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iZombie & Resident Evil fans rejoice, because if you liked either of those series you are destined to fall madly in love with Kayla Cottingham's newest novel. 

This Delicious Death is the trans love story I needed to start 2023 with! It is filled with gore, monster hunting, hilarity, and just enough mystery solving that any readers across genres are sure to be entertained. 
Although this may be marketed perhaps more towards YA, I definitely felt this story transcended those lines and feel it's a great adventure for any age. 

Somewhere in our near future, humanity went through the Hollowing, an experience that left many people craving (yes you guessed it) flesh. However, in true innovative fashion, SynFlesh becomes available to help those who became Hollowed. However, when a group of friends attending a festival start to lose control of their appetites, they know something or someone must be causing it.

This book is funny, adorable, scary, and just a great novel. And did I mention one of the main characters is trans?! I loved it and I really think you will too! 

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this! It was gory, but also very sweet. I loved the Hollow people, they are such an interesting concept and absolutely lived up to my horror expectations. I also really loved the relationship between Zoey and Celeste, they were so cute together. The oblivious pining on both ends and the one bed trope were amazing. The story itself was full of action and I loved the mystery aspect of it. 

Overall, a 4.5 star read which I recommend to everyone that loves horror and girls falling into love.
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This book really infuriated me. Before you even start the book there were two pages of content warnings. Which like if you are going to have two pages of content warnings; you need to tame your book down. Especially since this is a YA book. The over all story was extremely weird to me. I can’t find a single thing I liked about this book other than the over. This book sounded like it was going to be good. But it was god awful. I would not suggest.
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*This review contains very minor spoilers*
4.5 stars because I did love this book, but it got a little slow for me somewhere between the beginning and the middle.
I really enjoyed this book! I loved that at the beginning of each chapter there was a little section about life before the Hallowing because this is what truly made me connect to the characters and love them more.
I'm normally not the type of person to get grossed out or scared from anything horror or gory, but this book definitely made me uneasy sometimes because I quickly grew to care about the characters and I could almost feel their emotions when they were distraught. This also makes for an interesting read after a global pandemic lol
Overall, this is such an interesting concept and I really enjoyed the execution. Also there are queer and trans characters, which always make a story better!
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Definitely a Hot Ghoul Summer read. If you’re looking for something fun and completely engrossing to read in your hammock on a sunny day, this is your pick!
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I didn't love this - I thought her first book was much better written, and the characters and plot weren't compelling enough for me to overlook weak writing. Not terrible, but there's better YA horror coming out this year.
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There are YA's that don't always scream TEENAGERS, but unfortunately this was not one of those. The characters seemed a bit immature. It is a very individualized take on a typical zombie book- interesting; would recommend for the younger demographic of YA -14-16.
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LGBTQIA+  YA zombie thriller?! Yes please. The cover really piqued my interest and the book did not disappoint. It follows 4 ghoul-friends (Zombies but with rational thought most of the time) as they pack up their synthetic flesh and go to a music festival. I really liked that this was life in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse-everyone trying to navigate relationships and guilt from things that happened during the outbreak. 
I loved the characters and the ride or die friendship they had with each other. 
Some of the backstories for everyone were very interesting but got a little confusing. Overall a very fun read. 

Thanks to NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS fire for an eARC.
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I was so excited to get a copy of this book to review because I saw it everywhere on Instagram! The plot, characters, and storytelling was unlike anything I have read. It was so unique and original. 5/5.
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This was so fun! I loved the characters and the idea of the virus itself. Even though the idea of a virus changing people isn't new, I think this was still a very originally done story. I loved how we learned about the Hollowing - not through an info dump at the beginning, but through little bits along the way.
If you enjoyed this authors first book, you will definitely enjoy this one.
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I really enjoyed this book! I wish it was a series instead of just ending, because I really was rooting for some of the characters. The author mentioned the band Blue October several times in the beginning of the book, which is a real band. But didn’t circle back and talk about them at the end of the book? And ending was predictable but cute.
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This was an excellent read with a great twist on the plague story. That it didn’t follow the typical “zombie apocalypse” storyline. But the ending is where it lost it for me personally. I won’t elaborate so I don’t spoil anything for anyone but it was a super original concept with a kind of predictable ending.
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Well this was unexpected! And I loved it! Dark, gory, funny, romantic, and thrilling! I wasn't expecting it to be such a mashup of genres and truly didn't think all of this could work together but it DOES and that's proven with This Delicious Death! Don't miss this one!
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The idea of this book was a lot of fun. It was a medium paced story that will appeal to many YA readers. I really like the LGBTQIA+ representation and the social commentary in the story. For the most part, the way the girls talked and interacted with one another was believable. However, the author's use of "anthropophagi" and the like was very disruptive to the overall experience of reading as it often pulled the reader from the universe Cottingham created and plunged them back into reality. It is admittedly not a word I knew (or others I asked) and it was difficult to pronounce. Had it been used perhaps once or twice when the girls first learn it or possibly if it had been written with them trying to sound it out or figure out what it meant it may have been more palatable. But as is, it took away from the reading experience, especially since it was used a lot. 

Additionally, the ending, particularly the epilogue, was long and could have benefitted from some of that being cut out. It got a bit cheesy.
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This book was so fun to read! I also really appreciate all the content warnings in the very front. I would definitely recommend this to customers but I would recommend it to the older side of YA rather than the 13-16 age.
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Such a cute end of the world zombie-ish apocalypse story. There is horror, romance, and mystery. It's the perfect combination of horror and romance combined. Loved that this was a different take on a zombie disease and the mystery of a new strand effecting those who have contracted the disease.
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Thank you to #NetGalley #SourcebooksFire and #KaylaCottingham for #ARC of #ThisDeliciousDeath.
A YA book that has it all, love, romance, LGBTQIA+, flesh eating monsters, solidarity of friendship, and sabotage. What else could a person ask for??! Although I am not the intended target for this book, I did enjoy the themes going through it. What really struck me throughout the book was the level of casual daily misogyny the 4 female leads put up with, but they still had an extremely 'kick ass' attitude. 
Thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I found it hard to stop reading. The need was great to find out what happened next, and I will be searching out this author for more books like this.
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Despite the triggering post-pandemic setting, "This Delicious Death" is one of the most satisfying zombie novels I've had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into.

Pun intended.

After devouring "My Dearest, Darkest" in a single sitting, I had unrealistically high expectations for Cottingham's sophomore release. And I'm happy to say that those expectations were met, and in many ways, exceeded.

The effortless pacing and thoughtful characterization were particular improvements on Cottingham's debut, alongside the same sapphic representation and youthful romance I loved in "My Dearest, Darkest." 

The ending was rushed, and a tad too Pollyanna. Still, this one was a win for me.
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Huge thank you to the publisher for an ARC in exchange for a honest review! 

i absolutely LOVEDDD this book! 
-the representation absolutely amazing 
-the premise of a zombie apocalypse and reintegration into society…amazing 
-this books was spooky, compelling, funny and kept me on the edge of my seat i couldn’t read it fast enough 
-Also Coachella meets Fyre Festival vibes…10/10

this is one of those books that i wish i had when i was in the YA age group as i would have fallen back in love with read so much more quickly. Overall absolutely amazing books HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend anyone to read this and would be amazing read for the fall spooky vibes!
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A murder mystery with MC’s unit hero MC’s, having already established a world where as zombies they are not hidden or secret, this excels for the world building reminiscent of some favourite paranormal romance series: iZombie, True Blood, etc.
The romance was not the strongest aspect fo the book since I didn’t live that it was friends to lovers and a bit annoyingly slow, but that’s my preference.
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