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This is a very accessible book about psychology. It feels like a conversation and not a lecture. Very comprehensive.
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I first heard of Paul Bloom when listening to some of his lectures on YouTube.  I found his talks on the brain  fascinated and well organized so I decided to read his book. 
His book Psych is a very good comprehensive coverage of psychology however it covers things you may not find in Psych 101. Consciousness for instance and his view on what Consciousness is is so interesting and fascinating.  He debunks a lot of common theories of psychology running around. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and encourage anyone interested in psychology or Neuroscience to buy this book. 
Thank to Netgalley and the publisher for this advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a brilliant, comprehensive, entertaining overview of the current state of the field of psychology. In a witty, conversational style, it reveals new information while debunking some widely held beliefs. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in psychology and neuroscience. 

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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The author of this book, Paul Bloom, is a professor at Yale. The book is largely based on his Introduction to Psychology course. The book dives into every conceivable topic of
psychology, from consciousness to language to mental illness. I found the explanations of the way the brain develops in childhood to be particularly interesting. The book is well-researched and contains a ton of valuable information, backed up by peer-reviewed research.
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Psych is a fascinating look on the modern science of psychology. Not only is it an overview on the subject, but Paul Bloom also argues that some of the most widely accepted theories are wrong. This would be an excellent companion book in courses with his insight. It's interesting to learn why we think and feel the way we do. Highly recommended!
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Paul Bloom's "Psych" is a must read when it comes to understanding the human mind, emotions, psyche, and our interactions with each other. I am much smarter and wiser after reading this book!
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Psych by Paul Bloom is an excellent overview of the history of and current ideas in the field of psychology. Based partly on his teaching outline for his Intro to Psychology course, this offers a very accessible tour with enough depth to generate even more curiosity.

I first heard of Bloom when I took one of his MOOCs back in 2014 (or so) and have since taken another one as well as read several of his books. One of the strong aspects of his other books has been his voice, you can almost hear him (if you have taken one of his courses). Coupled with the almost conversational tone you learn so much without realizing it, like when you're talking with a friend who is knowledgeable, and you suddenly realize how much you now understand. I was actually surprised, quite pleasantly, by how much of that delivery made it into this book.

This is not a textbook but offers the reader a similar type of tour. Just far more interesting and less sleep-inducing. An ideal book to build a course around, basically doing the opposite of what Bloom did. I don't, however, want to emphasize that. This is a wonderful book for those who simply want a better understanding of what psychology is and, as a result, who we as human beings are. Don't be put off by talk of formal courses, this is that rare book that easily serves both formal learning and informal self-education.

Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in how we think and feel, and why. Whether you have previous education in the field or just coming to it, this will reward you.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Thank you, Dr. Bloom, for writing the perfect brief companion book for general psychology courses. Personally, I am leaning toward using this book next fall 2023 in my course with deep-dive content coming from current peer-reviewed research and media. Students are tired of encyclopedic textbooks and this book is an excellent and rather deep overview of the big ideas and questions of psychology. Introductory psychology courses should get people excited about psychology and eager to value what we learn from the science of psychology in their personal and professional lives. Psych does this well!
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Superb. Anyone interested in psychology and the human mind will find great value in this book -- from laypersons and novices to the field,  students up through graduate level, as well as seasoned researchers within it (for the spectacular example of communication to a wide audience it provides). Based on his popular Yale introductory psychology course lectures (with huge view counts on You Tube), Paul Bloom covers across 15 lucid and personably crafted chapters the foundations of the field, Freud, Skinner, consciousness, child development, language, memory, perception, rationality, emotions, motivations, the replicability crises, behavioral, prejudice, individual differences, mental illness and, among many other topics, positive psychology. Bloom is also the co-editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, the highest impact-factor journal in the behavioral sciences by several key measures. The breadth and depth of knowledge such a role entails is reflected in the synthetic and synoptic ease of this wonderful book.
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