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Chicken Soup for the Soul BABIES: Playdate!

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Another delightful addition to the Chicken Soup for the Soul - Babies line up. Was thrilled to see another book by the team who did the first two entries in the series, writer Jamie Michalak and illustrator  Katie Mazeika, who perfectly capture kid-friendly pictures and text. The story and theme will no doubt resonate with little ones - those who feel akin to bear as well as those who do their best to include all their friends, even when it's complicated. And speaking of inclusion - what a wonderful theme to introduce to the youngest among us!
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Playdate! is a great book for introducing preschoolers to making new friends and inclusion. I love the portrayal of the animals always making room for more friends and adapting their play to include their new friends. A great book and a great addition to any library!
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This book is perfect for babies and toddlers. It tells the story of a playdate between animal friends but focuses on illustrations rather than text. There are words but they are not that necessary for telling the story. The pictures are interesting and it would be a perfect opportunity for adults to talk about the book with their child, expanding a young child's idea of what reading is. I would definitely recommend this book. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to check it out!
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Squirrel is playing with his small woodland friends and Bear arrives and asks to play too.  Bear is definitely much bigger and more awkward than the other little animals so will squirrel allow him in on the games they are playing? 

Squirrel says yes of course he can play too.  He is more than happy to include bear too.   They find an activity that they all can participate in together and what a lovely time was had by all. 

This heartwarming book highlights how to make new friends, how to practise kindness and how to be inclusive towards others who may be different from you.  

The Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies series imparts good values through heartwarming and humourous stories to help little ones put their best foot forward.

I love the adorable cartoonish kid-friendly illustrations and I highly recommend this particular book and the entire series.
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For young toddlers, making friends can be a little difficult. Having good friends is learning to be a good friend. This book for toddlers is a great resource to help your toddler make new friends. Whether it is in a group or one on one, play is a great way to break the ice. The illustrations are cute and adorable. There is nothing like a friendship. A great resource for friendship

A special thank you to Charlesbridge and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I read this book with my 5-year-old daughter (she was 5 in July), or rather she read the book to me and she loved it!  We read it several more times that night which shows that it was a hit with her

The illustrations were lovely and worked really well with the story to bring it to life.

She has not long started school and has been learning a lot about being and making friends and fitting in as well as making sure no one is left out of games and playing so it’s a great one for that age and younger too.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, a simple story that really gets the point over well – very highly recommended
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I read this book to my 3 year old nephew!  He absolutely loved it and asked me to read it to him 3 more times before I said enough pick another book. It's really cute and the pictures are great too.  Nephew loved the bear that didn't quite fit in.  I will definitely be looking for some other kids books for him

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies: Playdate! by Jamie Michalak was a great story to read in my household.  To read a story that shows those around who truly want you to be there will make room or the time for you is deeply an important lesson to learn and understand.  As a mom of many littles, I strive to teach them to always include those around them and to never make someone feel left out and vice versa.  We loved the illustrations of all the characters, the colors are beautiful, and the story line is touching.
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