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The premise of this book is similar to others of this type, but it is better written than a lot of them.  The main characters are likeable/relatable and issues of divorce/parental abandonment, alcoholism, abuse are handled sensitively..  The issue of who we are vs our persona, is also addressed.  So a lot for teens to think about
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Good, but not particularly memorable to me. The writing style was alright, I didn't really have a favorite character either. I'd recommend this book and author to those who like young adult thrillers.
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Thanks Netgalley and Inkyard Press for this ARC that will be released May 9, 2023. 
Jesse texts Savana and asks her to meet him at the Warehouse. When she gets there she sees someone fall from the upstairs window to their death. Five of her friends were in there too. All of them are murder suspects and lying. Savana questions her friends and starts uncovering their many secrets. 
This was a great read that held my attention and had lots of twists and turns. I hope to read more by this author!
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Absolutely loved this book! This was my first experience with this author and I am looking forward to more of her work. This book to me is a crossover between One of Us is Lying and How to Get Away With Murder. What I found really fun about the book was that there were police reports and interviews. So, you can play detective and try to solve the case. 10/10, would definitely recommend this book.
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the book starts with someone falling out of a window and goes back to the past to lead up to the murder. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it
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This was a great mystery. I really enjoyed the way the book was structured. A person falls out a window and there are five suspects. The book was then told in the past leading up to the incident. Letting readers learn about the dynamics of the friend group and the motives each suspect might have had.
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Thank you, Inkyard Press, for allowing me to read The Last One To Fall early!

Perfect for fans of Karen McManus is a sentence I see often when referring to this book in reviews and perhaps my reading experience was biased because of that. I do not like McManus' works and I found Lepore to be just at the same level. An okay mystery with teenage protagonists and some twists.
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Six friends. Five suspects. One murder.

I really enjoyed this book and kept the pages turning.  

The book opens with a body falling from a warehouse.   Five friends are at the warehouse.   Did one of them throw the other out?  

The book is told in the past - how the friendships were formed and built. - as well as the present - the investigation of the fall.  Was it murder? if so, who was guilty- and was it more than one?  

This book reminded me of One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus and I really enjoy that type of YA suspense novel

To be honest, I didn't LOVE it at first - it felt a little slow, and confusing at the same time.  There were a lot of characters and their stories felt a little disjointed.  .  Then just when the random thought entered my mind to maybe skim it a little, it picked up.  Then I got totally sucked in and couldn't stop reading.    

At one point I knew who did it.  Then I didn't.  Then I did.   It was a roller coasting of guessing and anticipation.  

4 solid stars.   Why not 5?  Those of you who have read my reviews before know I save the 5 for those rare books that give me that WOW and that book hangover..   But this was a solid, fun, enjoyable read. 

Thank you to the author, the publisher and to #netgalley for the ARC which did not impact my review
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A group of high school students in a small beach town start back to school for their senior year.  As friendships change there is tension between the group.  When one of them is killed, the friends don’t know who to trust.  The police have one suspect but is he the right one?  What do the police not know?
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The Last One to Fall by Gabriella Lepore totally delivered. Was a quick, fast-paced and gripping read that was unputdownable! I read in one day, two sittings. Once I opened this book up I didn't want to stop. 
The characters felt so real to me and I was swept up in their journey. 
Full of twists and surprises, I didn't see the ending coming.
This book is extremely well written with vivid descriptions that really set the scene and kept me on the edge of my seat.
The pacing and dialogue were great.
Savana and Jesse, are realistic, intriguing characters who sucked me into their story and held me captive till the end. 
This is why I love YA thriller/mystery! 

Six friends. Five suspects. One murder.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Inkyard Press,
Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
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Excellent! Suspenseful page turner that keeps you guessing. Perfect for fans of Karen McManus. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and couldn’t put it down! Highly recommend. Thank you NetGalley for the early read.
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Thanks NetGalley and Inkyard Press for this eARC, these opinions are my own. I consumed this book in one day! I loved the way it was written, similar to the show How To Get Away With Murder! Savana and Jesse are the protagonists, the story starts with Jesse texting Savana to come see him. When she arrives she see someone falling through a window. And here is the fun part, at least for me the next half or so of the book tells the events leading up to the person falling from the window and at the end of many of the chapters their are police reports or interviews that give you clues to who the suspects are and to who fell from the window. The next half takes place after the body fell and goes through Savana and Jesse trying to figure out what happened. I love the present with flashes forward kind of mystery it adds to all the intrigue for me! Plus there were a lot of side plots that just added to the overall mystery of the story! Gabriella Lenore wrote a story that kept me guessing both in terms of who had died and in who had done it! For most of the book I had no clue with all the twists and turns there were! If you enjoy mysteries that keep you guessing especially if you like ones that keep you guessing on who the murdered is then you will love this book! I highly recommend it! Can’t wait to read it again!
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this was such a good mystery novel, it had a great tense atmosphere that I look for in a teen suspense novel. I enjoyed the way Gabriella Lepore wrote this and getting to know these characters. I was invested in what was happening and it reminded me a lot of old horror novels that I read as a teen. I look forward to reading more from this author.

"My heart beats faster when I remember hearing the glass smash, and the clang of the iron staircase as I raced up from the ground floor. The thud of their footsteps, all coming from different directions."
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