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It was time to suspend my disbelief and go on another lovely visit to Carmel with Daryl Wood Gerber's A Fairy Garden Mystery series offering 'A Flicker of Doubt'.  The author skillfully creates mistrust and twists and turns to point fingers of potential guilt to a myriad of characters.  I admit I was surprised by the ultimate culprit.  I enjoyed the continuing relationship of Courtney and Brady and look forward to a reunion with Fiona.  It can't come soon enough for me.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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The fourth book in this cozy mystery series, and a very good read. It kept me turning the pages from start to finish. The author has the ability to weave a storyline that captures the imagination. I love the glimpse into making fairy gardens, and having your own personal fairy. I would certainly recommend this cozy to others.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Kensington Books, I am leaving my review voluntarily.
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I've been a fan of Daryl Wood Gerber's Fairy Garden Mystery series since the first book. I'm happy to see and read a new entry in this series!

This story has a whimsical/serious topic within its storytelling.

Courtney (The Protagonist) and her fairy partner, Fiona are always fun to read. They make a great team and you can't help but root for them. The setting, as always is charming and makes you want to visit the town. Courtney and her Fairy Garden Shop, Open Your Imagination makes me want to take a class and create a fairy garden.

Included within this book are recipes and a sneak peek of the previous book in the series. While newcomers can start with this book, I highly recommend reading/checking out the other books as well. 

My thanks to Kensington Publishing and NetGallery for a digital copy of this book for my review! I'm looking forward to reading more of the Fairy Garden Mystery series!
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Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinion is my own. 

This is a charming series set in the village of Carmel California.  The charcters are colorful and  add to the series. I enjoy the whimsical aspect of this series with the faries and building of fairy gardens.  If you love Carmel you will adore this series as its as if your right there walking and enjoying the village.  The sleuth is well carfted to the story and was pleasing to conclusion.  A enjoyable next in series.
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I want to start by thanking the author/publisher for the opportunity to review <i>A Flicker of a Doubt: A Fairy Garden Mystery - Book 4</i> prior to publication. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, but the following review is completely mine and not impacted by their generosity. 

This was the second book in the Fairy Garden Mystery series I've read, so I was familiar with the basic characters and the general world that Daryl Wood Gerber has created in her series. If you're not familiar with the series, the series centers around Courtney Kelly, who owns a fairy-gardening /tea shop in Carmel, California. Of course, she has the cast of characters at the store, in the surrounding businesses, the police force, her boyfriend, family, and the rest of the town. In this respect, there are a lot of characters in this book that have been developed in the three previous books. For this reason, I definitely recommend read the preceding books before delving into this one.

In this story, a famous artist is found dead on the front lawn of Courtney's best friend, Meghan's, lawn. This isn't much of a spoiler since it really is the inciting incident and spurs the rest of the story into action. There are a whole litany of people who are definite suspects. 

As a cozy mystery, this book hits all the boxes I like to see in a para-cozy. Fun and quirky cast of characters? Check! Interesting small town? Check! Fun and entertaining paranormal characters? Check! Clear clues along the way? Check! In fact, I kind of put two-and-two together about half-way through the book and formed my own ideas of motives and killers. I was more on the right track than not, which is half the fun of reading a cozy mystery.

Probably the only part of the book I would critique is the integration of Brady's ex-wife and her actor husband. I understand why the subplot was there, but I really didn't think it added anything to the overall story. The moments with the two provide some comic relief but weren't really necessary for plot development. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I plowed through it quickly. If you liked the previous books, you'll enjoy seeing Courtney and Fiona's latest antics.
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Another fun cozy mystery with some fairy dust sprinkled in.
This book centers around an art show/fund raiser, and the body of an artist is discovered.  Even though Courtney and Fiona are swamped with work, they must do some sleuthing to clear their friends name.  
As always this book is enjoyable, light, and filled with magical characters that grow with every book.  Highly recommend.
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Courtney and Fiona are back solving a murder, this time in the local arts scene.  While preparing for a fundraiser/art show, one of the local artists is murdered.  Courtney and friends must figure out who killed him to save their friends from being falsely accused.

As usual, Daryl does a fantastic job with the characters and location.  I have been watching the characters themselves, and their relationships grow as the Fairy Garden Mystery series has gone on.  I really feel like, if I ever visited Carmel-on-the-Sea, I would be able to navigate parts of town with no problem.  It is vivid and vital.

The plot is well done and very tight.  There are plenty of suspects to choose from, and you even end up going back to some of them as you continue reading.  It is a nice, light mystery that takes you out of the every day and gives you some magic.

All opinions are my own.
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Publication March 28, 2023

I've grown to love this series. I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with the fairies? Top it off with interesting characters that ring true, whimiscal fairy gardens, a community of artsy folks, friendship, and, yes, romance, and Gerber has crafted a winner with this series. This one was an intriguing mix of whimsy with a dose of not just reality but murder. 

Who killed the unlikable artist Nicholas, main character Courtney's friend Meaghan's ex-flame? He certainly wasn't very likable, not to mention he seems to have left a string of admirers behind him as he moved about. That does not include his brother, however. He turned up with the warning that Nicholas needs to pay him what is owed "or else". Uh, oh, could he have killed his own brother? What sort of family ties could create that scenario? Maybe it was the other artist that Nicholas slugged in the face? Or the art teacher who shows up exhibiting a bit too much interest in Nicholas, all while singing his praises? Or maybe that talented singer/guitar maker who also seems inticed by Nicholas? Seems like any number of people might have had a reason for thinking Nicholas was better off dead. 

I thoroughly enjoyed trying to figure out whodunit. It was also fun to see the growth in Courtney's fairy Fiona. Did you know there are four basic classifications of fairies? Fiona is a guardian fairy to Courtney but also of the nurturer classification.The basic fairy types are air, water, and woodland, Fiona being one of the latter. There. There's your fairy class for the day. Don't despair if you can't see fairies. I can't but, heck, neither can Courtney's boyfriend Brady. We keep trying, though.

Bottom line, a whimsical story that mixes reality and the enchanted world. Thanks #NetGalley and #KensingtonBooks- #KensingtonCozies for allowing me to drop into Courtney's world again. With that teaser about Fiona, I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit.
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a good cozy mystery with Courtney trying to help her friends from being arrested for the murders of two brothers. I did enjoy this one, although must admit the fairies were a bit odd. Still though, loved the quotes at the start of each chapter and the story itself was a good read. Would recommend.
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I know that I’m in for a good time when I pick up a book by this author, and this latest in the series is no exception. Courtney is still running her shop, and one of her friend’s exes is murdered by her house. I don’t know exactly know how I figured it out, but I knew who the culprit was pretty quickly. That didn’t bother me, and I happily read the book to see how everything was going to fall out. While the mystery is fun, another great aspect of these books is the wonderful and fun characters. Courtney almost is pushed to the background because they are so memorable. This was a great, quirky addition to the series, and I’m ready for the next one. Recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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This is such a wonderful mystery.  I love the fairies and all the help that they give the humans that they come into contact with.  Fiona is especially a very interesting fairy.  In each book Daryl reveals more about Fiona.  Courtney and Fiona do some wonderful sleuthing together.  
Through this story you keep guessing who could have done it.  There are definitely a lot of suspects to choose from.  Then there is the fundraiser party that Violet is working on.  Courtney is busy with creating fairy gardens for Violet's garden.  Courtney is working with her father who is designing the garden and he does not believe in fairies.  
The story keeps you guessing but once the killer is revealed there is so much more that is revealed. 
The ending of the story left me a little sad and I hope that there is another story.  I would not want the series to end this way.  What is going to happen next?
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Such an enchanting and playful escape in this series and read with the fairy gardens and Courtney's personal fairy and as always a murder. Well crafted and enjoyable as always.
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A delightful cozy!
There is an exhaustive cast of characters listing at the beginning of the book for easy reference. There is also a lot of info about the care, feeding, and taxonomy of fairies.
The tale begins with preparations for the big local charity event, then moves onto the murder of a despicable local artist before diving right into the sleuthing. The characters are fun, the investigation twisty, and the red herrings surprising. I enjoyed the afternoon I spent reading it.
I requested and received a free temporary e-book copy from Kensington Books/Kensington Cozies via NetGalley. Thank you!
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Carmel-by-the-Sea shop owner Courtney Kelly is busy not only running her Fairy Tale Garden Shop (with the help of a real fairy) but designing fairy gardens for a theater foundation tea and an art show planned at Violet Vickers’s estate. But when her best friend Meaghan’s ex-boyfriend is murdered and Meaghan is one of the suspects, Courtney knows she has to step in and try to clear Meaghan’s name.

For the most part, I really enjoyed “A Flicker of a Doubt”, the fourth book in Daryl Wood Gerber’s Fairy Garden cozy mystery series. I really liked the mythology aspects of the book and the premise that fairies really do exist – you just have to open your eyes and believe. I liked the small bits of Fiona the Fairies background that were revealed – I haven’t read the first three books in the series but now I want to just to catch up on her story. The mystery was well done with plenty of suspects and an ending that I found a bit sad. The one thing I didn’t like about this book is that Courtney could be overbearing at times – barging into a murder scene and questioning people she suspected of murder as if she were a member of the police force. By the end of the book I was surprised that she didn’t end up as the next murder victim!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
A Flicker of a Doubt is the 4th book in this series. It stars Courtney who has her own personal Fairy! 
I enjoyed the setting in this book and believe that you could dive right into this story as the author has a great way of making you understand the characters. 
Courtney is working hard to clear a friend's name as the killer but, someone starts to follow her! 
There are plenty of sub plot lines in this book that tie back to the original plot in the story, and is very well done. 
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Good news!  There's no bookstore, cafe, bakery, or B&B!  The hook of this series is that Courtney has a personal fairy; Fiona, and owns a fairy garden store.  She designs and makes fantasy fairy gardens outdoors or in pots, and teaches classes so people can make their own.

In the community of Carmel California, art and crafts are alive and well, but we can't say the same for all of the artists!

When artist Nicolas Buley was killed, it was shocking, yes.  Nobody expects murder in their own group of acquaintances.  But he was an argumentative and unpleasant man.  Several women missed him...too many.  His tumultuous ocean scenes sold well, yet he didn't attract friends with his money and growing fame. 

The true misfortune was that Ziggy, co-owner of Flair Gallery of art, was the primary suspect, and arrested.  And he simply could not have done it.  Meaghan Brownie, the other co-owner, needs Courtney Kelly to find enough supporting evidence to have Ziggy released--which the police are not bothering to look for.

As Courtney digs, the more unsavory things she uncovers, but finding the killer is taking longer than expected.  Which is not good, because someone starts following her!

This is smarter than many cozy mysteries, repeats clues fewer (extra) times, and is refreshingly playful when it comes to people being able to see or feel the fairies.  They also help Courtney gather clues occasionally.

4/5  Stars

Thanks to Kensington Books, Kensington Cozies, and NetGalley for the temporary digital preview; any review is voluntary and my own opinion.

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Courtney Kelly, Carmel resident and owner of the Open Your Imagination fairy garden and tea shop, is working hard to finish a bespoke order for a big charity event which is one of the seaside town's main annual events. Unfortunately this coincides with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend arrival back in town to exhibit his paintings at the same party and she knows Meaghan will need her support and advice very soon. 

As the requested fairy gardens begin coming together and the party grows ever closer it becomes clear it's not just Meaghan who still has feelings for the talented artist with his unexpected arrival on everyone's lips. Anyone with links to the upcoming event finds themselves on the local detective's radar when a body is found nearby but Courtney is sure they are looking at it all wrong and begins her own investigation to discover the truth.  Alongside her natural curiosity Courtney's ability to see and communicate with the town’s elusive fairy population is going to come in handy if everything is to be sorted before the day of the garden party arrives. 

This is book four in my go-to series when I want to escape from reality for a while and it doesn't disappoint on any level. There are plenty of goings-on outside the main storyline and definite hints to what might happen next. Once again there are recipes included, some of which are gluten free. If the concept of fairies existing is too out there then this might not be the series for you otherwise this is an easy, cosy and relaxing read with a killer whose identity I didn't guess at all. 

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the opinions expressed are my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun boo which I recommend.
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I really enjoyed this entry in the Fairy Garden Mystery series, I loved the use of Carmel, California and it did a great job in using the setting in a mystery. I enjoyed the previous three books and loved the way Daryl Wood Gerber wrote this. I was on the edge of my seat when figuring out what was going on and I was glad that I was able to read this.

"Okay, let’s say your hypothesis has merit. Ziggy didn’t drive there, so I’d bet you and your team have searched the surrounding properties within a two-and-a-half-minute walk or jog, looking for a globelike object. Am I right?” I held up my palm. “Before you remind me, no, I’m not a forensics expert, but because of my craft, I’m good at evaluating spaces."
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Flicker of a Doubt is the fourth in the series by this author, but if you have not read any of those beforehand, do not be afraid to dive into this one. The author does a fabulous job of describing characters, and giving you details that it could be a stand alone if it wanted to be. However, this is a good series, so one might want to check out the others.

This one, like the others, centers around Courtney Kelly, her fairy garden gift shop, and her friends…both human, and fairy. In the course of her daily classes and her relationships with the other shop keepers, Courtney gets involved in solving murders. This one is the murder of her best friend’s former boyfriend. And, the suspect, is her friend’s coworker. A man, Courtney is sure is innocent. 

Working to help clear her friend, and find out who really killed the boyfriend, Courtney also has to work on making fairy gardens for an artistic charity function. All of the clues, and adventures come together, as you expect in any good murder mystery.. 

I enjoyed this cozy mystery with its touch of magic built in. I also love the descriptions of fairy gardens and the making of fairy doors as it has pique my interest in making my own. The author does some herself, so the descriptions are very well done. Something that I feel adds to the storyline, and the characters. 

I highly recommend this book for those who love this series, as well as those who have not. A very nice romp with a magical touch that will leave you smiling.
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In this 4th book in the Fairy Garden series Courtney Kelly happily works on a special commission to turn the backyard of Violet Vickers into a giant Fairy garden in time for a theater foundation tea and an art show. However, one of the artists is extremely nasty and it is no wonder when he turns up dead. But who would have planned the murder and why?

It was great to see how Fiona, Courtney's fairy, has grown through the series and being one who believes, I'm hoping a fairy will move in to my new home! I look forward to the day when other characters will be able to see a fairy!
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