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The title of this book really appealed to me; after all, it's a mother's worst nightmare, to have their child stolen, especially by someone she trusts so much.

The concept of this book is good and I particularly enjoyed the twist at the end. However at times I didn't feel it had as much psychological impact as I was hoping. There were elements that the book was quite predicable and a very strange and disappointing ending.

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“The Midwife” is a thriller by Victoria Jenkins. From the title to the summary to the opening chapter I was hooked and this sounded like a book right up my enjoyment path. Reading this book, though, was slow going. I don’t know if it was because I read it in short bursts or what, but I found the thriller part to be lacking. I didn’t warm up to either of the main characters, which I found disappointing. There are a number of red herrings in this book, which others have noted. I’ve read another book by this author, so I think this one just didn’t work for me - but I look forward to her next thriller book.

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Pregnancy... for some a great period in their life. For others it seems like nine months from hell. Pregnancy is not the only thing that can bring worries and sleepless nights. You are still facing labor and sometimes everything goes like a walk in the park, but you most certainly hear some real horror stories.

Thank God there are people you can count on, like family and/or friends, but when you have none of them there is one person who will not let you down and stick with you no matte what: your midwife.

When said midwife talks you into something your are not really convinced about, you put your worries in a closet and throw away the key. After all, she knows best and she has proven before she is looking out for you. You are right to trust and believe her, right?

I was frustrated and pleased at the same time and I loved it. Let me explain. Frustrated because the whole time I was wondering what happened in the past and pleased the author kept it hidden until the very last pages. So I was happy being kept in the dark. The pleasure is much more intense when you are kept waiting, right? ;)

I felt for Lauren and I liked Karim. I understood Peter and Jackie. Once again we are faced with people who went through something traumatic and who are still wearing the traces, even after many years have gone by.

Heartbreaking. 5 stars

Thank you

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This is good read overall, I got into the story quickly, and I liked the twists. However I felt it lacked something.

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I was hooked from the first page…the red herrings in this book were tremendously written. This author is talented and gifted at writing a cannot put down story. I had no idea how the book would end and never guessed….shocking…secrets…I had trouble determining who the bad guys were…who were the good characters? This book is a good mystery…I liked it. I really liked it. It was a story of goodness and kindness yet the past was a mess of horrible events. The main character was hiding so much from those around her. She was suspicious Alf almost everyone. All she wanted to do was have her baby safely. Curl up and get cozy because you won’t want to stop reading until the end. This book was sent to me electronically by Netgalley for review.

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Clever, astounding thriller that will absolutely have any reader interested in the characters and the plots. I highly enjoyed this sinister story and you will too.

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