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A very useful book for all which provides usable tips and techniques to identify and  replace our unhealthy habits with better ones. The workbook is a tribe of information on using science backed strategies on building and maintaining better habits. 
This is one of those books which can be used as reference and a handy gift in your journey of improvement.
Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an copy of the book.
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I have really enjoyed working through this workbook. I think that anyone who finds the title appealing should give this book a go, and I have no doubt that it will have some new insight to offer you!
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Good book. I especially like the fact that if you get a digital copy, you can write directly in the copy and not have to use a seperate implement, though I did because I'm used to using these workbooks this way.

I did find some of the exercises elementary or really childish, but I have also been in programs since I was 13 with 13 years experience as a patient total, so I have a more critical eye when it comes to these kinds of books.

Special thanks to for a free copy before it hit shelves!
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The Better Habits Workbook by Stephanie Sorady Arias is a wonderful workbook that will make life easier for some readers. It is a comprehensive guide that can be useful for anyone trying to change problem behaviors. This workbook provides detailed directions for how to change troublesome habits, in an easy to understand format. It provides ways to allow you to meet your goals of changing negative habits into positive habits. It employs positive psychological techniques such as thinking positive and using mindfulness. This book is a must read for anyone that is interested in breaking bad habits and discovering barriers to making lasting habit changes. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a neat little workbook. The information may be familiar to folks who've read more popular and well-known entries in the genre like Atomic Habits, but that doesn't make this workbook less valuable. I personally found this book to be more useful to me than Atomic Habits, for example.
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I was interested in this book because next year I want to change a lot of things. I'm having twins in January, which will be chaotic, but I also want to start forming better habits and taking better care of myself because it is desperately needed for health reasons.

I'm one of those individuals who always sets goals but I rarely achieve them so I want something that will help me stick with it. This book might be perfect for that!

It was very informative and the workbook portion was really helpful. I actually plan to buy myself a physical copy of this so I can actually write in it as opposed to this ebook form I read. 

If anyone else is looking for help to stick with the goals and form new habits, I definitely recommend checking this book out.

Thank you to Netgalley and Callisto Media, Rockridge Press for an ARC. All opinions are mine and mine alone. :)
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Anyone who feels dragged down by bad habits and is unable to learn why they can't get unstuck is sure to learn a lot from this book.
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Super useful. I’ve really found some great tips to get me unstuck from this workbook. I think this would be helpful for a lot of adults to notice their habits and help them become more focused.
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The Better Habits Workbook by Stephanie Sorady Arias, MSW was an amazing journal to help you get started in a routine that will better your mind and therefore provide better rest and relaxation for your body. I found this book very helpful and really enjoyed the journaling prompts.
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Goals. Tricky things. Figuring out what they are is hard enough, let alone how to reach them. And then there’s the often impossible-seeming task of sticking to the plans – of forming the habits that will allow you to achieve consistent progress.

We start off here with a discussion about habits in general, and general psychological information and theory about how one would go about either setting up new good habits, or break old bad ones. The tone is friendly and accessible, but science-based, which I respected a lot. There’s no “You must do this” but rather a “try these things and see what works for you.” Experimentation is the name of the game.

A lot of the tools and techniques are different forms of mindfulness, CBT, ABC, and that kind of thing. It’s not enough to make plans, or start routines, without doing some thinking about it all. Seeking to understand motivations, and blocks, and feelings. Yeah. Actually, it all makes a lot of sense, and I think can often be the missing element in all of these ‘how to be brilliantly productive/successful/etc, etc’ type tomes.

Of course, there is a hard truth with any book like this: the author can attempt to lead you to water, but cannot make you think. At the end of the day you have to manage that bit yourself. It’s unavoidable, but still frustrating, to have sweeping statements like, “Figure out your goal!” “Understand why you feel stuck!” – yeah, great theory, but it doesn’t always get you anywhere. This is where a book may never be able to help: if you can’t take the big step yourself, then you’re stuck on your own, kiddo.

As the title suggests, this is a workbook. The hardcopy has plenty of space to write in, it seems, while us ebook readers will have to make notes elsewhere. There are a lot of exercises and questions, and they may indeed help you past some of that ‘figuring it out’.

Later in the book the advice turns towards monitoring and yet more reflection, because it’s one thing to start/end a habit, but continuing on that path does require keeping an eye on things.

I did think there was slightly more emphasis on shifting bad habits rather than setting up good ones, and that’s probably going to be most useful for most people.

Overall, this is a pretty good attempt at gathering evidence-based techniques to try, with plenty of information and common sense. The tone remains professional, but friendly and accessible and encouraging. As I tend to say, it’s probably as much as you can ask from a book on this subject: no miracles are available, alas, but applying some mindful thinking to your attempts to make or break habits seems like a great approach, and this does its best to guide you in that.
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To be honest, this book appealed to me because of its title and the subtitle of 'Exercises for Getting Unstuck, Changing your Behaviour and Reaching Your Goals'. I have always struggled with habits, setting good ones and divesting myself of the unfavourable. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book because I've read a lot of books on habit formation and life transformation through goal setting, so I was very pleasantly and happily surprised to read a book with useful information and exercises which I have worked through diligently and implemented with excellent results.
I loved the illustrative stories of people changing their habits for the better and providing examples to follow. I enjoyed the thoughtful exercises to help with habit change and modification and thought the key takeaways at the end of each chapter were insightful and helpful.
If you don't read any other habit book again, then finish with this one, The Better Habits Workbook, which is by the far the best I have read and utilised. It is easy to follow and understand why we build the habits we do and what we can do to change our lives for the better.
Excellent book - thanks to Netgalley for giving me the chance to read it in exchange for an unbiased review. I've ordered my own hard copy!
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Thank you Callisto media and Netgalley for the arc!

Do you want to start your best life, but you don’t know we’re to start?
This is the book for you!

It helps you decide your habits (where i struggle the most) and then helps you stick to them!
I’ve recently finished atomic habits and I felt a bit lost and didn’t know how to start. This workbook was very helpful!
I loved the layout with tips and quizzes and I appreciated the section about mental health habits.
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This was a well-written book that did not place any blame on the reader or attempt to shame them into changing a habit. It was informative and structured well for someone who wants to focus on changing and building better habits. I liked the exercises in this book a lot and I found this book incredibly helpful.
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This work book is amazing. It is educational but still full of humility and does not illicit shame. It’s truly motivating and I’ve noticed the practice being applied to my daily life without even intending to.
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