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This is a surprisingly thorough picture book about animals that served in both American and international battles / conflicts. The first half of the book features specific stories and examples with gorgeous illustrations of the animals and any medals they received. The second half of the book described examples of animals that have served other than dogs. For example, glowworms! This is a great book for a classroom library as well as a home library of any kid who likes animals.

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This is the story about the speechless animals who took part in the war from the side of Army and served well from their trainings. Animals like Horses & dogs have always been so close to Humans. They have been trained for various purposes. Here in this book, author collated such 50 stories about those famous animals.
They who remained Loyal and served valiantly, but were our unsung heroes. Many countries and not just USA recognised animals and even made memorials for such heroes, India is also one of those Countries.
Just one thought, there should have been realistic pictures to be included in place of graphical representations.

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I found pluses and minuses with this book, about animals working in the military, or as something like rescue dogs in time of war. I loved the way it gently told me – and all other readers – that there were still military horses in the Korean War, and it's brilliant that it showed all the major medals, regalia and stripes duly earned by each and every entrant, where possible. But the citations were the author's own (and at one point use a word that will get this laughed out of town at any British school), and I wanted more veracity in the biographies. That might be awkward with a hundred words at most, but the first mutt here was a case in point – did he salute and la-di-dah in mimicry of his humans, or did he really save lives and contribute completely meaningfully? The jury on the basis of these short entries is out. But never fear, there is a potted history of this stuff, species by species, at the end, that makes up for any such petty quibbles. It doesn't quite redeem the artwork, unfortunately… A slightly generous – ie gallantly-given – four stars.

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I found this interesting and think it would be a good addition to any children's library collection.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest reveiw.

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This is a nice tribute to some unsung heroes - working animals who served loyally and valiantly in wars and other moments of crisis. You'll learn about dogs, horses, cats, and birds who served alongside soldiers, lending their unique talents to the war effort. Their stories are inspiring and touching.

I was most interested to learn about "Robby's Law", passed in 2000, which allowed U.S. military working dogs to be adopted by returning soldiers who had formed "strong bonds with their canine companions." It's sad that it took so long for this to happen.

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"We Also Served" is a short informational book about animals that have served alongside the military. Besides dogs, we have also used birds, horses, and many other animals to assist us in war (and peacetime) efforts.

This book is full of interesting facts about how animals help us. I highly recommend for schools and libraries, and for families that are military-adjacent or interested in patriotism. Great read for our kids!

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This is a very good educational tool for children. It teaches children that not only people are hero’s that served in the military but the animals by their sides served as well.

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Excellent book which describes the bravery and dedication of the many animals who served in the military in conflicts across the globe. Dogs, donkeys, pigeons, horses, and a cat, are some real life animal stars. Fans of animals stories and military history will devour this illustrated book which bridges the gap between picture books and chapter books.
Thank you to Sourcebooks eXplore, an imprint of Sourcebooks Kids, and Netgalley for the digital arc.

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“We Also Served” is a quick overview of some of the animals who have served alongside humans during war. From the story of Sgt. Stubby, a dog, who served in World War I, to an assortment of birds, horses, and even cats. The stories of each animal are short and easy to understand. The illustrations are child-like in their colorful simplicity.

I knew many of these stories and have even shared some of them with my students (who are always surprised that animals have served in war). I enjoyed seeing the medals earned by the animals. This is definitely a book for younger children as it leaves out some of the more unsavory aspects of our relationships with animals in wartime.

This is a great book for children who love animals and want to learn more about how they served in war.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book provided by the publisher, SOURCEBOOKS Kids, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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🐕 Happy Publication Day to a very appropriate book for the 4th of July in the United States.

🐈 Most of us love our furry and feathered friends because of how cute and loyal they are. But did you know that some animals have assisted the military during times of conflict? This book is full of true stories about the courageous and loyal animals who have contributed to military success primarily during wartime. You will learn about dogs, eagles, horses, pigeons, and even a cat! There are also mentions about goats, elephants, rats, and dolphins. While these last animals weren’t necessarily wartime helpers, they were still military helpers, nonetheless.

🦅 Some of these animals have been decorated with medals for their actions and bravery!

🐴 The book is targeted to readers ages 4 to 8 years old, although I think the vocabulary and history may be more understandable for older children. However, challenges like big words and unknown history can be used as a learning moment by parents and teachers.

🐐 I think this 40-page-long illustrated book would be a perfect book for animal lovers, active military and veterans, and those interested in military history, no matter what their age. It would also be great for a classroom or even a veterinarian’s waiting room.

Thank you @netgalley and @Sourcebookskids for an eARC of this book, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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This book was packed with amazing information about different animals that have been used in the Military whether it was for missions, to be a mascot or to be there for support after the war. There were also animals that were there on 9/11 when the twin towers where hit.

The graphics were a little disappointing to me. I feel like they should have been a little more realistic.

Overall this book was great. The language used in the book is better for older kids, teens and adults. Younger children could enjoy this book but, their parents probably would have to read it to them.

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This is a wonderful book which gives information on how annuals have served in the military in various capacities. I love the use of rich, high level vocabulary words used on each page to really get readers thinking.

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I read this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for my honest feedback.

This book is an excellent addition to your classroom collection of books to share around Remembrance Day/Veterans Day. While it focuses much of its attention on the animals who were used during various wars by American soldiers, they do touch on animals used around the world. Canadian teachers like myself can easily draw the connections to Canadian war animals like Winnie.

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I had absolutely no idea that animals were used so much in war. I am left in awe of what this book taught me and I feel astonished that I didn’t know more about this before. This book makes you realize just how necessary animals are to our world - for security, companionship, assistance, and survival. My respect for these animals has greatly magnified. I can’t wait to get a copy of this for mg classroom, and a copy for my son for when he’s old enough to read it.

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I loved this book. I did not realize how many different animals had been used by our armed forces in the past. I knew about the service dogs but I didn't know about the service elephant. Elephants were used in World War II to help haul heavy artillery. Pigeons were used in World War II as well and they flew through extreme conditions. Of course horses were used throughout time in many different wars. In the 50's the Navy used the study of dolphins to learn how to move through the water. I really think children will be fascinated at the many ways different animals were used during war time.

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I loved the premise of this book. As a milspouse, with a mil kiddo, this was a different perspective on this career. The layout of this book was incredible. We get to see what time period, type of animal, backstory of the animal, and how it was trained/integrated into becoming a member of the military. The only thing that I can say on the downside of this book, is it’s definitely for older kids. I felt the amount of information was too much all at once for a younger child to sit and listen to.
Overall, it was still enjoyable and had really great information.

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Lots of wonder animals in the book. My favorite are the last 2 pages of the animals you would never think about (elephant!). Would love a second book with an expansion on those animals.

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Good approaching to children for parents to introducing animals importance existence.

"All of us animals courageously did our bit. But some of our human counterparts did not think that we deserved the honor or even healthcare that two-legged soldiers received. Many of us walked the streets unappreciated, without the support or good care we deserved.

Somehow, it's a heartwarming story for me. Sometimes we forget how animals are also part of history, or even that history isn't complete without them.

They fight side by side with us, till the end. They're our friend, and always be.

This book is good to me, but let's say that the language or sentences used in here, aren't really appealing to children. This is good, but lacks something. It feels like wikipedia for children.

The color choice is great (truely), but the illustration feels "Ah, uh..." I don't know if that was the author's style, like it was meant to be like that, or if it just "Ah, uh..."
(Ah, Uh... it doesn't mean bad, it was not good nor bad)

Thank you NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Kids, for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I loved the premise of this book and how animals helped throughout history. However, the graphics and the way the words were on the pages didn't make this an easy book to read. The information was fantastic, but the artwork was lacking.

Thanks to NetGalley & Edelweiss for the ARCs!

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The unsung heroes that are never recognized or very little so have finally been given a book for children to be introduced to just how important soldiers of every merit can be. And this is one book that I would highly recommend even tough I wasn't a fan of its presentation in the first part.

<i>We Also Served</i> starts off with a little Introduction that unfortunately makes it seem that some of these animals had actually volunteered for their services that they were included in. The book then progresses to present a couple brief biographies of several war animals of all formats including dogs like Sergeant Stubby, horses like Sergeant Reckless, cats like the persistent Simon and various feathered fowls including Old Abe and of course Cher Ami just to name a few common names that readers may have heard about.

Other members included in the roster may be much lesser known in their services but that doesn't make them any less important. And a beautiful nod has been given to two dogs in honor of their brave actions on 9/11 even when they aren't even military pups.

Each biography (told by an elaborate partially fictionalized narration of that animal) entry is given on a two-page spread with one page dedicated to a full page illustration and the other including the text. If the animal had received a medal replicas have been included at the bottom of the page while each entry ends on a note of what trait that animal was known for serving.

The book then winds into the second part by explaining the unfortunate aspect of animals that found themselves out of service with the close of war and left behind due to their non-human status. This was rectified by the creation of the Dickin Medal then followed by various laws/amendments that went into place to ensure these soldiers can also make it home.

Finally the book ends on a note of describing the history of various groups of animals in wars and conflicts whether historically or in modern times as well as their contributions to help the humans they were paired with.

My only complaint is the fact that the animal characters were cartoonized instead of real photographs being included. As such readers won't be able to view in some examples the true costs of war for even these most humble soldiers.

Even with the parts that I didn't much care for this is a book that needs to be shared, to be read and talked about just so all the courageous animals, especially the ones not mentioned, can be remembered just as much on those days when we strive to remember the sacrifices that have given us our freedom.

The book then leaves th

**I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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