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I've really enjoyed this series by Eva Leigh, and as is sometimes the case, the last book has been my most anticipated since we've gotten crumbs of Dominic and and Willa in the first two books. Unfortunately, maybe my expectations were just a bit too high, but this was just okay for me. I didn't love their relationship and story as much as I'd been hoping I would and was left feeling a bit disappointed. It was still fine - but it was just fine, not great.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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While exploring the mystery of why Dom jilted Willa at the altar even though they were well-matched, A Rogue's Rules for Seduction finds the couple thrown together at a house party. Misunderstandings are cleared up and
passion wins.

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Setting this book down for now as it wasn’t for me. Might try the authors books again in the future but this one wasn’t for me.

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Loved that we finally got this backstory and it wasn't what I was expecting. I enjoyed this entire series, but this was the book I wanted the most, which was so satisfying. It was clear from the others that Dominic loved Willa, so getting to the reason why he dumped her at the altar was a bit anticlimactic. I was really disappointed for Willa that her brothers helped him, but luckily there is an HEA in this book.

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I didn’t enjoy this one at all. The plot wasn’t moving at the pace I wanted, it all just seemed driven by sex which is never my cup of tea.

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I'd loved book one and I'd always been curious about Dom and Willa's story! When I came to know that this book would be their second-chance romance story I was pretty excited and I do think that it started off well, but I found the second half of the story a bit of a let-down. I really love Eva Leigh's writing and I still enjoyed it in this one but I think the other factors kinda dampened my enjoyment.

To start off with, we already know from book one that Dom abruptly called off the wedding while leaving Willa at the altar and I was very curious about the reason for his sudden escape. So, we kept being teased about that and I was expecting something big(I mean the build up was huge) but when the reason was revealed towards the end - I was like okay? I was too irritated at that point tbh. And then after they reconcile they never talk about it again. Like that's it? Her loving him(read: one night of magical sex) is enough to resolve his doubts?

Coming to the reconciliation - I was told that there would be a lot of groveling, but there was hardly any! It was just a constant push-pull dance during the house party but his groveling didn't match up to the amount of hurt and humiliation that Willa had to suffer through. And then she forgives him after they spend the night together? That was disappointing.
Also, I do get that the author was trying to show the character development and how the time spent apart made them more willing to be honest with each other. It does make sense that they are better together now than before, but I think the number of flashback scenes weren't enough to solidly establish a base for their relationship. It made their relationship seem flimsy as it was shown that they actually knew nothing about each other's pasts despite being in a relationship for so long. Though I do get the reasons for their behavior it hardly seems believable that they courted and almost got married while not even talking about their pasts. So this didn't give me any of the second chance romance vibes.

And while I liked Willa's brothers in the previous books, reading this one had me looking at them from a newer perspective. I still can't believe that they helped Dom escape from his wedding to THEIR sister without even knowing the reason? Like what? Bros before sisters apparently. They're the worst brothers from Willas's pov tbh, and I don't even know how she forgave them. And even in this one, they keep trying to bring Willa and Dom together without asking for their opinions. Like honestly, Willa deserved better and I felt sorry for her. :(

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed by this one but others might enjoy it.

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When secrets and adventures lead Dominic on a wild chase after his lady Willa. A great adventure and lots of romance drifys out of this story. Highly recommended read!

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It doesn’t get better than this series. The friendships between all the characters throughout the series is immaculate, I love the loyalty and chemistry between everyone. The romance was sensual, sweet and HOT, you could feel the passion and angst the main characters had for each other.

Eva Leigh quickly became a favorite author when I read the first book of this series and was introduced to her writing. Now this series has become a favorite. Highly recommend

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I just love an historical romance. This was just what you’d expect. A stud. A headstrong girl. An unexpected romance that is just hot. I enjoyed this book.

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This book was not my favorite historical romance, I really wanted to love it but it fell a bit flat for me!

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Such a solid way to close out this series! Like, this book made me so, so happy.

I'm usually not one for second-chance romances, but I've been waiting on this one since the beginning of The Good Girl's Guide to Rakes. I think what made Dom and Willa's story stand out to me was the growth that both characters had between their original wedding date and finally coming back together to get their HEA. Most of the time I find second chances unrealistic because of a lack of growth. People tend to break up for a reason, and so if they haven't either addressed how they've changed as individuals or resolved some internal conflict, why should we as readers believe that this time it's going to stick? Or if they have changed, what's to say that they will work now? It's such a balance, and I think it's really nailed in this book! Both Dom and Willa had to work through their own internal conflicts, and in the process, they realized that they hadn't originally been honest with each other, and their marriage likely wouldn't have thrived if they would have gone through with it. Their ability to take steps back to learn more about themselves and each other really allowed them to create such a solid foundation, and once they finally learned to communicate with each other there was no doubt they'd be one of those romance couples that you can imagine being together forever.

Well, that review got heavy really quickly! But I really feel like the second-chance part of this story was handled so deftly, I had to rave about it for a while! But the whole setup for this book? Incredible. Weeks of debauchery on a Scottish island? Sign me up! Meddling but well-meaning family members. A remote cabin. Caretaking. Forced proximity and pining. So much pining. And the sex? Literally made me blush. ME. This book also made me realize that we just don't give nicknames the way they used to!

I loved this, I can't recommend it enough. I feel like this is one I'd come back to every now and then, and definitely has scenes I'll come back and reread!

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A Rogue's Rules for Seduction is the last book in Eva Leigh’s Last Chance Scoundrels trilogy, which told the stories of the Ransom brothers family’s romances. The first two books in the series featured the brothers, Kieran and Finn Ransom whom we know were instrumental in causing their friend, Dominic Kilburn jilt their sister Lady Willa Ransom at the altar because they misguidedly believed they knew what was best for the two of them. Fast forward to a well-travelled and wiser Willa whose determined to never get her heart trampled again and a Dom who’s been miserable from losing the woman he loves and we have a recipe for antics, high emotions, some very steamy scenes and some repentant family members. Now, I have been looking forward to this book because I read the previous two and honestly feel that this reads better if the readers read them as well. Simply because something gets lost in the back story and all the characters are present on the plotted house party which brings the long-lost loves back together. Regardless though, one will still find the story satisfying as a read alone book. This last book made for a great finale in my opinion and I was not disappointed in procuring it. This review was written from a received ARC copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley.

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I adored Dominic and Willa's story!! I've been anticipating their story since the series started and Leigh did not disappoint!! Loved it!!

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OMG. This book is EVERYTHING the readers deserve for Dom and Willa's story. I absolute love this series- the banter, the swoon, the steam. This highly waited for, second chance romance between these characters DELIVERED. The steam and chemistry were off the charts and I was so happy to have their love story resolved.

Thank you Avon and Netgalley for my copy.

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I truly, truly enjoyed this book. This was my first time reading an Eva Leigh book and I can't wait to read more. This book made me want to go back and read the first two books of the series I've missed. We have Dominic, or Dom who left our heroine, Willa, at the altar and broke her heart. Unbeknownst to Willa, Dom had some dangerous secrets from his past creeping up and causing him to flee the morning of their wedding. I loved seeing this friend group work together to get these two to work out their issues. This was such a pleasure to read and I can't wait to read more of her back catalog.

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Thanks @avonbooks for this eARC

I read this a while back during vacation and it was wonderful! Loved these two and working their way back to each other!!
It’s a wonderful second chance with some forced proximity historic romance 💘

This series is a lot of fun as well and we get some great leads! And good steam 🔥

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Dominic Kilburn has been drifting since he left Lady Willa Ransome at the altar a year ago. Wracked with guilt, he has been drowning his sorrows in booze and boxing. When his two friends, who happen to be Willa’s brothers drag him to a scandalous houseparty on a remote island in Scotland, his hope is that this will be his escape from his tortured memories and unresolved feelings for Willa. To his surprise, Willa is there, and they are stuck in each other’s company for two weeks until the next boat returns. Can they survive the desire both to kill each other and give into their suppressed carnal and emotional desires? Is there a chance for them to make amends at last?

A Rogue’s Rules for Seduction is a sexy, entertaining Regency historical romance with lots of sizzling tension between the two leads. It’s clear that these two belong together if they can make it past their many issues. Dom is a big, sexy hero who is so gentle and tenderhearted, with a tormented soul, and is clearly crazy about Willa. Willa is fiery, independent, yet vulnerable beneath her forthright personality. She struggles between protecting her heart from more hurt and wanting to throw herself fully in Dom’s arms. Eva Leigh builds the excitement as the two clash and confront each other and their unresolved feelings, leading to beautifully written, fiery and passionate love scenes. The character development shines in that both Dom and Willa are shown as imperfect people who grew and learned from their mistakes. A fitting conclusion to the Last Chance Scoundrels series, A Rogue’s Rules for Seduction is satisfying and sigh-worthy romance.

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I have been waiting for this book since book one in this series. Not that I didn’t like all the other books in the series but I definitely wanted Willa and Dom's story. And it did not disappoint.

Dom and Willa were engaged and we almost at the alter when Dom decided he couldn’t do it so he ran out on Willa and basically left her at the alter. She tried to salvage her reputation as best as she could and traveled the continent.

Dom has been miserable since he jilted Willa at the alter, but he knew he just wasn’t good enough for her and didn’t want her to end up despising him.

This book starts where Willa has come back and is now having to face Dom. And lets say things get interesting. They start off angry of course and end up really digging into the relationship they had before. It helps that they are on an island together and kinda have no choice but to talk to each other. Neither one of them can run away this time.

It turns out their previous relationship was extremely shallow. And that they never really talked about anything of significance. They had to face some harsh realities about the people they were and how they used each other.

I loved the way the Dom and Willa finally had to really get deeper and talk about things that really matter and talk about their past. This was so important and played such a huge role in why Dom felt he didn’t deserve Willa, and essentially what Dom did played into the issues Willa had too.

They actually had to grow and heal with one another. And really confront the issues that they had individually and the issues in their relationship.

And eventually they built something even stronger that what they had before, something beautiful, fragile and worth it all at the same time.

I really loved that this story also had all of the couples from the previous books too like a wrap up of all of their stories while telling Willa and Dom's.

Oh my and the chemistry that they had was off the charts, every time they were within each others space you could almost feel the air crackle, and when they finally got together it felt explosive! Very spicy!

Everything about this book gave me all the feels and I just loved Dom. He was so sweet and felt so much. And Willa was the same she felt too much so she brazen her way through everything because she didn’t want to look weak.

This is a must read I was so happy with this book and finally getting Willa & Dom's story. Definitely a must read.

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This one is so incredibly romantic and sweet from beginning to end that I read it almost entirely in one sitting. It also has a nice and steamy interlude in the middle to keep things spicy and really live up to the cover.
Dominic Kilburn left Lady Willa Ransom at the altar and thought he'd never be near her again. Until a house party in the remote island estate of an eccentric Lord brings them back together. Their feelings are still obviously there, but they're going to have to discuss many things before either of them is able to get over the pains of the past.
We get excellent banter, fun interactions with the rest of the characters, and some very heartfelt conversations. The balance between the darker emotional elements and the romantic moments is perfect, with things never getting too down or making light of the serious life experiences Willa and Dom have had.
It's the 3rd book in the series and I feel like I would have benefited from reading the others mostly because I'm interested in the relationships that resulted from those and I think it would help fill in some of the background for Willa and Dom's relationship, but I don't think it's necessary.

Delighted thanks to NetGalley and Avon for the very romantic read!

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This is one of those books that started out strong. A jilted woman who is still in love with the rogue that had to walk away because he was battling his own demons? Ok. That sounds intriguing. But from there it just fell flat. The more I read, the less my interest was held to the point that was skipping paragraphs and just skimming the pages looking for something of interest. I finally gave up and DNF'd at 64%

The spice was zero. The character development was minimal. The story fell flat. Maybe if I made it all the way through my opinion would change. I just couldn't make it far enough for that to happen.

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