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The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie

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There's something for everyone in this anthology.  Fans of Marie Curie will love seeing magical takes on pivotal events in her life and those who only know of her may learn something.

As with all anthologies, some stories will stand out for you more than others.  Still, a solid collection.
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Book about Marie curie's life and how she could have seen certain events in her life through short, fanatasy filled stories.
Personally there was a point where I got bored, it became repetitive and I was happy to finish it.
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This book is a really neat take! However, I do not think it is really for me. I would definitely recommend for someone who likes darker stories!
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The compilation of short stories span a range from fantasy to science fiction to horror.  All of the stories center around Marya (aka Marie Curie) primarily as a young adolescent before she furthered her education in France.  I appreciated the forward, which provided a short biography which included details of her early life that are normally not mentioned when writing about her many accomplishments.  I also thought that it was an especially nice addition at the conclusion of each story to describe the scientific basis or a potential hypothesis for some of what transpired for many of these stories.  Most of the stories in this compilation are written by masters of their craft but all of the stories included were excellent.  I would recommend this book wholeheartedly as it captures the interest of a reader on many levels.
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I loved all the different stories about Marie Curie. There are not many stories about women in science and she is a major person from the profession. I am not a big fan of the poetry but that is just me. I enjoyed all the short stories that make up this book I highly recommend it.
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As is often the case with a collection of short stories, some of them are bangers and others are good, while still others are most likely fine, but just not for me. I really appreciate that this book exists. My favorite part of this collection was the editor’s notes when the science used by the authors was so speculative, that they chimed in to explain things. That was fun.  Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC.  I think there are a lot of 12 and 13 year olds who are going to love this.
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I have to say I was really looking forward to this one and was left disappointed. None of the stories are bad. They're all written well-enough - though some of quite boring and the poetry by Jane Yolen (who I normally quite like and was really looking forward to most) felt dialed-in - but are mostly quite repetitive.

The repetitiveness, or my thought of it, actually became a question when I came to the short story 'The Magic of Science' by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and G.P. Charles, which read a bit like a Sherlock Holmes story. I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes' stories, and those follow the same beats like the stories in this collection, but I don't think of them as repetitive, so why do I feel that way about these? I honestly can't say, except that halfway through I was so bored of what I was reading that I had to push through to the end.

A few stood out at times, like the one mentioned above, along with 'Fight or Flight' by Jo Whittemore (gruesome), and 'Retribution' by Christine Taylor-Butler (some interesting sci-fi), but for most I was just glad to finish them.

I will also say that after a while it started to feel kind of weird reading what is essentially fan fiction of Marie Curie as a teenage genius, particularly given all she went through in her life. I'm glad there's a brief biography of her at the start of the collection, but that may also be what contributed to that weird feeling.

Overall, not terrible, just... weird and kind of boring?
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This is a collection of 16 short fantasy stories and four poems, many by best selling authors like Jane Yolan, Mylo Carbia and Jonathan Maberry. An introduction with facts about twice Nobel prize winner Marie Curie provides useful information and context, especially about the pioneering scientist's early life in Russian-occupied Poland. There is also a resource list in the back as to further books about Curie, and books and websites about girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

There is a similar plot to the majority of stories: the young Marie, usually 14 or 15 years old, is a brilliant student whose drams of further study--or even a decent school laboratory, are restricted by reactionary views of what girls can do. She uncovers (or in some cases invents) a supernatural threat to her family or to her fellow Poles, who are suffering under Russian oppression. She uses science to overcome the threat.  The stories (and free verse poetry by Jane Yolan) are all well-written and often include interesting snippets of Polish folklore (such as Susanne Lambdin's The Cold White Ones) and history. Anyone who likes a little horror, and their stories on the dark side will enjoy this anthology, despite the contrived feeling of most of the stories.  Jonathan Maberry's The Night Flyers really stands out for its excellent plot and sense of suspense.

This is a timely anthology, given the attacks on both science and women's rights (including, as Afghanistan's Taliban show, the attack on education for girls). The world pandemic means many people, including young adults, are grappling with illness, disrupted educations, and the deaths of loved ones. Marie Curie was deeply affected by the early deaths of her mother and of her sister Zofia, which forms a strong part in many of these short stories. All in all, this anthology succeeds in entertaining and at the same time encouraging girls' empowerment.
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I live historical fictions.
And this one is s great collection of interpretations and fictional stories about the great mind that was Madam Currie.

I personally loved the poems 
I would definitely recommend this for a quick read as there are some really short stories with huge impact
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The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie is a collection of imaginative short stories that hypothesize what Curies life may have been as a teen. It’s clever, humorous, and illustrative. Each story has a bit of a dark twist and keeps you on your toes! I was expecting something a bit different, and found the “drive” Curie had to conduct her experiments a bit off. Otherwise, It’s perfect for anyone who has an interest in science or Curie.
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I love Marie Curie and she is incredibly inspirational as a women in the science field. I was so excited to read this anthology of short stories of Marie Curie. I think I was just expecting something different than what was actually written. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I was really expecting a bit more out of this. Overall, 2.5/5 stars, rounded to 3/5 stars
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Excellent anthology with some awesome authors. This definitely gives the history of Marie Curie a new twist.
Recommended for the short story lover.
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This was such a cool selection of stories that I really liked. It was nice to see stories with Marie Curie as the focus. A nice change of pace to read reimagined tales of a staple in science. They were very creative and kept me hooked. I would definitely recommend this book to others! Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for the ARC.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Blackstone Publishing, and the Authors for this eGalley copy of The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie.

Drawing upon bits and pieces of the real world Marie Curie and scientific discovery, this collection of short stories effectively blends history and science with the weird, magical, 'what-if' of the fantastical imaginings of some of the best writers of our time.

A quick, easy, disturbing, and deliciously fun ride.
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No into the speculation as to what Marie was driven to experiment and ‘kill’ people. 
The speculated reasonings behind her motives.

Is this written with her diary on hand or her log of experiments.
Making her look like a jealous traumatized spiteful little gir is not my kind of book.
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As a middle school science teacher I was absolutely thrilled to read this collection! It's a perfect mixture of science and imagination, and I really felt that I got a better perception of Marie Curie's life while enjoying some adventurous and creepy stories. The collection also contained a bit of humour, and I fell in love with the rat Damian from the story "cheating death" 😍

I definitely recommend this anthology if you're interested in science, want to know what it was like living in Poland in the 1880s or just enjoy some thrilling short stories ⚡
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Pretty good read if you want a quick not very invested book. I read thru this pretty fast and can say I did enjoy it not sure I would reread it but was a worthwhile read. Look forward to more like this.
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Wow! One of the best advance reading copy I have ever got so far!

This book is mesmerising! 

It is a collection of fictional short stories and poems based on the life of Marie Curie with added imaginative touch on what could have happened to her when she was a teenager. 

I loved every word this book had to offer. You just have to get it! Try it for yourself. 

You know the book seems so short and I want more!

Thank you, Blackstone Publishing, for the advance reading copy.
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The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie is a YA collection of fictional tales inspired by scientist Marie Curie, with a sprinkling of fun trivia throughout. I think younger me would have LOVED this. As an adult, I still found it enjoyable, though I found myself wanting more from each story (but this is super common for me when it comes to short story anthologies). Each short story comes with a little endnote explaining any real science that was included in the story, which I think is a great addition! There were a couple of repetitive points, like the "science trumps magic" message, or repeatedly explaining flying schools and the Poland/Russia situation. Overall though, I found this to be a quick, entertaining read that I would recommend to young readers looking for a little bit of science, a little bit of horror, and a little bit of dark science fiction. 

Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for proving a digital copy of The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie in exchange for an honest review! This book is scheduled to hit shelves April 11, 2023.
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