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oh geesh, i really wanted to enjoy this book. but alas, i did not. that doesn't mean it's not for you! i still hope you try it and that YOU love it! because that's what matters when you read! :)
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This is a funny and heart-warming romance. Online dating is hard, and is even harder when you're forty and don't know exactly what you're doing. Kate goes through a lot of online dating nightmares and you can feel her struggle to try to find the right guy. 

I appreciate that there's a lot of criticism and self reflection about the concept of dating in the internet era, and most of all, the difficulties women experiences: misogyny, abuse, prejudice because of age and the constant reminder that "the biological clock is ticking". Another great point is the mental health awareness and the importance of self care and medical intervention (if necessary). 

It was nice to have multiple POV from time to time, I got to know better every character and understand their concerns and struggles. Sometimes I thought Kate was too naive, but it works perfect for the story to show different approaches in dating (Julie and Ben are their own).
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“Someone to Kiss” is a delightful, hilarious, and heart-warming read. It starts with a laugh-out-loud opening scene that will have you dying of second-hand embarrassment. 40-something year old Kate gets insanely drunk at a New Year’s Eve wedding, and as she ushers in the new year, she makes a pledge to herself; by the next New Year’s Eve, she will have someone to kiss.
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I struggled to put it down!  This was a fun, quick read about Kate - who felt she hit rock bottom in love and trying to find her special someone over the length of a year.
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It's less of a romance and more of Kate journey as she tries to find 'someone' within a year through online dating app. 
Sometimes I really liked Kate for being who she is & not changing herself for anyone & standing up for herself but other times she did these absolutely ridiculous things that made me really mad at her. 

Ben is Kate's best friend Julie's brother & the three have been friends for years. He's quiet, suffers from anxiety, and has always been there for Kate & loved her. 
I have always loved the 'it's always been you', 'he falls first' tropes & pinning and this book has it all but I really liked how Ben decided to be away from Kate for his mental health and well being when she was so blindingly caught up in finding someone who would like her.

I appreciate how the book tells that mental Illness isn't a weakness & its okay to take meds for it. It also gives the message that sometimes what we are so desperately seeking for has always been right in front of us, if only we really see.
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On new years eve Kate drunkenly writes a note that by next new years eve she will have someone to kiss. This is a totally predictable rom com but despite that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a lighthearted fun and easy read. I loved the friendship dynamics and the light humour was just the tonic I needed. I highly recommend this and I am really looking forward to reading what this author writes next.
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I really enjoyed how relatable the main characters situation was. The story does get a bit repetitive hand predictable, which makes it a bit of a slow read. But overall was a fun read and a nice break from a lot of the thrillers I read last month.
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Predictable. Totally predictable. It is expected mostly with rom-com, and I just need to get it out of the way. 

But for me, despite it being totally predictable, I still really enjoyed the story. The fact that it started with a new year's eve celebration is really interesting to me. I like the characters, I like their backstory and how they dealt with their issues in the end. I have to mention her "tinder dates" too, I have not experienced it so it's also very annoyingly entertaining as well.  I think this book is mostly about loving and accepting yourself, standing up for yourself and for the people you love, and allowing yourself to heal and accept help. This is book is beautiful and probably a little help too, for some people. And just like the woman on the cover, this book is best paired with wine. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ebook. All views and opinions are my own.
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💏Interesting trio of 40-somethings in a challenging year🙂

It's great having a romance focus on a more mature woman.  Kate is still single in her 40's and she wants to find a partner but is a bit reluctant to make the effort required.  Most of the novel focuses on Kate, her experiences with dating, the unequal relationship with her beautiful BFF Julie, and Julie's brother Ben who's long carried a hidden torch for Kate.

I liked the plot but not necessarily all of the main characters all that much.  Julie and Kate's excessive drinking and partying made their emotional age seem a lot younger than their real calendar age.  They weren't the most sympathetic female characters through most of the story.  But Ben I loved.  He's a gem that deserved better but never seemed to blame either Kate or his sister.  I also really liked the Regina, Saskatchewan setting for the story and the author's writing style.  Author Jamie Anderson kept the story focused and moving at a good pace, with a nice balance of dialogue and action.

Would I want to read more by this author?  Yes, definitely. 

Thanks to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest opinion.
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I always enjoy a character that shares the same name as me. It was a different read for me, as most of the characters I read aren't in her age range. But, I enjoyed it. I felt like she was a well thought character, the plot was to the point and I thought the surrounding characters were well written.
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I adore books where the main characters are 40+. Somehow I feel like the characters are more authentic and those books feel a little more real to me. Which is exactly why I loved this one as much as I did! 

Thanks NetGalley for providing me with this arc.
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I loved that this book was not only a quick and easy read but also focused on the romantic life of someone in their 40s, I think this is a great difference from the usual early twenties age groups you see in romance books and it was very refreshing. I found the character very relatable which really made me feel at ease with the story. A very entertained read, and I would like to read more from this author in the future.
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Ms. Anderson is a new-to-me author, so I didn't have any particular expectations before reading. The cover is cute and the blurb was interesting,  so I thought I'd give it a try and I was very pleasantly surprised. It was refreshing to read a story about an older character trying to find love, but also learning to first love and appreciate themselves. Kate's character was realistic and relatable and I enjoyed following her on her journey.  She is in her 40's and still unmarried, and on a drunken New Year's Eve vows to have someone of her own to kiss by next New Year's Eve. And so begins her journey of self-discovery and self love. The story focuses more on Kate's journey and growth than romance, but that was not a deterrent for me. I also enjoyed the friendships that were portrayed and how they supported each other. Filled with laughs and some awkward moments and fun this was a satisfying and entertaining read and I would like to read more by this author in the future. 
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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An oddly endearing book- a wonderful read. 

Julie and Kate are best friends but completely opposite. While Julie is confident, sexy and  likes to play the field, Kate is quiet, self doubting and just wants to be loved even if it means changing herself. 

The characters in this story are so relatable that you are totally rooting for them. There’s a journey that each of the characters experience with a fitting and lovely ending.
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Someone to Kiss by Jamie Anderson
Pub. date: Now available. 

Kate is nearing 40 and is single. When she attends a New Years Eve party she has a very public, drunken, episode. Kate realizes she is tired of seeing other people being happily paired up and wants that for herself. So she makes a drunken pact with herself to find someone to kiss next New Years Eve. She decides to put a concerted effort into finding “the one” even if that means she has to wade into the muddy waters of online dating. All this while she comes to terms with her feelings about a long term friend and is trying to navigate a job she hates. 

I enjoyed a lot about this book. Firstly, having a book set in a city I spend my days in was new for me and a bit fun. I liked the characters and found both humour and the hurt of feeling rejected. I did find Kate a bit immature at times wanting to tell her to grow up. Still, i enjoy the friends to lovers trope and was hopeful true love would prevail. 
Many thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to review this ARC for an honest review.
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I quite enjoyed this one on the journey of following Kate through a year of trying to find someone to kiss at midnight next New Year's Eve! I liked the punchlines of the length as it’s less than 200 pages long and although there was quite a bit going on I think it was the perfect length for such a book, it also had some laugh out loud moments which always makes me smile! 
I also liked the slow burn element of the romance, liked how it didn’t all kick in in one go it kept me reading on and I liked the realisms of the o long dating world, trying to sort out relationships from friends and also trying to stop being such a people pleaser. 
Overall an enjoyable read by an author I hadn’t read before!
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follow Kate through a year of trying to find someone to kiss at midnight next New Year's

this is a very slow burn clean romance with a couple fade to black scenes that mostly follows the FMC through her ups and downs (but mostly downs) of online dating, navigating her friendships with her very small friend group, her work life, and how to stop being a people pleaser

i liked a lot of the tropes in this book but it felt like there were too many storylines that wanted to be done in such a short book (under 200 pages). 
while i enjoyed the book, i didn't connect with most of the characters despite having some random chapters from Ben and Jamie's perspectives. 
it was a fairly quick read, not too heavy, had some funny moments, and has a guaranteed HEA

-Mental Illness (anxiety, depression)
-Alcoholism/Alcohol abuse
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Thank you for the ARC!!
4/5 stars!! 
this was a very quick read for me from start to finish it had me excited to read more. 

I really liked this book. The story was really great!  The character development was on point !!  I laughed a lot and would recommend it! 

Book description: 
As the clock strikes midnight over a disastrous New Year’s Eve and happy couples celebrate all around her, Kate makes a resolution, hastily scrawled on the back of a napkin, that next New Year’s Eve she will have found someone of her own to kiss.

But when you’re a forty-something cat-mom who’d rather binge Netflix than brave the singles scene, finding someone to kiss turns out to be harder than it sounds. Kate is totally unprepared for navigating hook-up apps, speed-dating, and sliding into somebody’s DMs.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, Kate seems further than ever from reaching her goal. As relationships crumble around her and dark long-kept secrets spill out, could Kate's fixation on her quest cause her to let true love slip through her fingers forever?

Someone to Kiss is a wry and witty romantic comedy, tackling serious issues with real heart. The perfect new read for fans of Beth O’Leary, Jennifer Weiner and JoJo Moyes
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I thought this was a sweet and interesting romance! I am much younger than Kate, so I was exited to read something in the POV of someone of a very different age. However, you could not tell she was in her forties unless it was mentioned which I found a bit disappointing. I do however like how there was no outside pressure for her being single at forty, something that starts to occur even in your twenties. I also think the author described mental health very well, without sugarcoating it. The POVs were a bit unstructured, but otherwise it was a good read with nice characters.
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Kate was at a wedding and very drunk when she decided she was tired of being single and wanted to find someone to kiss by next new years. Kate was so drunk that she passed out with her butt hanging out underneath a table. She did however wake up with the worst hangover.

Kate had told Julie about her resolution for finding someone to kiss. Julie thought it was a good idea. Kate showed her a dating site and Kate made a profile. She went on some dates with no success. 

I really liked this book. The story was really great!  The character development was spot on too. I had no issue understanding the issues the characters were dealing with. I couldn’t put the book down. I really like it a lot. I was hooked all the way to the end.
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