your Awakening, utilizing the Spiritual Scientific Method, which offers seven intentions.

The author states that in consciousness, there is no concept of diminishing returns. It is limitless. In the spirit, there are infinite possibilities and abundance and the peace that surpasses understanding, and as we collectively awaken to this truth, we open our minds to rediscover a spiritual technology that transforms us into our highest and best selves.

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