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How To Destroy Your Husband

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What a ride! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This was a thriller but it was a FUN one. 

Cassie is about to marry Jamie when she discovers that he isn’t exactly being faithful. A lot of women will crumble, Cassie vows go much further than getting even. She wants to destroy him. “How To Destroy Your Husband” or takes us through all the ways Cassie picks apart Jamie’s existence. This book is perfect for thriller lovers and women’s fiction lovers alike. Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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OH MY GOODNESS I LOVED THIS ONE SO MUCH! This book follows the main character Cassie who was about to marry her fiancé, when someone shows her pictures of him kissing another woman. Cassie turned this in an opportunity for revenge- she was not going to be made to look like a fool. BOY DO I LOVE A SCORNED WOMAN AND ALL OF THE THINGS SHE WILL DO! Revenge and drama were the major propellers in this book, and I absolutely ate it up reading it in less than 24 hours- these are for sure my favorite types of thrillers.
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I enjoyed reading this book. The MC made a bunch of choices that I wouldn't have made so that made it better for me. To be able to see the other side, to see what other people might do. Do I think the MC made terrible choices, Yes. But was it entertaining. Again YES. 

The ending really annoyed me and I am sitting here hoping there will be a follow up to this one.
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Jess Kitching has done it again! I read her first book within 24 hours, and it was the same for this one.

In How to Destroy Your Husband, we meet Cassie, who is one month away from marrying the man of her dreams, Jamie. Thinking how lucky she is, she is shocked to discover that Jamie has cheated on her. However, when she begins to look further into this, she discovers there’s far more that she doesn’t know about Jamie. She wants to destroy him - but should she be fearing him?

This was a brilliant book. It kept me guessing as to what was happening, and I kept being shocked every time more secrets were uncovered. I also loved Cassie’s friendships with her girl tribe - friendships are so precious and it’s lovely to read about a group who would do anything for their friends.

I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Thanks to @netgalley and @kingsleypublishers for the review copy.
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Cassie believes she is marrying the perfect man. But is everything as it seems? Of course not. Sadly, Cassie is very very wrong. Once Cassie's worst fears are concerned, she has decided she isn't going to go down without a fight. She is out for revenge. 

This thriller is incredibly easy to get caught up in, and very difficult to put down! Great weekend read.

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for honest review
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This is a really good read and I suggest going into this one blind.  Overall a good book that I would recommend.
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Looking for your next "I can't put it down" read? Look no further if you enjoy psychological or domestic thrillers. I have seen others who were not fond of the ending, but I enjoyed the "not what was expected ending". I am not into books that become a "series" but I would love to see a follow-up to this one. Too many ways this could go if the author decides to do a sequel, I for one would snatch it up immediately! Do yourself a favor and read this!
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Great read!  Well developed characters, and I was guessing until the end!  Have read books by this author before, and this did not disappoint!
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Cassie has finally allowed herself to fall in love. REALLY in love. But soon before her wedding, she finds out her soon-to-be husband is cheating on her with his coworker.  Cassie sets out to learn everything about her unfaithful fiancé and boy does she learn A LOT (sorry Cassie, but wow what a winner). On a mission not to become the victim, Cassie has one goal and one goal only: to destroy him. 

This was a super fast, addicting read. It's always nice every now and then to read a thriller that doesn't revolve around a murder. This was a straight forward read with all the build up heading toward one moment.  I definitely enjoyed that change of pace from my usual reads filled with lots of twists and red herrings.   BUT, the "big moment" and thereafter was sort of a let down.  I think it was more of a case of what's in my head doesn't match what I just read as I really did have a pretty clear ending already written in my head.  Oops. That's what I get for reading this shortly after finishing Love is Blind Season 3. IYKYK.  Despite all that, I still enjoyed it and it was so easy to say "just one more chapter."
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Many thanks to NetGalley and Kingsley Publishers for providing me with an ARC of How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching in exchange for my honest review!

This revenge thriller provides quite the electrifying experience, one that's almost cathartic at points as it draws you into the head of protagonist Cassie Edwards and her determined scheme to tear apart the life of her cheating fiancée Jamie. I'd actually prefer to give this 3.5 stars due to how much this was able to emotionally engross me in the vengeful lengths that Cassie is willing to go to. I also like how this ends up being a story that doesn't just frame misogynistic and gaslighting men in a villainous light, but goes on to display the pain we're capable of inadvertently inflicting on the innocent while pursuing a dogged mission to retaliate against those who've hurt us. Kitching does a good job on the ending as well, giving a particularly on-point conclusion to Jamie's arc that feels frighteningly plausible once you take a step back and look around our society. However, the exposition-heavy opening that does more telling than showing and the fairly cliched plotting do hold me back from loving the book as much as something like The Golden Cage by Camilla Läckberg, which is my favorite revenge thriller novel. That being said, I'd still say you can give this a read if you're in the mood for a quick-paced and splashy whirlwind of a book. Plus, a revelation in the final pages does hint at the possibility of a sequel, which I'm personally hoping for.
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Cassie is getting married! But someone caught her fiance, Jamie, cheating a month before the wedding. Hurt and feeling broken, Cassie goes about finding out all the lies he's told, and plans to expose his lies on their wedding day. But how deep do his lies go? 

This book was... it was crazy. I understand Cassie's need to burn the whole thing down, because that was a crazy web of lies. Jamie was the worst kind of gross, and while I don't want to believe that guys like this exist, I'm SURE they do, and ugh. Gross. I'm glad I'm done with it because it was really messing with my brain. Which tells you just how well written it actually was.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy via NetGalley in return for sharing my thoughts on this book. Thanks to the author and publisher for this opportunity!
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Many thanks to NetGalley and Kingsley Publishers for this Arc.  I really enjoyed going through the emotions Cassie was going through throughout the book.  I liked her revenge plan.  And I did not see the turn of events coming at the end.  Definitely a solid read that kept my interest throughout the story.
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This book was completely insane! Love makes you so crazy things and with Cassie nothing is worse than a woman who is scorned. Cassie who has the perfect life , perfect husband finds a dark patch of lies , deceit and not so perfect life. How far would you go to ruin someone who hurt you . I finished this within two days. I absolutely loved it . I did feel this was more drama (which I loved every minute) rather than thriller but overall definitely a 4 star read
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I think this is a really great storyline with an enjoyable writing form. It’s a perfect thriller, and the title says a lot about the book. It was a bit boring in some parts, but overall I think that every book can be like that so it isn’t too bad a thing.
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“Another lie. They slip from his lips like infants on ice.”

Thank you Jess Kitching, Kingsley Publishers, and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

Cassie Edward swore she’d never fall in love…then she met Jamie. He Changed everything and Cassie’s never been happier. But with less than one month too go to her wedding, Cassie discovers Jamie is cheating on her with his colleague. Blinded by rage, Cassie makes it her mission to seek revenge on the pair. When Cassie looks deeper into her fiancé’s life, she soon relishes being faithful isn’t the only thing he’s lying about. As her hunt for the truth takes her to some of the darkest corners of the internet. Cassie learns just how little she knows about the man she shares her life with. It leaves her wondering one thing - is Jamie someone she should destroy, or someone she should fear instead? 

“How to Destroy Your Husband” is fast faced domestic thriller with a revenge plot. I loved the feminism in this book and what I felt was a little bit of a call out against misogyny and toxic masculinity. However that being said, I was disappointed with the ending, especially the last page. I rated “How to Destroy Your Husband” 3 ⭐️’s.
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Hooray! 🎉#HowToDestroyYourHusband by @jesskitchingwrites pulled me out of my reading slump! 

#JessKitching is a rising star of the thriller genre, lovely enough to share her writing tips with me TWICE, and I just love reading her novels. 😍

With a premise built around two questions: ‘If you knew someone was cheating, would you tell their partner?’ 

And, ‘How well do you really know someone?’ 

GREAT questions, I don’t have answers for, but gosh, they made me want to read this book!

How To Destroy Your Husband begins when Cassie receives concrete evidence that her fiancé is cheating weeks before her wedding, and suddenly, the wedding of her dreams becomes a dreaded event. 

The rest of this story is:

😈 Revengeful; a story you won’t be able to put down.

👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️ Character driven; people so bad they almost deserve each other. 

😮 Surprising; it ends unexpectedly.

🔪 And let’s not forget that killer title, it certainly made my husband nervous 🤣

Thank you to @netgalley and @kingsleypublishers for providing me with a digital #ARC of this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and look forward to reading more from Jess Kitching. 💗💗💗💗
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I wanted to love this one but found it a little frustrating. I think this is because I wouldn’t react the same way! 

I’m not sure about the ending but would be interested in book 2 to see what happens next. 

Thank you to #NetGalley and #XpressoBookTours for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was absolutely brilliant. I loved the short chapters . It didnt let up the whole way through. I simply couldnt put this book down. I needed to know what was going on. The characters were well written . I was emotionally connected to them. I loved the ending . I was capitivated and consumed. You are a great storyteller.
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How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching

Revenge at its BEST!!! Cassie is getting ready to marry the love of her life and with only a month to go, she is dealt a major blow but little does she know, she hasn’t scratched the surface of his betrayal! Each turn of the pages reveals deep secrets and so many lies! 

I devoured this page turning, woman scorned brilliant story!!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the Kindle ARC. What a cat and mouse game this book is. Cassie is a  teacher engaged to Jamie, who is also a teacher. When Cassie finds alarming information that Jamie may not be all he seems to be - the perfect fiance - she's heartbroken but eventually becomes determined to exact revenge on Jamie. The book is so compulsively readable that I finished it over three days. There are so many twists and turns as Cassie finds out more and more but forges ahead with her wedding plans. How to Destroy Your Husband is a suspense drama at its best.
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