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Strip: A Bargain with the Boss Romance

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Don't let the cover and title fool you - this book has depth, emotional impact and the ability to suck you in and hold on until the end. The central characters, Sage and Ryker, both have a past. Faced with people who have caused emotional pain, situations out of their control testing them, family they feel the need to protect even at the cost of themselves, and loss, these two characters are perfect for each other. I loved watching them unfold, both together and separately. Side characters that we meet offer just the right amount of background and context. They are interesting in their own right, but also essential to understanding Ryker and Sage. This book made me cry in all right places and was just spicy enough without sacrificing plot and substance. With an ending I didn't expect, but now can't imagine any other way, I am so happy I picked up this book and gave it a shot. I don't know what it was that told me this would be exactly what I wanted, but it definitely was.

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I really loved reading this book! Dont do a me and judge the book by its cover I went into it think it would be just a light sexy read but It was alot more than that, I loved all the characters and how they each had their own story which was told so well, it made me laugh, sad and shocked at parts and I was definitely rooting for all of them. This book definitely taking you on a journey I was sucked in from beginning to end and what an ending it was 😳 highly recommend checking it out.I can't wait to read the 2nd book!

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Strip: A Bargain with the Boss Romance by Elisabeth Caldwell.
Spice Up the Night, #1.
Sage Cashman’s sister suffers from a terrible illness and Sage will do anything to help her, including dancing at a gentleman’s club to support the two of them. Every night, she puts on a show for the customers, and the naughtier and more flirtatious she acts, the better her tips. Sage is just going through the motions until she gets closer to the dark, silent Adonis who lurks in the shadows during her performances. When Ryker Madsen is in her orbit, she doesn’t have to pretend she’s a woman easily seduced. Ryker Madsen turns out to be more than Sage’s boss—he’s the owner of the club. He’s also involved with the company producing the experimental drug that might be her sister’s only hope. Ryker is as arrogant as he is rich, and it’s no secret that he wants Sage and is determined to have her. He’s intrigued when Sage proposes a deal: companionship for connections. Preferring uncommitted and unemotional relationships, Ryker sees Sage’s proposal as the perfect way to get her out of his system. What Ryker doesn't know is that Sage, jaded from a string of betrayals, has many secrets. Including her identity. The hotter their relationship gets, the closer the truth comes to the surface. When the skeletons in Sage’s family’s closet start tumbling out, they threaten both her plan to save her sister and her future with Ryker.
A brilliant read. What a start to a series. Steamy. I loved Ryker and Sage. I can’t wait for the next book. 5*.

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